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Lament of Anne Hathaway
(Enter Anne Hathaway glad in funeral garments.
She is holding a red rose)
Quothe William,
'What's in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would small as sweet.'
Call I Anne;
Hathaway Anne, Shakespeare Anne
Daughter Anne, Mother Anne, Sister Anne
Your wife Anne.
And call you William;
Son William, Brother William, Heir William, Father William,
William of Stratford.
Or names that hath no William.
Call'd simply 'Bard of Avon'.
(She points to his coffin)
Or names that hath molded this mere player,
Into Kings, Heroes, Merchants!
Thou call'st him what you will
Thou call'st him these names,
As I call him my husband, William.
(She places the rose on the coffin beside the book and exits)
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TARDIS Scale Model by SarahsSoda TARDIS Scale Model :iconsarahssoda:SarahsSoda 1 0
Mature content
Rivera Act I Scene II :iconsarahssoda:SarahsSoda 0 0
Mature content
Rivera Act I Scene I :iconsarahssoda:SarahsSoda 0 0
Rivera Cast
Evelyn Williams: (20) Criminal Investigation Major
Susan Anderson: (22) Friend of Evelyn. Cousin of Steven West. Law student. Person of interest. Lives in a house with Steven.
Richard Jones: (19) Boyfriend of Evelyn, computer science major, victim of murder
Gertrude (Rudy) Collins: (22) Residential Assistant for the first floor of the girls’ hall, person of interest
Donna Wallace: (17) Mistress of Richard, person of interest
Nichole Turner: (21) Evelyn’s roommate, Journalism major, person of interest
Steven West: (21) Friend of Evelyn and Nichole. Lives in a house with Susan
Sophie Jones: (17) Younger sister of Richard Jones, twin of Kenneth Jones
Kenneth Jones: (17) Younger brother of Richard Jones, twin of Sophie Jones
Chris Jones: (51) Mother of Richard Jones, person of interest
Peter Jones: (51) Father of Richard Jones, person of interest
Lawrence Williams: (18) Brother of Evelyn Williams, lives with his mother in Wisconsin.
Heather Williams: (46) Mother of Evelyn and L
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The Four Champions Chapter 13
Chapter 13
The Lion vs. The Goose
It took Rudy about a month and a half to get his Patronus full bodied. He felt the warmth in his wand when he thought of a time when he was little. A nightmare woke him up and Susan comforted him. A weak mist swirled around him and Andrea felt that it wasn’t good enough.
Rudy sat in the frost covered grass and tried to think of another memory. Every memory that he tried had something to do with Susan. Everything from Susan playing hide and seek with him to his earliest memory of being only a one year old looking through the bars of his crib to the smiling six year old Susan.
Lost in thought, Rudy’s hand explored his pocket and closed around the small piece of chocolate that Meadow had given him several days ago. He found himself daydreaming about her. She was always saying hi to him, helping him with in class assignments, and always leaving him with a piece of chocolate. Sometimes she and Lewis would wonder from the Moine tables to the
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The Four Champions Chapter 12
Chapter 12
When the members of Fauna Club returned to the couches, Abrielle stayed behind to finish her tea and enjoy the warm humid air while looking up past the tropical trees to the glass dome that had contained a layer of frost on the outside.
“It’s supposed to be cold tomorrow, are you still up for your first game?” Professor Mock asked.
“I’m up for anything.” Said Abrielle, suddenly excited to be playing Gemino Ball for Astrid.
“That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. Newberry needs more good athletes and good students that are up for anything. Abrielle, I must ask you a favor.”
“Like I said, I’m up for anything.”
“Well good, will you follow me please?” and Mock turned towards the back of the dome. She followed him and saw that there were several stacks of empty animal carrying boxes. All were empty except for one. When Abrielle saw what was inside, it took all of her self-control to
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The Four Champions Chapter 11
Chapter 11
The Missing and the Letters
Lewis Richards
Lewis was dizzy when he made it back to Moine housing. Despite all the coughing and exhaustion of running all over campus, he was determined to make it through the day. The stress from it all surely turned his cold into the flu and he felt terrible knowing that he was going to miss Abrielle’s first Gemino Ball game against Delia the next day. However, he had plenty of support from Meadow, who gave him a glass of water for his room as well as a handful of chocolates.
When Lewis came to his room and set down the water and chocolates, he saw Minerva tapping on his window with a letter in a blank envelope in her mouth. He opened the window and Minerva gave him the letter before snuggling against his arm. She knew that he was going through a hard time. While stroking her feathers, Lewis opened the letter.
“Get well soon.”
The letter did not have a return address and wasn’t signed.
The next morning, Lewis jumped fr
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The Four Champions Chapter 10
Chapter 10
The Stallion
Rudy Richards
Rudy handed in his homework and took his usual spot away from Lewis in History of Magic. Usually he sat alone, but today a girl from Moine joined him. She had chocolate brown skin and black hair that was tied in different braids. She gazed at him with wide nervous eyes.
“C-can I join you?” she asked.
“Sure… um I’m sorry. What’s your name?”
The girl looked hurt by his comment. “Magdalene.”
“Yes, sorry. Nice to meet you.”  Rudy said.
“Well my friends call me Meadow, so you can call me Meadow… or whatever you want. I don’t care.” Embarrassed, she bowed her head for a quick moment, then reached into her bag and dropped a piece of chocolate on the desk in front of Rudy. “Here, Lewis said that you like chocolate.”
Confused, Rudy accepted the chocolate and dropped it into his pocket. “You know Lewis?”
“Yeah, he’s in my house.
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The Four Champions Chapter 9
Chapter 9
The Struggle of the Unhappy Bride
Claire Richards
Claire and the rest of her classmates were instructed to order a second Defense Against the Dark Arts book from Souterrain. About a week after Abrielle and Jake left the Hospital Hut, the owls started to arrive to the valley in a large feathery cloud.
At breakfast, Claire looked over the book. It was a book called Prongs and it was written in the mid 90’s shortly after the Battle of Hogwarts in Scotland. It was a small book, small enough to fit in Claire’s robe pocket alongside her wand, but the writing was small as well. The content contained extremely advanced spells used in the Battle of Hogwarts, including the defensive spells used to cover Hogwarts in a protective dome.
Claire skeptically flipped through the pages and gazed around at the other L’Ourses and saw that nearly all of them had the same book with them.
The third year L'Ours had Defense Against the Dark Arts with the Moines and Jennifer took her
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The Four Champions Chapter 8
Chapter 8
The Unhappy Terror
Abrielle Richards
Abrielle folded her Astrid robe and set it onto her the end of her bed. She stared at the green and blue chord and longed to be in L’Ours with Claire. Sighing, she draped it around her right shoulder and packed her books along with a change of clothes. Her first class was flying lessons with the first years L’Ours. The night before, she asked a sixth year about the flying lessons and she recommended wearing clothes that she didn’t mind getting dirty, so she wore a light blue t-shirt and shorts.
She came into the room to find Jake eating cereal at the table. She gave him a sour expression as she snatched a piece of toast and made her way to the living room.
“Hey Richards,” called Jake. “I bet you’re excited for flying lessons so then you can get into a tree without climbing. That way you can live in the trees where you belong.”
Many nearby Astrids gave him disapproving looks, but Abrielle was
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The Four Champions Chapter 7
Chapter 7
The History of the Beloved
Rudy Richards
Rudy draped his purple and gold chord about his shoulders and gazed at himself in the mirror. A copy of Susan stared back at him. He was dressed in nice jeans and a black t-shirt, with her necklace resting on his chest. He left his Delia robe draped on his desk chair, doubting that he would need it. It was a hot outside and he was nervous about his first day. A bead of sweat was already starting to work its way down the back of Rudy’s neck.
He clumsily stumbled down the stairs to the living room where several Delia’s were eating breakfast and watching the news. One of them was a tall girl with long brown hair, who glared menacingly at him, before turning her head back to the television.
“Hi there, Rudy.” said a nearby Delia whom Rudy didn’t know. “Do you want some breakfast? We have some oatmeal cooking on the stove.”
Rudy, who had a knot starting to form in his stomach from the moment he woke
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The Four Champions Chapter 6
Chapter 6
The Unexpected Sortings
Claire Richards
Claire had her new Nimbus 2001 sent to her trunk upstairs and she fell asleep late that night. Her opened window welcomed the sound of Souterrain slowly becoming quieter. Soon, the wooden interior of her room turned into the round Great Hall at Newberry. Happiness swelled in her belly as she gazed around the Great Hall, with its windows doming over the heads of the students and the floating candles against the night sky. The colored floor divided the huge hall into quarters, with L’Ours having the marron quarter, Astrid having the green quarter, Moine having the orange quarter, and Delia having the purple quarter. The teacher’s table circled around the perimeter of the room.
She happily joined her fellow L’Ours at the third year table and soon they all talked excitedly. She looked over to the first year table and saw the triad all sitting there happily eating. Claire could not help but laugh. Each of her siblings faced
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The Four Champions Chapter 5
Chapter 5
Tunnel to A Wondrous World
Lewis Richards
Lewis fell back asleep as soon as he sat down in his seat. He didn’t remember the plane taking off, and didn’t feel it land. Rudy’s hand only shook him awake.
“Lewis, wake up. We’re in Denver.” Rudy whispered. However, it took the people near the front of the plane to get their bags together, so Lewis fell asleep again, only to be woken up several minutes later by a sharp poke in the stomach by Rudy.
Claire led the triad off the plane with Abrielle clinging to her jacket. Normally, Lewis and Rudy would make fun of her for being so scared but he and Rudy protectively walked on either side of her.
The airport was huge. Lewis saw a long hall of gates and restaurants. It was far more spacious here than it was in Atlanta. Claire led them across the hall to an elevator.
“Thank God, we have one to ourselves. Last year it took forever to get an empty elevator.” Claire grumbled, looking over the
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The Four Champions Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Flight with the Owls
Abrielle Richards
Every time the thought of Newberry crossed Abrielle’s mind she felt like her heart could just jump right out of her chest. Everything was going to change for her. In Portland, she was always bullied by the bigger and taller boys in her school and Lewis and Rudy didn’t do anything about it. It was Claire that had to fend them away from her, and Claire wasn’t always around, especially when she started going to Newberry two years ago. Now she was going to meet new people, have the chance to start over, and Claire will be there.
Abrielle spent her last day in Portland wondering around the neighborhood she grew up in.
She scooped up a stick from the ground and trailed it on a fence. She gazed at the bright colored houses and the various views of the bay, when she heard familiar voices. She gazed up and saw two boys and a girl coming in her direction. She recognized them as her old classmates, Jake, Silvia, and Chad. Abrielle
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The Four Champions Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Rudy’s Vow
Rudy Richards
Rudy followed Claire out of Lewis’s room into the dark gloom of her own. Claire stood staring out her window that still contained owl feathers on the still and brushed her fingers on the frame of a picture of a beautiful girl with dark brown hair cut into a pixie cut and glasses over her dark brown eyes.
“When you get to Newberry, people are going to know exactly who you are. You resemble her the most.” Claire muttered.
Rudy stared at the picture. It was true. He remembered when Susan had cut her hair short before entering her fourth year they looked almost exactly alike (beside Susan’s glasses). Claire would look like her to, but her hair was thick and wavy that reached her shoulders. Not only that, Rudy was the closest to Susan than the rest of his siblings. She was always gentle towards him and was always there for him to keep him out of trouble. Rudy even remembered Susan taking the blame when Rudy accidently broke hi
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I love writing. When I read something that is so captivating and thrilling, I never want to stop reading until I know what happens and it's the same way when I write fiction. I don't know what's going to happen when the story comes forward, so I keep writing until I figure it out for myself. This, in particular, is very exciting. Making an "American Hogwarts" is so much fun. Everything is new and different. It's in America! There are different houses! It's in modern times! I made a wizard airport security guard (I know... freaking airport security, but still)! There are new characters and new relationships! I'm even getting ideas for a Quiddich/Baseball game (there will still be Quiddich, don't worry). 
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