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Pre-production of a video game is the early stage of video game development where the themes, ideas and concepts of the game are laid out in order to have a set plan on what is being made so that everyone in the project is working towards the same goal. It is beneficial for pre-production to be done so as to get everyone in the team to work in one direction and so that there isn’t any wasted time during development, which if there is could cause delays which could also mean the loss of money and if there is an active audience waiting for the game to come out on a set day, and there is delay then that is potentially some lost revenue and some bad publicity.
There are a few different stages of pre-production, these are:
    ·         High concept which is a brief description of the game which leads into;
    ·         Pitch, which is where a game is show
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World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic

World Of Warcraft:
The story for World of Warcraft begins on a different planet altogether called Draenor where the native populace of orcs live alongside the Draenei race, which have fled their home planet in order to escape the hellish Burning Legion who had corrupted two thirds of the Draenei population. However the leaders of the Draenei who accepted the Legion wanted to destroy the ones who didn’t and proceeded to hunt them across the stars. Eventually they would come across them and decide to use stealth, in the form of using the native orcs and corrupting them from Shamanistic origins to the fel magic of the legion or into raging berserkers. They would slaughter the Draenei and create a portal to another world and peoples who had caused the Legion a humiliating defeat 10,000 years before.
The orcs would go through the portal and lose this fight and be trapped on this
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Lord Of The Rings: Helms Deep Creative writing.
An Uruk war horn sounds, they are here.
“Why?” asked a man of Rohan.
“Why what?” replied an elf of Rivendell.
“Why come help us in this hopeless situation when you could escape these lands for Valinor and live forever?”
“Because, we could not leave Man to face this on its own, we still have to help where we can. Why do you ask?”
“I wish to know the merit of whom I fight alongside. I fight for Rohan as all else within my life has gone. My home, my livelihood, my wife and children all gone, killed because of that bastard Saruman. I have nothing left but to take as many of those ugly Troll lovers with me as possible, and that my Elven friend is why I fight. Now you know the measure of me.”
“Then if we are to die tonight then we will make it such an end that our names will forever haunt the forces arrayed against us, or remembered if victory is somehow achieved. My name is Môrion by the way.”
“And mine is Ea
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Hand college work by sarcane Hand college work :iconsarcane:sarcane 0 0 Eyes college work by sarcane Eyes college work :iconsarcane:sarcane 0 0 Metropolis drawings by sarcane Metropolis drawings :iconsarcane:sarcane 0 0 Owl by sarcane Owl :iconsarcane:sarcane 1 0 Adeptus mechanicowl by sarcane Adeptus mechanicowl :iconsarcane:sarcane 1 1 College work Ewan McGregor by sarcane College work Ewan McGregor :iconsarcane:sarcane 0 0 College work Gandalf by sarcane College work Gandalf :iconsarcane:sarcane 0 0 Storyboard work by sarcane Storyboard work :iconsarcane:sarcane 0 0 Fatboss by sarcane Fatboss :iconsarcane:sarcane 0 0 preview 3 by sarcane preview 3 :iconsarcane:sarcane 2 0 preview of next thing number 2 by sarcane preview of next thing number 2 :iconsarcane:sarcane 1 0 preview of next thing by sarcane preview of next thing :iconsarcane:sarcane 1 0 Numtaz by sarcane Numtaz :iconsarcane:sarcane 0 0


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