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Writing Prompt #2: Starbucks Soul Mate
This started as a writing prompt from my friend, Catie. Welcome to a world where, on your 18th birthday, you are given the first words your soul mate will say to you. Your card reads “Welcome to Starbucks. May I take your order?”
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, but adore those guys for all the good they put out into the universe. Also, this was intended to be a one-shot, but I am not opposed to creating a full length story for it. Just let me know your thoughts.
Dean leaned back against the pale, concrete wall outside of his guidance counselor’s office. He closed his eyes and tucked a pale yellow envelope into the inside pocket of his leather jacket. A quiet hiss slipped through his teeth as he ran his right hand through his short, blonde hair in frustration. Son of a bitch…It’s the 24th already. You’d think I’d be more excited about it. God knows that Sammy’s been counting down to this day for weeks now.
:iconrebornhoneybee:rebornhoneybee 1 0
Theme Prompt - Scar
Not even noticing when Sam got up and tactfully absented himself from the room, Dean contented himself with staring deep into Cas’s eyes. They’d both pulled back from the hug but Dean’s hand was still on Cas’s shoulder and one of Cas’s arms was still on his waist. Dean felt something untangle inside him, a knot and a tension he hadn’t quite realized were there. Cas was back and he was safe.
“Where you been?” Dean asked quietly, sweeping his eyes over Cas’s face yet again. There were signs of exhaustion and he’d noticed blood on Cas’s hands before he’d pulled him into the hug. “What happened?”
“I’ve been Crowley’s guest. It hasn’t been exactly pleasant,” Cas replied with a wry twist to his lips. He lifted one hand to show Dean the cuff still clasped around his wrist, dried blood flaking away from his skin. “I got out but I couldn’t get the handcuffs off completel
:iconremanth:remanth 14 0
Burning Wings
The demon smiled widely as he watched the angel fell into the hunters arms.
He did it; he finally killed the great Castiel. Score one for Hell.
Then he saw the green eyes that belonged to the hunter and his blood froze.
He knew of the relationship between the angel and the hunter; anyone with half a brain could see it.
As he looks at the human with his arms now burned with the wings of the angel, he knew he made a fatal mistake.
He remembers his boss Crowley saying that the Winchesters were denim-clad nightmares that everyone underestimated.
As he stared at the slowly rising Winchester stood up and charged at him with an angel blade, he knew.
Dean Winchester was going to bring hell on earth.
:iconnightstorm77:NIGHTSTORM77 23 9
Cornfields in Moonlight
Autumn smells like open sweet cornfields in the moonlight as Dean drives the Impala down the two lane blacktop in the middle of his home state. He inhales deeply and ignores the beginning of hayfever that makes the back of his throat itch. He sighs out the breath in a great gust of thankfulness that’s led him back here.
He’s almost to Lawrence when he pulls off on the side of the road and cuts the engine. He turns the lights off and slides down in his seat to close his eyes and just rest for a minute. He has nowhere that he has to be right now and he doesn’t particularly want to go any further just yet.
Sam’s at the bunker working on putting all of the books there into a database that hunters can access from all over the world and he’s okay with that. He knows Sammy’s safe and that’s all that really matters to him if he’s being honest with himself.
But tonight, he’s headed back home for a special reason.
So he gets around to the who
:iconundeservinghero:UndeservingHero 1 0
In that Old Rocking Chair
It had been a long time since Dean Winchester sat up all night, watching over someone so they could get some sleep. But he sat vigil now as he rocked back and forth in an old wooden rocker on the back porch.
Warm summer air, only cooled off by the light of the moon wrapped around him as he held his charge. She was having a hard time of it and the rocking helped her sleep.
He looked down at her with her jet black hair covered up by a little hat and tiny fist shoved up against her mouth. He smiled slightly to himself and pulled her blanket up closer around her.
He knew her eyes were the same colour as his own when she was awake, and that was why he did this. He finally had something all his own that no one could ever take away from him. It gave him a kind of peace he hadn’t had since he was nothing but a pup himself.
He brushed his lips over her hat and sighed deep in a way that let all of his worries go as he kept rocking. “Glad you’re around, baby girl. I needed you a
:iconundeservinghero:UndeservingHero 1 0
100 Word Destiel Fanfiction
The car engine revved. Five minutes was all he had left - he wasn't going to let Cas spend it alone.
His angel was dying. Soon he would go and rejoin his brothers. Ascend again.
Dean gripped the bedframe, his breathing uneven.
"Cas! Castiel!"
The heart rate monitor went flat. Castiel was gone.
Saving people. Hunting things. The family business. When he had set out nine years ago, Dean had no idea he'd end up here, robbed of his family and his love. He had nothing.
"I guess, this is how it ends," he said with tears in his eyes.
:iconsoulreaper22345:SoulReaper22345 2 1
Supernatural: Indecently Odd
Title: Supernatural: Indecently Odd
Timeframe: Post S10 E5 (“Fan Fiction”)
Pairings: None
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mild Language
Author's Note: This is inspired by, and the characters' attitudes are taken from, the episode “Fan Fiction”.
Dean contemplated the double-stacked bacon cheeseburger – extra bacon, pickles, ketchup and mustard, thank you very much – with the same reverence others reserved for their beloved. He breathed in the savory aroma of perfectly sizzled beef and fried hickory heaven. Using both hands, he grasped the masterpiece and brought it to his mouth. He closed his eyes.
Sam cleared his throat.
Dean sighed. “Don't ruin the moment, dude.”
“Um, Dean?” Sam's voice was quiet.
Dean glared at his brother. Sam turned a concerned glance to him, then tilted his head in a brief nod at the only other occupant in the bunker. Scowling, Dean glanced down to the end of the library's table, where Castiel
:iconsingingflames:SingingFlames 12 0
Trench Coats and Wings
Castiel groaned as he rubbed his eye with the heel of his hand, wishing that he’d left school a bit earlier. It was getting dark and Lucifer would start to worry if he wasn’t home soon. Gabriel, Castiel guessed, was either home or off on his own adventure; he hadn’t seen his older brother leave.
He pulled his coat higher over his shoulders as he stared at the ground, trying to hurry his pace without seeming like he was rushing off somewhere. He knew the school’s bullies were still around this time of day, and he really didn’t want to attract any more attention to himself. Yet, he should have known something was likely to happen as his foot caught on a raised bit of sidewalk, throwing him forward.
A few things happened at once: an aborted, strangled shout escaped his throat and someone else hollered “hey!” as a hand grabbed the collar of his coat. A startled “no!” slipped from his mouth as the coat was yanked off his back. He tried t
:iconwyldwerewolf:WyldWerewolf 6 4
Disney Songs at 2
    Whatever god or high power decided to create soulmates and connect their minds may had a good idea, but as of right now, I despise them greatly. I mean, sometimes it comes in handy when I am lonely and it could be good if your soulmate was a nice, good person instead of some annoying little brat that’s half away across the nation.
    I once again started cursing every known powerful being at two in the morning. I drifted in and out of sleep as words bled into my dream. They were not any normal words. No. My soulmate decided that two in the morning was a wonderful time to sing Disney songs.
    ‘Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings? The world for once in perfect harmony with all its living things?’
    ‘Dude.’ I thought, stopping the song’s lyrics. ‘It’s two in the morning. Quit with the Disney songs.’
:iconpsryenandbleach:PsryenandBleach 2 0
Mature content
I'll Be Your Honey Bee chapter 1 :iconthanatos-faust:Thanatos-Faust 2 3
What if I say I love you? An SPN Fanfiction part 1
“No” Dean said shaking his head with a stern refusal.
“Come on Dean! It’s play offs tonight and I’m too sick to do it. What about the fans??”
Dean looked up from his magazine at the giant he called “little brother” standing in front of him in blue flannel pajamas and sporting a very unattractive runny nose.
“You really don’t have any friends who can do it? You know I hate those damn football games and all those damn jocks runnin around.” Sam’s eyes rolled in his head as he let out a sigh.
“You know, you used to be one of those ‘damn jocks’ until you got yourself kicked off the team.” Damn looked up a pang of pain and anger glimmering in his eyes.
“Sorry, low blow, I know. But still, you’ve gotta do this for me man. They only demoted me to mascot because I’m your brother anyway so technically this is kinda your fault.” Sam sniffled whipping his nose with the sleeve of
:iconlittlelostpan:LittleLostPan 2 0
They finally did it
“I’m sorry about all of that,” Castiel mumbles, staring at the untouched beer Dean had given him. The others shook their head, “Cas, listen,” Mary sat up, “You’re family. This family gets into trouble…”
“This family nearly dies,” Sam continues,
“This family waits until our dying moments to say anything,” Dean said quietly, barely loud enough for Castiel to hear him, to hear what almost sounded like bitterness in his voice. He wasn’t given a chance to dwell on it before Mary continued, “You’re one of us now, Castiel. You’re one of my boys now.” She smiles before getting up with Sam to their rooms. Dean didn’t move.
“‘I love you’?” Dean glared at Cas, causing him to cower in his seat, “You wait until we all think you’re going to die before you say that to me?”
“I-I didn’t think you…”
:iconthat-1-nobody-knows:that-1-nobody-knows 4 0
Follow the Light ~ Season 13 coda
It's not what he expected at first. The pain. Dean had always known death was painful, but this was different.
It wasn't like Sam’s or Bobby’s or anyone else's. It was empty, hollow and utterly numb.
The first week was a blur. No, more like a buzz. The buzz of alcohol, the buzz of voices around him, the buzz of his mind as it tried to handle the situation.
He knew Cas needed to be buried. Sam insisted on a pyre but Dean reeled at the thought. Cas, burning. He'd already seen that once.
Dean remembered crying silently, in the darkness of his room. He didn't want Sam to see — to see how not okay he was. He'd finally cracked one night when, at Dean's insistence, they cast a preservation spell on Cas’s body. The tears had flowed then, endlessly streaking his face and reddening his already tired eyes. And sleep didn't help, and neither did drinking. Nothing would.
Cas was dead.
So he slept. Unconsciousness was far more preferable than reality. He barely ate, ba
:iconjdragon122:Jdragon122 3 3
Mature content
Destiel Murder Husbands AU :icondancingindreams:DancingInDreams 1 0
Gabriel helps Dean turn Cas into a giggly-puddle
Castiel backsteps from his older brother Gabriel, wings folding in tightly against his back.
Dean looks on from the corner of the mattress, laughing lightly.
"Dean, I do not find this humourous." he says shakily, eyes widening as he jolts backwards while Gabriel goes for his wrists. "Brother PLEASE!" he squeaks as he's twirled back around and forced towards the bed. Soon Gabriel's sitting on his hips, a firm grip on his forearms with one hand as his other tries to coax Castiel's wings back out from behind him.
Gabriel and Castiel weren't the closest of all of their brothers. Most of the time whilst Castiel was "growing up", Gabriel was on missions for The Father or sparring with Michael.
Gabriel wished to change that, to be more in on his baby brother's life. And he figured helping Castiel's human boyfriend turn him to a giggling puddle was a perfect starter. He was shocked to find out that Dean had yet to find Castiel's weakness.
"Gabriel. Don't. Please." Castiel whispers up at his br
:iconiphuhq:iPHUHQ 67 16
yours (destiel poem) by PinkBucky yours (destiel poem) :iconpinkbucky:PinkBucky 749 208


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WHAT WHAT WHAT IS THIS? What happened to DA while I was gone? It was just a couple days! I come back and deviations get weird when you highlight them and writing devs are freaky green squares and help me sweet Jesus HOW DO YOU CLICK ON THEM?? I mean maybe it's just my computer but I click and click away and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS. Like WHAT? Why do you hate me? I'm not technically savvy enough to figure this out!

Anyway, I would really appreciate it if somebody could enlighten me on this-am I the only one with this problem? Am I just missing something super obvious?

Yours in confusion,

Also I can't find where you put the little odd emoji at the bottom of journals. IS THAT GONE TOO? ALONG WITH MY SANITY??
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