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Saraniaeve is my headworld, and the home of many of my beloved creations. I invite you to explore the world as you might a good novel or game, and ask as many questions as you want! My goal is for this world to be a somewhat collaborative effort. Feel free to watch or join the group; I look forward to hearing your input!

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The World of Saraniaeve

The Book of Saranıaeve, v1:
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At A Glance: The Sássrı:
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When the world of Saranıaeve witnessed its first dawn, there were two gods to watch in glory. Grı was the god of the light and the Balance, who wanted to observe the beauty of Saranıaeve’s first daylight. During this time the god Gal came to witness the death of the eternal night that had befallen the world. Grı became enamored with the god of the darkness and the Balance, and the two mated to create the sun and moon which rose and set as the day commenced and ended. The two looked upon the world and deemed it befitting of their creation, but soon found it lacking in their dreams and desires. Gal wished to see a world of flourishing life that grew with both night and day, that required destruction for creation, thus creating her half of the Balance. Grı wished to see a world of Justice and Honor to be held by his children that would learn of these virtues in both song and silence, thus creating his half of the Balance. So when the moon was high Gal stole away from her lover’s arms and breathed into the world the gift of Water, which produced lush forests and flowers, but also arid deserts and expansive seas. When the sun was high Grı saw her creation and thought it befitting of a world for his children. He then breathed into Saranıaeve the Folevıa, which produced the sky and the beautiful music, but also war and deceit amongst themselves. However the Balance was not yet complete, for the Folevıa lacked souls, leaving them loveless and passionless, absent and cold. Grı and Gal created together the Soul and with their respective creations drew into existence the ıaevı, worldly like the Water and immortal like the Folevıa.

Grı and Gal created the First Six, called the Falthé. Each had an immortal soul like the Folevıa and physical form like the Water. They were creatures of the land and soon became bored of the terrain; they wished to see what lay in the expansive sky. Pitying the immortal children, trapped in physical bodies, Grı granted their wish:  he gave until them each a pair of feathered wings to lift them into the sky so that they too could observe the beauty of Saranıaeve. But the Falthé soon became swallowed by pride and hubris, attempting to fly above the sky and live with their heavenly creators. Grı was furious with their arrogant ambitions and struck them down, reminding them of their physical ties as worldly creatures. In the hopes of punishing them, he squeezed their large wings until they were too small to lift them into the sky, never to fly again. Gal however saw the shame of the Falthé and pitied their small wings, a constant reminder of their guilt and suffering as immortal, yet worldly creatures. She bestowed unto them, and to all of Saranıaeve, the Beasts of Balance, legendary beings that held significant traits for each of the Falthé. To Sássrıa she gave the Tarını, a species that resembled the Falthé with small, unusable wings. To Malzén she gave the Cantı, a bear-like creature with a stocky build. To Ganvalae she gave the Ralamaelı, a wolf-like species with thick antlers on its shoulders and a short, stocky tail. To Iaezam she gave the Cansaelı, a Beast that could take to either land or water with thick, blubbery skin of smooth fur. And finally to Amanae she granted a dragon-like Beast that she designed after her lover Grı, but the fiercely proud Falthé refused the gift and they two did not create the Sacred Bond, the nasé.

There exists for the ıaevı a series of Gifts, granted to them by their immortal and unseen Soul parents. From the Water they gained Mortality, Fertility, and the Senses. From the Folevıa they gained Speech, Idea, and Music. And from the Life gods Grì and Gál they gained Emotion, Passion, and Salvation. But with each of the Soul parents’ gifts came Curses of Imperfection, which the ıaevı must strive to avoid. From the Water they received Disease, Death, and Pain. From the Folevıa they received Deceit, Thievery, and Greed. But the Life gods assured the First Six to accept and love each Curse as they did the Gifts, for without the Balance they would cease to exist.


I've drawn and am drawing inspiration from all of my favorite worlds, such as Middle-earth, Nirn, Conhaero, even the nameless world of the video game called "Brother:  A Tale of Two Sons." I'm always open to suggestions and works of collaboration!
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