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Fire Colossus

By SaraLynArt
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Fire Colossus

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apocalipsis666's avatar
that looks terryfing
shifter124's avatar
( be honest something about this colossus puts my mind to a large hunting cat. Mostly with the flames on the tail seem to puff out like some cat's do when they've found their prey...of course this is only a guess...)
sayuri4muu's avatar
I would hate to meet that one.
blurr14's avatar
run for your lifes it's a demon beast and it came to get it's revenge on who stands in it's way love it it looks real this thing is stuck in may head now i think i wont go to sleep now
Travail-de-lame's avatar
Herotime's avatar
Wow! Whats this one from? Awesome job!
KelloDraw's avatar
I Love Thiz!!!! Itz So Life Lyk,Im Burning Up Just lookin' At It!!! Kool,Doznt Evn Begin 2 Describe!! :thumbsup: Awesome!
stalydan's avatar
That's okay, I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight O_O

But seriously, that's awesome!
RoanoatheDragonlord's avatar
This art is blazing with amazement. You rock.
Ivana-B's avatar
This work is really colossal if you ask me. :) I absolutely love how you did the textures and how you devoted your eye to details, it is great. :)
MirandaPavelle's avatar
excellent detail, i like it :D
Quarraena's avatar
Whoooaaaa! I can say only that. really good work! <3
Quarraena's avatar
You are welcome :)
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