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Published: June 2, 2008
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Did you miss me?

I've been squeezed dry out of drawing ideas, but I thought I'd throw this up because I drew it last night after the horror that was not Silence in the Library.

Don't care if you like it, I didn't. For an episode of Doctor Who, it was obscenely mediocre. For an episode written by Steven Moffat, it was unforgivable. He'd better make it up next week or I'm going to cry.

I also decided that I'm going to shoot myself in the face if River becomes recurring. Before you think I'm being Doctor/Rose, I wouldn't care if this whole screwed up theory of River being Rose is true. River is really freaking annoying and it won't matter to me if she turns out to be Jack or the Queen of Sheba, because she can't be, because they have some semblance of otherwise unknown form of character known to some people as a ' personality.'

So I scribbled this in defiance.

I'm fairly sure that when God created David Tennant, he sort of skimped out on the hair and said "Weeeeeeeeell, I'll give him a porcupine. That'll work. And it'll give artists everywhere a bleedin' headache."

God has a South London accent.
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DoghcatHobbyist General Artist
I love your art. :D

I'm fairly sure that when God created David Tennant, he sort of skimped out on the hair and said "Weeeeeeeeell, I'll give him a porcupine. That'll work. And it'll give artists everywhere a bleedin' headache."

God has a South London accent.

Now whenever I draw DT's hair, I think of a porcupine.
And God will forever more have a South London Accent. :P
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SnittyCakezHobbyist General Artist
I LOVE her expression!
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cheriluvs10Hobbyist Writer
I love the way you drew them!
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I'm fairly sure that when God created David Tennant, he sort of skimped out on the hair and said "Weeeeeeeeell, I'll give him a porcupine. That'll work. And it'll give artists everywhere a bleedin' headache."

^ Heheheheheheheheheehehheheheheheehehe.



plus i totally know what you mean, i've tried drawing him and never got anywhere cos the first feature i draw is hair.
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karlarei2003Professional Digital Artist
I always thought God had a Welsh accent...

Though his hair makes you want to run off a cliff I like the style you drew it in.
(Also, my head almost exploded because I thought I read 'Rose turns out to be Jack';)
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Noe-IzumiProfessional General Artist
Totally agree. What scared me of the episode were not the Vashta Nerada, but THAT WOMAN....

Yeah, Doctor/Rose. And proud :D

The drawing is simply beatiful :heart: I love your Doctor (his features are very recognizable and he is the HELL to draw!!! :D), and her face is simply beautiful...

(sorry for the one-year later comment. I just finished the series this June ^^;)
cheriluvs10's avatar
cheriluvs10Hobbyist Writer
I love it! I love the way you drew Ten especially!
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While not a big fan of that episode, you do have to admit that Donna and the Doctor were very intune (and, no, I don't ship DoctorDonna, but they are so alike it's not funny, but, you know, it is). I do agree with the River Song thing too, it just didn't read right somehow.

Donna is by far the best companion of this new versoin (says the one who's omly seen barely one episode of the earlier ones, but thankfully it was with the one in the scarf - I forgot his name! :cries: - and the Darlects - spelt wrong! Waaah! - so it was pretty much win. :D - because she puts him in his place, does't go all fan-girly for him and they're the funniest I've seen in a long time. Catherine Tate being Donna having nothing to do with it. :XD:<--- I figured out how to do that face! Yay!

Oh and :ohmygod:! Love the art. One question, though (don't shoot!) is that Donna - or Rose - or am I just being hopeful? I think I missed an obviouse (Guh! Spelling SUCKS!) hint.

I'm a Donna girl! BOO!
thecrimsonkitune's avatar
...It is Rose.
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reading the comments, first of all,I agree, second of all, have you heard of Eddie Izzard? he's a comedian who maintains that God's voice is done by James Mason and that Noah is Sean Connery.
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3meetings-1secret Traditional Artist
Wowey! I love it!!
Can't wait for Rose to come back. D
RebelStoryWriter's avatar
Wow, that's amazing. I love your eye style.
LadyMcClellan's avatar
Look! S-Fox gave her drawings noses! And they're amazing!

I just bought the Doctor Who comic books that are coming out in the US, and I'm telling you, they need to hire you to draw the Doctor. I love the composition too.

Now, draw Donna! Please? Please, please, please?
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AnakoretaHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice! I totally agree with you on the hair comment.

Personally I'd prefer for River Song to be named River Dance because I'd be able to laugh at her name, along with her Mary-Sueness.
VictoriaRoseTimelord's avatar
Fantastic. The piece is great, DT's hair is the sexiest hair ever but yes, it was created to thwart all kinds of idol worship methinks.

As for this episode...*uhms&ahhs* I was on my second bottle of wine when I was watching this, and it was also the first one my Boyf watched (We've got him addicted now!) and after it we did eye the dust in the beams of sunlight warily.
It was a dissappointment for what it had been built up to be.
And Riversong?? I'm pretty sure the rumours of her being a 'secret' timelady are true but I don't like her and want her to die.
(Plus, I think she does because I've seen EVERY spoiler picture and she's not in ANY of them.)
I really hope Satuday's episode makes up for it.
Selene-47's avatar
That's exactly what I thought of Silence in the lIbrary. I'd been looking forward to Steven Moffat's episode all series as well...:(

Very cool pic. Episode 11. I can't wait!
BK-u-got-it's avatar
Hmmm, well I have to agree with you on this last episode being medioccre. Quite honestly, there were only three things I liked in the whole episode.

a) There were a few comedic lines
b) The kid was cute.
c) I was watching half of the movie with the screen as my only light source, I was too nervous to watch it without my room's light on. (Mind you at the same time I was screaming "Why the hell are you running into one shadow to get away from another you dimbulb! Oh why are there so many plotholes!?!"

I don't give a damn who the hell River is. The only thing I would [i]accept[/i] is that she's actually Jenny. and hell, that episode sucked too, so they just make a bigger world of suck! and I don't see Jenny carressing her 'father's face any time soon, or calling him pretty boy (which reminds me of 9. Oh teh irony!). River can die now plzthxbai.

And one last note, having Donna being one of those animatronic thingamagics does [i]not[/i] add suspension or the "OMFG CAN NOT WAIT A WEEK!!!" factor.

So Silence in the Library = Sucks so much it reminds me of Martha's bitching.

Oh yeah, I think you got the hair for both of them spot on. Though you are right, it does remind me of a porcupine.
adoniax's avatar
I hope River's not Jenny, there where some slightly shifty -cough- sexual -cough- references in Forest of the Dead and.. that would be incest XD And yeah, I doubt she'd call her father a ';pretty boy'.
GracieLizzy's avatar
Wow, love this it's great. Rose looks wonderfully windswept and wistful.

As for your opinion on the episode.... I'll leave it at "I disagree".
quitaqreations's avatar
I liked the episode for the scary factor and I think it will get better but you're right about River. I wanted to push her into those damn shadows.... :D
SarcasticFox's avatar
There was a scare factor?

The fact that there wasn't a scare factor is what makes me really dislike the episode.

"Stay out of the shadows! Walk into this one!"
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IfEaRnOfIsHHobbyist Photographer
Great picture! Awesome!
quitaqreations's avatar
My scare factor was probably effected by the fact that I was watching it on the computer IN A FREAKIN LIBRARY!
And there happened to be a raging storm going on outside at the time.....
DoomFairy's avatar
The hair is brilliant on both of them =D
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