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Fugue State is a premium jcink, NO WC, sandbox supernatural site set in modern day San Francisco, California.  This has been a labor or love undertaken and setup by myself and two other friends over the course of about 2 weeks, now almost a month old and we're flourishing.  We’re an extremely laid back, welcoming and all inclusive community. Our limitations and plot are extremely minimal and with 20+ species & subspecies to choose from (with more on the way) there should be something for everyone!

Our main focus is supernatural though our plot is background noise to allow the players and characters to drive their own stories (think RL crossed with SPN~). We will have some plot pushing events, hopefully over the summer when people are a little less encumbered with work/school/etc, but even those will all be extremely minimal.

On a personal note I have a bunch of want ads that I'd love to see filled so pls, come take them so I can lavish you in love and trashy words~~~


There was no grand ta da! No sudden realization that your neighbors could conjure fire or had fleas and transformed at the whim of the moon. This world has never been anything other than what it is now, a free-for-all, a melting pot of species and people that have always been predisposed to magic. It's not a sleepy little town, we're not tucked away in the mountains somewhere and the people are no more welcoming than they are nosy. 

This is a the sprawling city of San Francisco, the city by the bay.Our city. A financial testament built around the import and export of goods and a naval hub that has a vast and rich history. A city foreshadowed by a prison that's 'not been used since forever' (a lie, to be sure) and a giant golden gate that's no more gold than it's supported solely on the hopes and dreams of your fellow man. This is the real world and we are its real people, a real and vast people that conjure and transform and hex.

We are the clarity on the other side of the dream fog.

We are real and this is the story of our endurance, every gritty terrible day of it.


We'd always been a diverse group even before the fae portal showed up some three centuries ago in what we’d later name The Golden Gate park, a preservation of both it and the old San Francisco we struggle to remember through the fog. Shifter, skinwalker and witch alike, all living in relative harmony on this little peninsula we’ve long since called home. The history books will likely tell you it was some trio of simple men that built the great bridge that readily connects us to the outside world, that our bay is home to only military vessels, or that the prison some miles out in those turbulent waters is some rundown thing that has long since been closed to the public, certainly not being used. This is no more true than it would be to say that the man living next door that hoards silver plated candlesticks isn’t a dragon, or that the doctor that stitched your arm back together wasn’t a witch.

We can't really be fussed over these long passed little things, but what came fifteen years ago was anything but little. 

It presented itself before this, its presence small enough that it wasn’t even noticed, some nondescript second hand shop tucked away in Soma that people entered but never exited. Some years later this shop and its amusingly obvious name -Purgatory - would give host to something none of us really expected. They’d come as great cracks in our capitol building, one along the marble floor, and out across the ceiling, something that could have easily been blamed on an earthquake... if we’d even had one when they arrived.

Heaven and Hell.

Their proximity to this city has always been joked about by those from the outside as they watched our pride marches or commented on the almost ethereal fog that never ceases to coat our city, but this was something tangible and very much real for us all. With the entrance of these heavily guarded portals would come the slow burning irritation of the fae, a long since settled species, and the top of the veritable food chain. No longer a truth.

Our days haven’t changed all that much, not really anyway. We still struggle to get by and falter in our ability to create meaningful relationships with one another, but now, with the thought of the end portals so close at hand, some of our deeper and darker selves walk a little more uneasily than they did before. The shadows in the alleyways now have to look over their own shoulders, and judge friend or foe a bit more carefully. Why they’re even here or why they came at all is beyond most of us and likely none of our business either way.


Mortal: Human & Witch
Sempiternal: Skinwalker & Shifter (almost any animal that's human sized-ish)
Immortal: Vampire & Fae (centaur, merfolk & siren, phoenix, salamander, selkie, unicorn, wendigo [more to come!])
Eternal: Angel, Demon & Ghost

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