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Graffiti Warrior of Courage - WarGreymon SHIRT

Teefury featured this design on their anime collection. It ran from the 17th of April to the 24th 2016, however you can still find it HERE
it's just no longer discounted.

I hope you like it, I freaking love Digimon if you already didn't notice. It was such a huge part of my childhood ^^ Pokemon was as well of course, I wasn't one of those "CHOOSE ONLY ONE THING TO LOVE SARAH" kind of children :3
Angewomon drawing here :)…

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Need it on a shirt? On a different website perhaps?I GOT YOU COVERED:
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wargraymon was freaking awesome :la:
his design was just so cool for a season 1 digimon, he was like the oath keeper and oblivion (Kingdom Hearts Keyblades that stand out for how cool they are) of digimon :D
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RIGHT?? :3 I adore his design, he's extremely memorable ^^
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glad you agree! :la:
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Absolutely adore this and your Angewoman one. They have some incredible, dramatic presence. And I'm especially fond of the choice to color spot them. Any chance you'll make the other original partners?
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Thank you!! :3 Of course, on my list! ^^
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You're most welcome! And huzzah!
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Super cool! Well done! n.n
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Thank you very much! ^w^
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Not bad at all and congrats on having it on a shirt, too
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Awesome :)
He was my favourite back then :iconfavbomb-plz:
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This is pretty epic in a way. I could maybe imagine this as a poster for a Digimon con.
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Thank you very much!!  ^^ ooh maybe one day I can get a printer that can make really good high quality posters ^w^
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So so so awesome!
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Well... :I This is quite marvelous! I kinda find it funny though, when i look at the artstyle jump. 
One second you're this [ PokeAmino LeafGreen Nuzlocke - Route 1 Encounter ] and the next second you're this. Again, magnificent!
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This comment made me grin a lot :) Thank you!! ^w^ I really try to diversify my style a little bit :) or at least try new things :D I do have a consistent style for cartoony things a lot, I love drawing them ^^
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