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King of the Woodland Realm

By saramondo
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Another of Thranduil, this time in his spring crown of woodland flowers.

Entered into the Hobbit Design Contest!

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Thranduil in the fall

Wacom Bamboo
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This is breathtakingly beautiful! So atmospheric and I love the stern yet serene expression on the Elvenking's face 
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Absolutely breathtaking, excellent work!

Something just popped up in the murky depths of my memory; Treehugger has published some hilarious pieces of fanfiction on, and one of the stories is titled "Elrond´s most forgettable birthday. Every year the Imladris household bets on what gift Thranduil will send Elrond for his birthday. This year Elrohir and Glorfindel are both betting on a spider, Arwen is betting on a piece from Thranduil´s famous Gem Room, Erestor is betting on a bottle of the equally famous Dorwinion wine and Elladan is betting on a seasonal crown. He has even written a little poem about the various crowns:
"In spring he wears a crown of colorful flowers fair;
 in the summer leaves of lustrous sheen;
 in autumn, crimson and berries of bounty to grace his golden hair;
 winter´s season is holly and evergreen."
Little Prince Legolas gets the honor of choosing the gift for Elrond...
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incredible beauty!
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So very beautiful *_*
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amazing! absolutely beautiful!
Wow! this is amazing! It's so beautiful!!!
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This is so beautiful and earthy. Totally appropriate for the woodland king :D
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Amazing! The dark green is really his colour :heart:
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love your coloring....its beautiful :)
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How much would you charge for work like this? How long would it take to complete?
Hey! I was wondering if I could use this for the cover of a fanmix I'm creating (with full credit to you, of course!). It's absolutely stunning!
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This is so beautiful - not only of Thranduil but his clothing and background! I agree - it is the best art of him ever!
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Wow, thank you!
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Beautiful! The best art that I have seen of Thranduil!
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Thanks so much! :)
OMG this is fantastic!!! Totally fits the impression Thranduil, the King of Mirkwood gave me. Love it!
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This is so very gorgeous.

Absolutely love this!
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Perfect Thranduil!
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Absolutely amazing! I love the colouring!
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