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Introduction- Once Upon A Time
Once upon a time, far off, in a small corner of the universe, in a not very extraordinary galaxy, on an average planet, sat a short, painfully bright house.
And inside the particularly bright house, in a room off to the left, with old wooden floors that creaked and moaned, was a girl.
The girl with two yellow pigtails and two eyes that were exceptionally blue -but nothing more-, was perched on the maroon sofa with a book in her hands and a cat drenched in black to her left.
The book was worn, and old, and tired. But it sill loved to be read. And no matter how wrinkled it's pages, faded it's lettering, or dusty it's cover, no matter how familiar it's words were-it was still comforting.
It still got her lost, wrapped up in its story.
And even though she'd had it for many years, and read it time and time again…
…Even though she had fallen in love with other books…
She still loved this one the best.
And she reminded it so, every once in awhile, but picking it up, and letting
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A Flash of Cat
A Flash of Cat
By Caitlyn, Jasmine, and Brianna
Speeding through the night,
Eyes flashing in the dark
Striking into sight,
Like a sudden spark
Whipping out their claws,
Shocking you into fright,
Showing you a sudden glimpse of
Sharpened teeth
You hope you never have to meet
Electrically intelligent,
Strutting through its path
Yielding power yet unmatched,
And pride yet untamed.
Neither challenged nor contained.
:iconsarcastic-ninja:Sarcastic-Ninja 1 0
Come Play With Me
"Come Play with Me"
By Brianna Lejeune
Come with me and take a chance
Dance with me a dangerous dance,
Bruised by fire, burned by ice
'Cause in the end, this agony
Feels so very nice
Let's play with flames and knives
We'll risk our hearts and minds alike
To roll the dice of life
Oh what pain we'd love to pay,
To win the chance to wish away
Our sorrow and our strife
:iconsarcastic-ninja:Sarcastic-Ninja 1 22
The Ocean
                                                           The Ocean
           I've always loved the ocean. It’s peaceful and calming, yet full of an extraordinary
diversity of life and excitement. The gentle push and pull of the tide has a way of
smoothing everything over, washing your worries away, and carrying them far off into
the dark depths of the sea. The soft sound of waves crashing in the distance echo through
the air, accompanied by the noisy calls of seagulls.  The sunset glistens off of the deep
indigos, ceruleans, and turquoises, all mixed into the deep abyss of blues that color the
ocean water. Underwater, the sa
:iconsarcastic-ninja:Sarcastic-Ninja 1 2
Sunset Poetry
The sun is a radiant yellow orb of light,
Emanating golden rays that spill across the sky,
Flooding everything with gleaming light.
The sky erupts like a volcano,
Exploding burning magma over the heavens.
Like a giant fireworks show.
The sunset is a supernova star,
Bursting in a galaxy far.
Millions of colors dance across the sky,
An awe worthy sight that makes you sigh.
Hot pinks run through
Electric yellows, fiery oranges, vibrant crimsons,
Indigos, violets, and blues.
Extravagant colors mingle with murky clouds above.
A spectrum of breath-taking hues.
The sun kisses the sky goodbye one last time,
Before surrendering to the rising darkness of the growing night,
Fading slowly, until completely out of sight.
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So, I've just realized that November is a pretty awesome month (still not as awesome as October, though). I mean what with Nanowrimo (which I'm definitely doing and probably not finishing this year), and Guy Fawkes Day, and Thanksgiving Break, and everything it's pretty great. So I'm definitely enjoying Nov. more than I remember before, but that could definitely be because I'm really bad at remembering things, so...

Anywhoooo~ Doctor Who is seriously amazing and you should all go watch it right now because I'm incredibly influencial and cool and you should listen to me or you won't be cool, and you'll probably know how to spell 'influential' correctly without using spellcheck or something lame like that, :P . {XD}

And while I am doing NaNoWriMo, because things are still going slightly dysfunctional this year, I'm not actually going to be writing a super awesome grammatically illegible 175 page novel :(. Instead, I'm going to be writing a super awesome grammatically illegible collection of drabbles/short story things which should be really fun even though it's not actually NaNoWriMo-fun. Though, who knows, maybe I'll just start writing a short story and never stop, and I'll end up with 50,000 words, anyway, XD...which is actually more likely to happen than not...

So have a great November everyone, and keep an eyes out for that elusive art dump that I keep promising, because the truth is that all of these past two years of waiting for it have just been to lull you into a false sense of security before the humongous bomb of it comes does on all of you unsuspecting WATCHers, and floods your Message box. So totally anticipate that.

P.S. I'm not actually panicking, but I am totally doing the panic dance like that smiley right down thar... XD
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  • Playing: I'M WEARING A GAINT SOMBRARO wheeee 8D
  • Eating: Halloween Candy
  • Drinking: Copious amounts of tea { I'm sick :c }


United States
Current Residence: Deep inside your mind...slowly driving you into inasnity. In other words on my couch...
Favourite genre of music: Rock; Classic Rock; Alternative; Punk; Metal; Emo
Favourite photographer: Have I faved lots and lots of your photography?
Favourite style of art: All of them together, AT ONCE. Times 5.
Operating System: this pile of technological crap I'm typing on
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Shell of choice: Chocolate kind.
Favourite cartoon character: Toothless; Garfield; HinaBN; Lackadaisy Cats; A:tla; Homestuck
Personal Quote: Penguins- They sing, they dance, they conquer the world.


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