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ACYL Icons for AllGray

I am quite sad to learn of the "end" of Crunchbang- it's been my favorite linux OS for years now and it's really the only OS I feel so comfortable on that I can stop tinkering and just WORK. I have to say with all the homework piling up around me (p.s. anyone want to write a paper about intrauterine transfusion?) that is such a blessing.

That said, the spirit of #! will live on. I am curious to see what the community will come up with- which brings me to this icon set. I was contacted by a fellow member of the #! forums for permission to use AllGray for Openbox in a distro (s)he is making based on #!. Quite flattering!

The way that the ACYL icons were packaged by noobslab made it difficult to package them into a distro. They also aren't fully compatible with lxappearance and other non-gnome environments. If you're using one of those and want to recreate the appearance in my screenshots you might be better served using this icon set. Of course the tradeoff is that they're no longer customizable. Have fun!
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