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-SoHK-OCT- ID Template



For the PNG version of this meme, click here!

And here we go!
A basic template for auditioners/contestants to edit for their character!

In this PSD file, you'll find the layers: ( * = Encouraged to not over-edit.)
*Card Border - The outline of the entire card.
*Header text - The letters in the top banner of the card.
Header - The dark grey top part of the card.
*Text - The Name, DOB, ect.
Picture Border - The outline/box for the character's photo.
Picture Fill - The background for said photo.
*Stats - The border for the stats diagram on the lower right.
Stats Fill - The background for the stats thing.
Placeholders - THIS CAN BE TAKEN OUT/ERASED in the finishing product! This only to help you line up everything.
Fill - The background of the card.

Feel free to full deck outcustomize the card!

Really bad example: (Contains so much red)
SoHK ID Card sample by sarahthecat

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