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The king and the queen The winner has been chosen !!!

Raffle Euy by SarahWidiyanti

Congrats for :iconrosestruck: (1 waist up fullcolor)

and :iconreojin: (1 headshot fullcolor)

Please note me for the reference ^^

Thank you for all participants for joining my raffle<33

Good luck everone on next raffle <3


Hello everyone, since i am on semihiatus and my account is dusty not so active, I decide to fill my account with:


Lets see the rules!~


:bulletpink:Become my watcher
:bulletpink: Leave a comment, say "I am joining" or something like that
:bulletpink: tag 2 of your friend
By doing that rules, you get 1 number in the raffle/gacha

Do you want extra numbers? Here is for adding your extra number

EXTRA NUMBER: (you don't need to do this if you don't want)

:bulletblue: share this in your journal (+1)
:bulletblue: share this in your poll (+1)
:bulletblue:tag 4 of your friends (+1)
Please tell me if you do it so i can give you the extra number

Let's go with what you have been waiting..... prize!


:bulletyellow: One waist up fullcolor

:bulletyellow: One headshot fullcolor

There will be 2 lucky winners!


It will be at the end of this month (30 september)

:iconlazydanceplz:Prize will be added if the number of the joining hits 200:iconlazydanceplz:

If you have questions, let me know ;3
check my adopt account!~ :iconsarahwidiadopts:

Thank youu ladies and gentlemen :iconlazydanceplz::iconlazydanceplz::iconlazydanceplz::iconlazydanceplz:

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hehe this is a grateful journal for my friends <33 thanks for the gift

<da:thumb id="722098666"/> by bae :iconhott-sauce:

<da:thumb id="722208681"/> by kaka :iconyouqing:

Christmas Requests by Chuuni-neko by :iconchuuni-neko:

and for my friend and their awesome art:
Time to strike the skies by DAYLIO by :icondaylio:
Who You See,,Me? by Skunkyfly by :iconskunkyfly:

Broken Red High Heels by KishaSharie by :iconkishasharie:
Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love
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Hello fellow deviants  .v. ~
So ... I need a suggestion about adoptable
I have a bidder who won my adopt but does not reply to my notes which i have sent to him/her. And I know she/he read the note.
So here is the question:
Should i put them to blacklist for buying my adopt in future?
And second question.. should i show the blacklist to everyone so everyone will be careful with this kind of people?
Another different question.. should i put someone who has bid but cannot afford? but only if they don't have a good reason. I am still okay with people who have good reason. And proof.

Thank you in advance :iconsuledance02plz::iconsuledance02plz::iconsuledance02plz:
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  • Listening to: Remember me - Miguel ft. Natalia L.
  • Watching: Coco
  • Playing: Pokemon Sun
  • Drinking: mineral water

EDIT: I simplified the description, and EXTENDED DEADLINE ~~

Caramelldansen Akira by SarahWidiyanti

Everyone!~ So i am here, want to open an animation project.
Sounds much fun ? XD You can see your OC in an anime video~~
You can use your own OC for this project, and we of course will credit you~


Bullet; Yellow Time: noon 

Bullet; Yellow Place: park/home/road

Bullet; Yellow We will use this song for this project  Ore To Omaeto Sakagami Shouichi 

You must be able to draw in standard art:

Bullet; Pink digital cell shade
  13644203 1204908942866745 1077414220 N by SarahWidiyanti (This sample is not mine. Credit goes to respective owner Q3Q )
Bullet; Pink basic proportion

Fill this form if you want to join:

Bullet; Pink Choose your own division and how much you can do. You can choose more than one division. THere will be 4 division:
  • the animation --> you can do animation with simple background in it. 
  • the fullbody --> you can draw your character in normal fullbody in the canvas size we decide. File must be png 32-bit (paint tool SAI) or png interlaced (photoshop). 
  • the background --> you can draw standard anime background. 
  • the mixer --> you can mix the background and fullbody arts together. We need mixer to help the process of this project faster.
Bullet; Pink Your own art samples. Show us 2 of your arts.
Bullet; Pink Put your comment below if you want to join.


Bullet; Blue The admin will decide if you can join or not through our vote. We will inform you if you can join. We are sorry if you cannot join T.T your style maybe don't match with the art we seek.
Bullet; Blue You are able to finish your drawing before the deadline. Deadline are 27 december. You must inform us if you cannot finish the art before the deadline. If we know you ignore our messages, we must cancel you for joining this project i hope this won't happen T___T

Any Question?

Just ask us!~ 
Help spreading this journal isn't a must, but it will be a big help.~

If you want to see some sample videos from project i did in the past, just note me, but please use polite words ovo~

Admin: :iconsarahwidiyanti: :icongracieq: :iconrukiach: :iconspikey-wikey:
We need more admin!! we are searching 3 more admins to help this project!
You can become admin by sending :iconsarahwidiyanti: and :icongracieq: note. Not first come first serve.
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Check here on my adopt account:
[CLOSED Thank You ~] Auction Adopt Okamimimi by sarahwidiadopts

Another feature~!
My brother :iconmrm64: is opening commission!! check here~
Cheap $5 fully body commissions, full for nowHey guys, I need $20 rather quickly, soooOOoo if you're interested, let me know or tell a friend! 
Just give me a good source for your character c: Must be clothed, extra character is $3 No backgrounds, keep it PG 13-16, you know, keep it good xD I can do any fandom, Mario, GTS, Naruto, etc just tell me 
Here's mah shiz

Paypal only, Cash only~
Slot 1: 
Slot 2:  
Slot 3: :iconmcgoldyoshi:
Slot 4: :iconsumooli:

Aaaand ;DD
My friend :iconcrumviii: is opening a contest
check here Draw my OC contest Cash prizes and more.(CLOSED)(IMPORTANT: Potential EXTRA prizes may be added based on number of entries. Also since I now allow more than one entry, I had to change the prize limit to participants since someone can just keep submitting to get to 16 and that wouldn't be fair.)
NEW UPDATE: I added Derek to the list if anyone wants to give him a go. He's a prick too but unlike Alex, he's not a bad person deep down. So I don't mind entries of him if anyone want to try. :3

UPDATE: Added a few prizes. MAY also increase the actual cash money. But, I'll decide that when it gets closer to the deadline. :3
So since people asked for contests from me, I'll be hosting my first Draw my OC contest! If it's a success, I'll host more in future with better prizes. :3
<<< The Contest will end the 12th of september 2016>>>
So, I'm sure you all want to know about the prizes before anything so let's get to it then, shall we?
First Prize Winner - If the number of particip

thank you so much for the attention :iconmuahplz:
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I cannot hold myself for not featuring this guys :iconsobbplz: !!!
Please check this people, they should get more attention ;A; !!

Flare Corona by ryssa-takesaki ONE-PUNCH MAN by ryssa-takesaki CM for SarahWidiyanti by ryssa-takesaki

<da:thumb id="617369435"/><da:thumb id="618715017"/> Bluebago by RukiaCH

Commission for Alifa Nurlianti (Facebook) by kizokusan Putra  by kizokusan Red Haired Lady by kizokusan

Little Red Ridinghood Adopt - [OPEN] by Milky-Pudding-Adopts Circus Adopts - [OPEN] by Milky-Pudding-Adopts Ruby Dragon Adopt - [OPEN] by Milky-Pudding-Adopts
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Hi everyone 
So i have a plan to take long hiatus (possibly semi-hiatus) due to college and real life. It will begin on April and i dont know when it will end.
I will miss you all during that hiatus time :iconcryforeverplz:
And for all the commission, i will finish it soon >v<d

(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) so so...

I want to feature friend art too ^^ feel free to check their awesome art *A*
[COLLAB] Kesidang Tamanbumi #25 [CLOSED] by somekh by :iconskfuu: and :iconsomekh: so hawt :iconblushuplz:
Set Price Adopt OPEN (Reindeer) by NCadopts by :iconncadopts: the design are so adorable <3
[3/4 OPEN auction] Ghroom Species 1 by ryesoulby :iconryesoul: it looks so cute xD
East and West _ sketch adopt OTA + EXTRA (CLOSED) by RumCandyAdoptby :iconrumcandyadopt: cool and cute in 1 pic :iconcannotevenplz:

Anyway, here are some friends who open awesome raffle :iconohdokiplz:

<da:thumb id="598138795"/> by :iconyouqing: much bishie, much happiness :iconpervheplz:

2000+ watcher raffle WINNERS DRAWN by catlinq by :iconcatlinq: so cute :iconohdokiplz:

Thank you^^~ have a great day~
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Hi everyone ^^

My friend on facebook called Erika is opening headshot sketch animation :D :D !
So i want to help her promoting her commission >/////<


Here is her facebook / gmail…

The price is Rp 100.000,- or $10 

She will open 4 slots! GRAB IT FAST *.*

she draws real quick :iconzxcvbnmplz:

THank you for the interest ~ <3

ah also, thank you for the new watchers <3 i will check all of you soon TwT <3
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NewI open 2 extra slot ^v^
Commission is opened again because i have free time this weekend
I often semi hiatus since college YwY But I am happy I can open this again ;v;
I have another updates ; 3 ;
Newprice change to be a price range, and it is decided from the style, the complexity of character(s) and background

Here are the price :D (Big Grin)

these are estimated price, price depend on the style, complexity of character(s) and backgroundNew
a piece of semirealism with many details will cost more than a simple character in anime style

  • 1 Chibi= $27-$40 / 2700-4000 Points   

        ,      extra character in 1 picture= $20-$30 / 2000-3000 Points

    Sample: Raffle Prize Rapt0rs by SarahWidiyantiChibi For Mmxii2 by SarahWidiyanti

  • 1 Headshot=$35-$45 / 3500-4500 Points

        ,      extra character in 1 picture= $25-$35 / 2500-3500 Points

    Sample: Req For Nemorra by SarahWidiyantiArt Raffle Prize from Facebook Page by SarahWidiyantiArt Trade Blackcoffeeneko by SarahWidiyantiArt Trade Planium by SarahWidiyantiMeh Persian Cat by SarahWidiyanti

  • 1 Waist up= $55-$77 /5500-7700 Points

        ,      extra character in 1 picture= $45-$60 / 4500-6000 Points

    Sample: Commission The Drow Sisters by SarahWidiyanti

    Opposite Attract Contest by SarahWidiyantiAngel Tears by SarahWidiyanti

  • 1 Character Design Fullbody=$75-$100 / 7500-10000 Points

  ,animated character design fullbody= $110-$125 /10000-12500 :points:

  Sample: [CLOSED] CYOP Auction Adopt 22 Goddess of Fowl by SarahWidiyanti [CLOSED]Auction Adopt 17 by SarahWidiyanti[CLOSED] Auction Adopt Biheart Frankenstein by sarahwidiadopts

  • 1 Fullbody= $85-$110 / 8500-11000 Points

        ,      extra character in 1 picture= $70-$88 / 7000-8800 Points

    Sample: Commission Oct-tako The Lalafells by SarahWidiyantiCommission Ddpalphatigger1 by SarahWidiyantiFan Art Chika by SarahWidiyantiCommission MissThunderbelts and Jazzy by SarahWidiyantiThe Dark Lullaby Starts by SarahWidiyantiCommission Okogoshi And Alaric Family by SarahWidiyantiCommission Demitri by SarahWidiyantiCommission FFXIV OC by SarahWidiyanti

  • 1 Background= $55-$75 /5500-7500  :points:

  Sample: Commssion Zombifaction Summer Season by SarahWidiyanti

  • 1 Comic Page= $140-$190 /14000-19000  :points:

The art will be detailed.There will be 4 panels.
Additional panel(more than 4 panels) will cost $28-$38 each panel.

  Sample:  Commission Giantess Erika by SarahWidiyanti (this sample is simplified and i dont have detailed sample for now because i cannot upload the previous commission for some reason)



:bulletpink: Estimated time work for each art are 2 days-2 weeks.
:bulletpink: Revision is unlimited until client satisfied.
:bulletpink: First come first serve .
:bulletpink: I don't draw : ecchi/hentai/yaoi/yuri/boy lovers/sex implicit/sex explicit/satan as good guy.New:bulletpink: From 24 Dec 2017, if you commission and run before the payment, your name will be put to blacklist and will be announce in my journal.
:bulletpink: You get free complex background in your commission (not if you order character design and background) :D
:bulletpink: I prefer payment first except you are previous client who has commissioned me before.
:bulletpink: Sometimes i draw gift to my client ; D  But don't rush me to do gift to you.New
:bulletpink:  Please don't trace or respot without my consent. Repost will be okay if you are the commissioner/client of the artwork, as long as you give me credit. New
:bulletpink: Comment/Note me if you are interested~


  1. reserved

  2. reserved by kezia

  3. reserved

  4. reserved

Thank you for the interest and the commission :D

Previous Commissioner (from newest to oldest )

:iconmrm64::iconjsxeno: :iconalythraseeraeir: :iconisistokiha:[stephani kezia on fb]:iconlassic::iconno-white-knights::iconisistokiha::iconisistokiha::iconisistokiha:[geno on fb]:iconfeyith::icondr-moxmo:[kellam rosales on fb]:iconlassic:[jacob stem]:iconlassic:[kevine.]:iconlassic::iconmissthunderbelts: :iconaceofmana: :iconmrm64:

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art progress:
Bullet; Pink commission for eamonn(pending)
Bullet; Pink art prize for :iconrofeal: contest
Bullet; Pink art gift for rinuii
Bullet; Pink comm project aed(pending)

wait for:
Bullet; Blue :iconrisqavoni: collab
Bullet; Blue :iconrisqavoni: commission
Bullet; Blue :iconruuchiya: collab
Bullet; Blue :iconhirokachii: finished commission
Bullet; Blue curu video project
Bullet; Blue collab with rara
Bullet; Blue collab commission with coffeeo
Bullet; Blue comm ryssa

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Hi everyone xD
You can share your art technique here. I am interested in knowing it :iconlazeflirtplz:
I want to share mine too.

I use Paint Tool SAI.
Usually i use lineart for drawing. I often use brush tool for coloring. It is so soft~
I use selection tool at line layer to help me coloring. Selection tool helps color specific part like hair, skin, etc.
I will make a new layer for color after some part have been selected, and then color that layer with brush.
I will divide hair, skin, outer outfit, inner outfit, eye, effect in different layer.

Now there are layer mask, which makes everything easier to be colored :D
All i need is select all part of character.
I will make new folder below line layer, then i will choose new layer mask. 
The layer inside that folder can be used to color, and the color won't be out from the character into the background.

I am sorry for bad grammar lol . I hope i explain anything in easy way to understand xD

How about your art technique?

I also open some of adopt who has not get home :iconpapcryplz:
Check here if you are interested
Please adopt themPlease adopt some of my adopts who need home :iconpapcryplz:
Also, if you have some adopt who has not been adopted, show me
Sometimes i am interested in adopting a new bby xD

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu :iconkissingplz:
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[CLOSED -Thanks] Chibi Adopt - Raffle Announcement by sarahwidiadopts check here on my adopt account :iconsarahwidiadopts: :D
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Gacha Project Has Released The Adopts !!

Check here
[CLOSED] Gacha-Maniac's Season Themed Gacha+Raffle by e-su
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Hello everyone *u* finally holiday has come (but come together with task too..sounds like fake holiday lol ..)
I will reply to all messages and notes now xD
sorry for really late reply ;;
I will check all my new watchers *u* <3

Also, I find this video on  internet
This is so awesome :Q ~~

Feature for some arts :
Commission - Helios by NemoraFarraige by :iconnemorafarraige:
Com Eternelle by Novclow by :iconnovclow:
<da:thumb id="540654047"/> by senpai :iconrelxion-kun:
.:CLOSED AUCTION:. Wingu collab with catfinches by Valyriana by big sis :iconvalyriana:
SU Gems: Auctions (CLOSED) by SweetieBatch by :iconsweetiebatch:
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