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Rainbow Koi Pond

Submission for contest old work done around 2008 - 09 here [link]
and the new version

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This is my favorite, oh my gosh! How it is evident it is a redo of the original, staying true to the form and color but adding more ZESTTT
land-a-joy's avatar
I love the lighting and the shimmery feel of the updated one!
MariaEnzianiaKober's avatar
Those fish are amazingly beautiful! The left ones are already good, but with the "After" picture next to it... They just have such a beautiful coloring, shading and gleaming!
ccrazyvv123's avatar
this is incredible! nice job! 
joeioe's avatar
This is really good! I'm really loving your ability to create depth in the art. They look just like mine, before they died. Well, nice job again :D
ElementalAngelDevil's avatar
Wow these look great and the After 1 looks so realistic :)
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BlackWolf543's avatar
holy fudge cakes! thats so awesome! before was pretty kool but after is like AWESOME!, wow u have improved alot!
AnAsianPerson's avatar
Left one is more colorful, but the right one looks so realistic, I could almost touch it.
Really hard to choose which one is better.
angelk76's avatar
my friend had an outside koi pond birds kept eating them though.
miamary123456's avatar
Great great job! WOW!!! How old are you? :iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3:
Jellechu's avatar
Wow, that's amazing <3 Realism is really hard to do for me! I am amazed by this <3
shark902's avatar
My first reaction: Holy F*ck O.O

The koi are so realistic, can I touch it?
Halloween-Jester's avatar
I love Koi~
So shiny! Just...stunning.
FireheartTheInferno's avatar
Before: Nice work.
After: Simply amazing!!
amirabd2130's avatar
WOW :O, what have you done! Very well done ;)
I love the "Take an old work and do it again".
I've done few times it and I've amazed of the results!
I think we should do this often IF we find enough time though :D

Well done again ;)
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Iron-Chicken's avatar
Congrats. Great progress. Long may it continue.
neriokat's avatar
THAT'S AMAZING IMPROVEMENT. <3 What materials did you use?
disasterconsole's avatar
KawaiiStarKirby's avatar
really nice! Both look great!:D
CrocInCrocs's avatar
I like more old version, It's more interesting.
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