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I'm almost forty million miles away from you and I can't help but think that I'll never see you again.

I'm now a slave to this orbit; a slave to Mars and her cold, dead earth. I can't break free of her electromagnetic death grip. I can't return home.

I should have never given my heart to you. You should never have to suffer the pain of falling in love with someone who will end up dying millions of miles away from the place we both call home.

Everything went wrong and you have to pay the price. I'm sorry.
a short little thing I wrote inspired by the song by Coldplay. it's also kind of a look into the internal struggles of one of my Mars astronauts in the novel that I'm writing. (I think it still needs some tweaking... it's a few words short...)

you can't spend two years traveling millions of miles away from the earth, stuck in a tin can, and not severely suffer from depression.


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That's a wonderful piece of writing there :aww:
And you're so right about what you said about feeling depressed miles away from Earth :nod:
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