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Q.WANG Art Work
Q. Wang is an extra-ordinary artist whose painting career was inspired by the paintings of the French artist, Maurice Utrillo. He attended West Los Angeles College to learn painting.
Extra-ordinary…that’s certainly the best way to describe Q. Wang’s artistic creativity as seen in his paintings, yet the way he uses shapes, colors and strokes outside of the normal painting rules is something very controversial. But, amazingly, through his crazy and out-of-the-box painting styles comes remarkable and unique art works. People still have their doubts, a lot of dudes do not understand his works, yet Q Wang’s art works tend to draw a good number of admirers.
Is Q. Wang’s Painting Completely Original and Unique?
At and, lots of Q. Wang’s paintings are suffixed with ‘original painting’. Some of these works include Seoul, Korea; Water, China; Adam & Eve; Mountain; Colors; Birthday Gifts and more. Q. Wang considers his art works completely unique and original. No doubts, his paintings are certainly creatively unique, yet there are conspicuous comparisons such to folk art, and American primitivism. This is particularly noticeable in his painting works such as the iconic Adam & Eve painting. This brightly yellow painting highlights a black limbed tree with morbid fruit, human skulls, as well as the man and woman contemplating the temptation.
Another example is the Birthday Gift painting with an oceanic blue background, a naked woman at the center, right atop a black birthday cake, a wine glass and a bottle afloat in undifferentiated space. Also, you could vividly see divided curvilinear shapes, saturation and light inhabiting Q. Wang’s paintings such as the Water, China – a painting that simply captures elements flow in lush palette.

Q Wang Painting Style
Q. Wang’s painting concept transcends the conventional painting rules, sticking in-between 2-Dimenion and 3-Dimension paintings. Q. Wang’s painting style is seen to be revolutionary. Although a lot of people don’t understand it, those who love out-of-the-box creativity stop to ponder and admire Q. Wang paintings once in a while.
Q. Wang Art Works
From life-like photo realism to abstract expressionism, still-life, religious and landscape, Q. Wang creates varieties of unique, out-of-the-box paintings and art works. Some of these unique works found in Q. Wang Art Gallery include Water-China, Seoul Korea, Adam & Eve, Hillary Clinton Hand Enhanced, Philadelphia Hand Enhanced, Birthday Gift Original, Mountain Original, Fantasy City Valentine Card, Las Vegas Blvd Valentine Card and more.
As mentioned earlier, a lot of people don’t yet understand Q. Wang’s painting concept. So, it could be said that his works are yet not quite popular. However, Q. Wang’s painting concept and unique art creativity have been featured in popular media such as Taiwan Daily News, Hong Kong Economic Times, Wikipedia, and Pacific Book Review.
The famous French film producer, Jean-Luck Godard wrote about Q. Wang Arts; “It’s not where you take things from, it is where you take them to. Q. Wang has taken me further into appreciating my surroundings, people, and love. That is what real art is all about.”
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Submitted on
November 30, 2014