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February 26, 2021
Birb Ross by SarahRichford
Featured by Astralseed
Suggested by AbsborTheCat
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Birb Ross


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You do not have permission to sell, modify and redistribute this artwork. Please do not repost to other websites! Instagram allowed if you tag and credit me on there @ techranova

:3 Silly idea I just could not resist to do! I seriously enjoyed putting Bob Ross on in the background when there was the Twitch streams going on a few years back and you look away for one sec and you look back and Bob's painted a masterpiece.

Please support my art if you can by liking, retweeting, reblogging or sharing the art :3
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NhymnSymphony's avatar

Yep I see happy roseatia!

Peepeepoopooman120's avatar

I godamn love this damn thing

joseph337's avatar


gend himself

ShadowBlackheartArt's avatar
ThatCrazyMarionette's avatar

Bob my man! He was a legend !

pepasm's avatar

thats a good birb you got right there

Aurora-Silver's avatar

I saw this on Qwertee - has it been stolen?

SarahRichford's avatar

I submitted this to Qwertee! :) It's not been stolen!

I saw someone had put it the art on a notebook on Amazon today :(

What a cute reincarnated form for Bob Ross or in this case birb Ross, at least he can still be a good painter with a cute self portrait.

tascheart's avatar
This is adorable!
MiraiLuv's avatar
VanillaDuckling's avatar

its cheeks are so 'rossy' . pun intended

aurora-cs's avatar

Love this! So cute!

cajobif's avatar

It's that or an Happy Tree painting Bob.

LiquidFrogStudios's avatar

What a talented bird!

I've never seen a self portrait by Birb Ross. I like the paint splashes all over the place. Shows the hard work birds deliver in art.

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

What an adorable artist 😊

KaramelKameleon's avatar

Ahh he was such a legendary ;P

AdmiralRimmer's avatar

Absolutely charming!

LucasHikaru's avatar
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