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Tinted Glass

Software used: Apophysis

Like shards of glass that reflect the light of the heaven we too must reflect our own light. 

So Considering how I have been super lazy with posting. I believe I should go on some super fractal mode. :P

Resources Used: 
Splits And Ngon Tutorial: "…"

Please feel free to drop a comment because I love love love comments. Love
And if you have any constructive criticism to offer please do so. I will be most obliged. Glomp!
And last but not the least please ask me before using my artwork anywhere. Please
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Wonderful piece of art
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I like the pastel colors on this one! I like how the color scheme changes as you move around the image.

This give me ideas for doodles and Voronoi pixel shaders. Imagine a nested Voronoi diagram (kinda like an insect wing) with pastel colors!

...of course I still need to learn how to make a nested voronoi shader first haha.
Hi Doodler , it amazes me that you drew this - i thought it was a photo . I am thinking of making a sacred geometry piece of stained glass . Cheers from BC Canada 
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Very nice ! Congratulations to You ! Good luck to You in everything !
if you will want look this… : )
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You are very welcome. :)
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This is quite an awesome fractal :love:
a little critique though: you probably should render it a bit longer, to get rid of the noise =S
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Yeah that is a good point. I lost patience with this one. I'll be more careful next time. Thank You. Heart 
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Thank you so much. :)
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