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Here's a Drampa doodle, what an interesting and whimsical dragon! Reminds me of Dunsparce for some reason although I don't think he will be an evolution. What do you think of this strange normal dragon? 

Previous drawing: Togedemaru

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What you use to make this?
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Did you draw it first?
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He Looks Like A Fusion Between A Dog And A Dragon. Perhaps Maybe A Luck Dragon.
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ooohh my fav pokemon from alola region!

maybe because a dragon type. And exeggutor,
they are awesome <3
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I love him and I want to be his friend
also your style is super cool!!
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:3 He seems so cute and friendly! ^^
And thank youu! 
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I'm really really excited for this pokemon! He's so cute! Blue Heart Icon Good work!
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THANK YOU! There's leaks out there suggesting Drampa's pre-evolution is called Drakid, a kid dragon ^^ That would be amazing if it's true. Not confirmed though 
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That would be awesome :D (Big Grin)  I've been liking pretty much every pokemon they've announced thus far
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I'm with you there, I really like them all ^^
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Thank youuu!! ^^
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I love the way you drew his mouth, it looks really cute /// 
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Thank you very much! ^^
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Drampa is my favourite pokemon among all the new ones, and this drawing is beautyful, great work!
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He looks better when you draw it than in the game. ;)
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Awesome! I love the colors and shading you used, very calming!
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Yeah Grandpa dragon

I love it dude
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