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Newborn puppy

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Published: September 6, 2012
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One of my 4 newborn puppies <3
This one is a male called Hector <3
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Can I ask you something about breeding? I am planning to breed my APBT but I do not know if it's in her best interest considering the pain of the whole experience and all and I figured as someone who seems to care a lot about her dogs and also has one of the more pain tolerant breeds what your opinion was.
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saraquarelleProfessional Traditional Artist
Yes, as you said, breeding is a lot of pain, blood, and tears !
My breed is a real passion for me, and I think, as there are a looot of dogs in shelters, or in the streets, and as sometimes breeding can lead to very extreme health issues, someone who want to bring puppies into this world must think first "do I have something to bring to the breed I love , will my female give excellent qualities to the breed ? Won't she bring health issues ?" etc...
Then, you can think about breeding. And it will be a great experience for you and your dog, but it can be a great great experience, or a great bad one. Not all females dogs are good to be mom, first, especially in my breed, I think pitbull are great moms but you may have to become the mother instead of your dog ^^
The birth is something very special. It's a loooooot of blood, and you may have to help her. Be prepared to take care of something little, bloody and sticky that doesn't breathe. My 2 females didn't know at all how to do it ! I lost 2 pups on my first litter, and none on the second one, but if I hadn't known my thing, I could have lost both my dog and the 4 puppies... But I have a friend who's an am'staff breeder, and it seems easier for this breed than for bull-terriers.
Did I mention it will cost you an arm ? ahah My first litter cost me 3000 euros, this one I won't be far of 2000 euros.
And then, finally, you'll have to find good owners. I was very lucky with my first litter, almost all of my owners became good friends and I know they are well, I have news and pictures, etc
But on this one... oh god. I could cry everyday. Not only I can't sell my last male, but I'm not very confident in the people who bought me the others. They may be good owners, but as I don't have news I will never know, and people don't think that maybe I'm interested in knowing how are my babies, even if they're no longer mine...
So as you see, breeding is not very easy. For me, the best is neutering. As I'm very passionate on this, and I really want to improve my breed, I allow my females to have 1 litter then neuter. But I say to all people who buy me a puppy that the best is to neuter young, and allow the dog to grow very old in good health.
And to say you the truth, finding good homes for my actual pups is such a pain, that I seriously consider to do it once more with the female I kept on this litter, only because I have friends who want a bull terrier from me and not from everywhere else, and stop everything.
I think I told you more than you asked me ahahah but I think it's important, I love dogs a lot and I think bringing pups into this world is much more a responsability than a lot of people seems to think ^^
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Wow thanks for the long reply I really appreciate it. I am well prepared to become the mother to the puppies since I plan to do this over the Summer so I will have all but eight hours to completely commit to the pups and I have been told by many people, both breeders and others, who think she's good stock and would like to have one of her puppies and I know she also comes from good stock. I was mostly concerned about whether I was doing my dog wrong by breeding her, as the thought of myself giving birth and being pregnant is very scary. With your very helpful advice I think I will breed her if I can find a few more people who would be good owners. I have to say I envy the comparably much smaller litter size your breed has lol. Again thanks so much for the thoughtful objective reply!
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saraquarelleProfessional Traditional Artist
No problem !
Bull terriers can have a lot of puppies too ! I know some litters of 11 or 12 ! My first litter was a 8. But sometimes it can be 1 or 2 (my first female had only one brother)
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Wow dogs are interesting. I've been off for a while but I've been meaning to ask, how do you know someone is trustable to sell a puppy?
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saraquarelleProfessional Traditional Artist
eeeeeeeeh it's so difficult... That's one of the reason I feel I'm going to stop breeding... Or only sell puppies to people I already know.
People can tell you everything they want on the phone, so it's hard to have an impression, and even sometimes when they come home, you think they'll be ok... Now with internet and facebook, the first thing I do when someone ask for one of my pups, I go straight to facebook, to see if I can find pictures of their dog, family, etc... It's not in my nature to spy on people but giving a puppy to somenone you don't know it's so much worries... :( And if someone doesn't understand why I do that, why I don't just sell them a pet, take the cash, and bye-bye, I just don't want to let them one of my babies !
My dream as a breeder is to have news of my dogs all the time, and that people who bought me a dog once feel all like a big family, even if we don't see each other often ! One of my recent pup went in a family I trusted, and now I see they just don't understand that. My puppy maybe very happy, I don't know (god I hope), but for me it's just a source of worries, not to know if he's good, if he has a good temper, if his first night out of my home went well... But I can't say anything, they seem to love him very much, it seems to be a good family for him but if I had to do it again, I don't know if I would do the same !
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I'm definitely not breeding now. Your advice is very helpful for if I am blessed enough to find twelve good friends to take puppies :) I'm having way to much stress in my life to breed my dog and deal with finding good homes. Thanks for all the advice for future reference :)
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saraquarelleProfessional Traditional Artist
Maybe later you'll feel that's the good moment to do it :)
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Oh my gosh.

The tininess, and the cute pink nose..

I can't stand the cuteness! :squee:
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gosh that is the cutest.
Bull terriers are my favorite
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saraquarelleProfessional Traditional Artist
I'm surrounded by bull terriers, 3 adults and 4 pups, and I must admit I couldn't live without them <3 I wish I could have dozens of dogs from different breeds, but always a few bullies in the pack !
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:D That sounds delightful! I must get me one someday.
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zazabee11Hobbyist Photographer
aww little Hector is so sweet his mummy is exceptionally pretty too
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leotheyardiechickProfessional Traditional Artist
Awwww! :heart:
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ViridRainProfessional Digital Artist
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saraquarelleProfessional Traditional Artist
AHAHAH va surtout pas voir sur mon FB toutes les autres photos que j'ai mises XD
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ViridRainProfessional Digital Artist
Tout à fait !.. krkrkr
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Sooooooo cute ! Congrats for the newborns ! :heart:
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saraquarelleProfessional Traditional Artist
Thank you ! Congrats to the mummy who did an amazing job ;) Even if I helped her a lot ^^
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