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swallow, tattoo

my second tattoo. heeeealed :)

memorial swallow tattoo, for my daddy :heart:

>> ancient eygptians believed the swallow to be the bird that carried souls up to heaven from earth after someone passed away. in the 'old kingdom' they were associated with stars and therefore souls of the dead.

placed it on my left side, close to my heart <3

done at anchors in burlington by jeff. march of '09.

..excuse the odd angle, where the wing disappears over my collar bone. it's hard to take a picture of that area by yourself, without a tripod, using a heavy dslr :P haha
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Mar 25, 2009, 10:07:41 AM
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beautiful!! i really love it :)
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thank you very much for the comment and the fave :D
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beautiful swallow:heart: I wanted to ask You, if making of the tattoo there is very painful? since a long time I dream about the tattoo there on the body :)
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thank you! :heart:
it wasn't too painful. less than the tattoo i have on my hip, which is also over bone. very tolerable pain level.
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my pleasure, it's amazing:)
really? perhaps at last I will decide, but sincerely I a little fear:P what are You having on the hip , if I can ask :) ?
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i have a music note surrounding a heart, a smaller piece. there might be a picture of it in my gallery!
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okey, I will seek it. the musical motive of the tattoo pleases to me too. music notes or the treble clef:)
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Youre welcome! ;D
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this is exactly what im looking for! i've always wanted this tattoo
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thanks, it's pretty much a standard swallow.. i just drew it up with the features i liked and my tattoo artist changed some small details to better work
was that specific spot you got it tattooed on really painful? i would think it would be since your shoulder area is generally a boney spot.
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it brusied a lot on the collar bone, but it was very tollerable. i have another on my hip, and it was about the same pain. this one took longer tho :P
not bad at all.
i really really love this <:
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thank you, me too :D
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very nice tatoo, so cute, i love it, and i really like the way you take the picture :aww:
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you're welcome ^^
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