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((This is just a placeholder journal entry of sorts about me, my comic and other things so I can have a journal entry for the main page when I'm not posting much. My regular watchers can just ignore this if you want.))

Hello! If you don't know crap about me, then here's a bit of info:
I'm SarahN, webcomic artist that's getting freakin' old and specializes in the dark and creepy most of the time. My current project is DANIEL, a vampire comic of the scary kind. I upload the comic pages here, albeit a page behind, though it also has it's own site and a few other mirrors. Other than that I also post the occasional random art and do a lot of browsing and commenting when I can.

Plot summary of DANIEL:
Set during the 1930s, it follows the tale of Daniel Groth, a down-on-his-luck but good spirited gravedigger who simply disappears one day without a trace, leaving behind his best and only friend, Christine, of whom he was secretly in love with. He returns months later to Christine's house...very much changed. Now a horrifying creature of the night, Daniel's true personality is fading away, leaving only his unquenchable desire for blood.

You can also support DANIEL through it's Patreon and get early access to new pages, behind the scenes stuff, short stories about Daniel's past or time as a vampire, and other goodies! You'd also have my undying love. XP

The Patreon:…

You can also find Daniel at these mirrors -
Tapastic || Smackjeeves || Comic Rocket

Or random stuff from me at Twitter and Tumblr.


Mini FAQ!
  • Do you take requests or do art trades?
  • Nope, sorry.

  • Do you do commissions?
  • No, though that might change one day when I'm feeling a bit more confident about taking on extra work. When I do, I'll let ya'll know.

  • Do you still update Vampire Phantasm or Cwen's Quest?
  • Sorry, no. Daniel is my main baby right now.

  • Where can I read all of the versions of Vampire Phantasm?
  • I made a collection of all of the comics and as much art as I could find and put them into a zip file -DOWNLOAD THE VAMPIRE PHANTASM COLLECTION HERE!
  • Can I adopt Vampire Phantasm from you?
  • NO. Still mine. I might want to use the characters for something one day. Or maybe not, but still mine. No touchies.

  • Do you take Daniel fanart or fanfiction?
  • You don't even have to ask me this. I always love fanart/fiction for Daniel and post them all at the main site (so if you don't want me to, let me know). :excited: Uploading your art to Deviantart or somewhere else makes it easier for me if you feel like it, but it's not mandatory.

  • Do you still take Vampire Phantasm fanart or fanfiction?
  • I love fanart/fiction of all of my work. I wouldn't post this on any sites, but if you're dying to, I'm absolutely cool with it.

  • Will you publish Daniel?
  • I plan to try to sometime. Once again, I'll let you all know when I have news about this.


Contacting Me

If you need to get in touch with me or just want to say hi, but don't want to use DA Notes, here is my e-mail address –
vermillionworks (a) gmail dot com

Just change the (a) to @ and the dot to . and get rid of the spaces.
(Didn’t post it like normal for the sake of avoiding spam, sorry.)

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Yesterday, I got the urge to throw every version of Vampire Phantasm (including Excrucio) I've ever made into a .ZIP file collection. It also has arts I've made for it over the years (that I managed to find).

Yes, this even includes version 1 of Vampire Phantasm that is BEYOND UGLY with Jack and Jill both having purple hair, not to mention the drawings and writing are just atrocious. So yes, take a trip down my embarrassing memory lane, or just have all the comics on hand if you want to go back and look at them whenever you wish. :) The download is totally free to all.

The only thing I didn't include was animations, fan works, and contest entries (save for some drawn rewards I made for people who entered contests).

For the fan works/contest works...while they were allowed to be shown on the site in the first place, I'm not sure I should go and zip up a ton of art that isn't mine for download without all of the artists' permissions, and I'm thinking that would be very time consuming and impossible to try and get all those permissions. =/ I'll still be keeping them on hand though, just in case....and so I can keep admiring their awesomeness personally. :)

And the past animations I've made for VP are unfortunately all either corrupted or lost, but they can still be seen on my Youtube page.

I made this collection so people can still have the VP comics, but also because I'm probably going to pull the VP site off of my domain eventually for extra space. I may also remove a lot of it from DA....though I may still at least leave up a couple of newer arts I made for it and the Excrucio comic...

To newcomers who may have come to my DA to read Vampire Phantasm and are curious about it - You should know that it is no longer updated. I dropped it a while ago and when I lost my inspiration for it.

However, this doesn't mean (nor does the free collection imply) that the comic is now up for grabs. The characters and world still belong to me, and I'm not looking to give it to someone else in case I end up wanting to use the base character designs for another project or even make a new written story one day if I get the urge. So yeah, still mine, can't call dibs. XP

While I really do still appreciate love for Vampire Phantasm, please please give my new vampire comic DANIEL a chance while you're looking at my stuff! Even if stories set in the '30s isn't usually your thing, it still may surprise you.
And don't forget to check out the DANIEL Patreon, or vote on the poll for better Patreon rewards!

Thank you all for checking out my work, nonetheless. :iconcameraglompplz:
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For anyone interested in slightly quicker updates, the possibility of seeing a fifth (as opposed to four) Daniel page some months, behind the scenes stuff, consider taking a look at my new Patreon page:…

Unfortunately my arm injury troubles kind of screwed up my original plans for this. I wanted to offer WAY more page updates and other art-related things in the $10 and above slots, but at the moment I don't feel confident enough about putting all that extra work on myself; I want to be able to deliver what I offer. I'd like to think this will change eventually, but for now this will have to do.

EDITED THE PATREON: Screw it. I moved the "Goodies" reward in the Patreon (now renamed "The Feed") which contains behind the scenes stuff and artwork to the $2 spot, so you can get more for even less. I wanted to put that in there originally anyway, but thought it helped fill out the $5 spot more. :XD: EXCEPT I removed "written stories" out of the description. If I offer those I may want to keep that in the $5 spot...but until I actually have some written stories on hand and judge their quality, I'm not even going to put it in yet.

If you can't be a patron, spreading the word is also VERY much appreciated!
Either way, thank you everyone for sticking around and reading. :)

DANIEL comic!
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The Daniel site's back up with a new look and the new comic page!…
Told ya it was movin' fast. ;)
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For those perhaps looking into getting a Cintiq 13HD sometime, here's my review of it after using it for over a month now.

First off, while us Intuos-users do get adjusted to that "disembodied ghost" feeling, nothing compares to seeing the lines you draw ala drawing on paper, and if you're very near-sighted like I am, it's especially helpful to not have to think about eye strain so much by being far back from the screen. So on whether I prefer the ghost feeling of the Intuos or the pen-to-screen of the Cintiq, there's no question: Cintiq wins. It works pretty smoothly and they give you some handy keys on the side (much like an Intuos) so you don't have to think about using the keyboard quite as much, unless you want to.

Also, this has nothing to do with the Cintiq itself per say, but it is also nice to have the option to use a ruler on the screen for those stubborn lines you want straight but not LINE TOOL straight, or for quicker backgrounds, though I plan to get an anti-glare screen protector so I can use the ruler more often with less fear of destroying the screen by scratching it up.

Now onto the cons. The biggest thing is that, for me at least, this thing can be kind of glitchy at times. Particularly the calibration (the pen/mouse on screen alignment) has given me the most frustration. Often times the mouse won't be quite aligned with the pen tip. It seems to be best to go by the pen and not pay attention so much to the mouse point, but that's kind of easier said than done. Either way, doing simple things like connecting a disconnected line can be very difficult at times.

Sometimes it'll also just go way too out of alignment at random (just slightly or WAY off, depending on the glitch) leaving me the annoyance of having to recalibrate in the middle of drawing. Luckily, this seems to happen WAAYY less often after I downloaded a more recent driver for the Cintiq, and this glitch seems to happen more often with my early version of MangaStudio than it does with Photoshop, but for artists that rely on super precision, I could definitely see these as being HUGE issues.

Now, let's talk about how it accommodates left-handed artists like me. Lefties needn't worry too much as it does have a left-handed feature that lets you flip the screen so your ExpressKeys are on the right side (while you draw with your left hand), and then you change the monitor settings so the Cintiq screen is flipped...but forget about having mirrored screens, if you mirror them and flip the screens, your regular monitor will be flipped, too! This at first kind of ticked me off as I thought I wanted to use mirror screens, but now I just use the extended display and just have my art programs appear on the Cintiq (after I drag them over to it).

I realise now that most people use this method anyway, and I can see this being more convenient in the long run than having them mirrored actually, though I still think Cintiq could've given lefties a setting so they could at least use mirrored screens if they wanted to.

The screen also likes to flicker as I'm working, once again this is nothing I can't ignore, but still kind of weird. I remember reading once that this might be related to the cord. As long as this isn't a sign of the Cintiq dying very soon, I don't care.

Oh yeah, and the stand is a piece of crap, or at least mine is. People I've seen in videos setting up the Cintiq on the stand seem to have a very easy time with them and I'm like, "WHAA-??" Mine is VERY hard to connect it to the Cintiq and, unfortunately, it likes to slip off it a lot if you're moving it around too much. >_>

So to sum it up, there are some problems but they aren't bad enough to bother me really, it's still far easier than the Intuos and while it certainly won't solve my neck strain problem it HAS solved my eye strain problem, so it's very good and more convenient for me.

...but some of you artists may definitely see the problems that are small to me as very big problems to you! Or it may not bother you at all. All depends on how you work, really. Definitely research these things a lot before you buy them though.
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Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, I deleted all except one journal in my journal history. I got the sudden urge to go through them all because ever since Deviantart made journals searchable, I've been getting comments on VERY old entries with old opinions and commentary that aren't important to me anymore. Seriously though Deviantart, would a "Delete All Journals" button be such an inconceivable idea? But anyway, I'm going to try and keep my journals clear of clutter from now on.

Even though it was tedious (though not as horribly painful as expected), it was actually an interesting look back in time. The journals spanned all the way back to 2004...I even saw a post about having braces removed. DUDE.

In the early days, I did a lot of movie reviewing and a lot of sharing of every detail of my work with you guys. No, seriously, EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. I abused this thing. A while after that, I went into a lot of rants about my comic work, mainly Vampire Phantasm (surprise, surprise). I remember after getting some angry and abusive comments I did start to become more choosy about what I posted or how many times I asked readers for opinions. I also only reviewed movies and games when I felt I had something worth typing out, I rarely do them nowadays.

I also had contests way too often because I was obsessed with guest art.
Hmmm....contests...guest art.... :plotting:

Anyway, if there's one regret I have is it's that I wasted a LOT of time being frustrated with Vampire Phantasm and not taking a step back sooner to see that I had other options. I mean, there will always be a place in my heart for it as it was my first REAL webcomic, but I feel I did limit myself for a long time because I was so damn clingy to those characters and to that comfort zone.

BUT c'est la vie. I still learned a lot from it and have a certain amount of pride for the morbid gore-fest that is VPX. I would still like to at least give the hopeful fans of Vampire Phantasm the juicy details they never saw one day, but that would definitely be a project by itself I'd have to dedicate a couple of days to, text only or not. Perhaps sometime...but unless I get a sudden burst of inspiration and ideas for the story, I'm starting to doubt I'll ever continue VP. The most I ever see doing is taking the base designs of the characters and using them for something else.

Thanks to all those who were willing to read my rantings, reviews, and inane commentary over the years...and to those who humored me when I obsessed over small details. You had an infinite amount of patience and are just awesome for sticking around. =P And of course, thanks to the readers of VP, I apologize for not giving you guys proper closure on that story, but I do appreciate you joining me for the ride nonetheless and hope you will give my other works a chance.

Oh by the way, the one journal I left alone was "A Ridiculously Detailed Profile On Daniel Groth" because it still actually has some good information about our Danny boy. Though I accidently spazz-deleted one other entry that I was planning to leave that just had a few random facts about myself...oh well.
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EDIT: Very sorry this submitted three times. Don't get Deviantart lately. .__. I only edited the entry, I don't know why it decided to resubmit it.

First off this, profile template is by :iconkaishos: ....I think. Kinda forgot where I found it.

Behold, A Ridiculously Detailed Profile on (human) Daniel Groth.

Character Description
Daniel is the main character of my comic of the same name...HOWEVER...
This profile is all about HUMAN Daniel, the guy we have been seeing in the comic so keep the whole vampirism thing out of your mind for today.
Though it will be brought up a little bit in the comic, the angsty emo fest that is Daniel's past life is not a main focus of the comic. (If it were, I would've drop the idea a long time ago. XD) So you get a decent amount of back story here...some that is bound to lift your spirits. =/ Enjoy!

General Information

First name: Daniel
Middle name(s): Johannes (pronounced YO-HAN-NES)
Surname: Groth
Age: 27
Date of birth: 1907
Race: Human (at the moment)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Current residence: Oak Parkland, IL (doesn't exist, but based on a real place)
Relationship status: Single...but he's trying to change that.
Social status: Unfortunate scum of society!

Traits of Voice

Accent (if any): American
Language spoken: English
Other languages known: None.
Style of speaking: Soft-spoken, polite, farely articulate, tends to stutter when he's nervous.
Volume of voice: Medium?

Physical Appearence

Height: 5'6
Weight: 127 lbs
Eye colour: One brown, one hazel.
Skin colour: White
Shape of face: Roundish.
Distinguishing features: Heterochromia, droopy eyes.
Build of body: Lean
Hair colour: Soft Black
Hair style: Rather shaggy, short hair with parted bangs.
Complexion: Fair
Posture: Has a bit of a hunch.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Typical clothing: 1930's clothing. At first he seems to like sweatervests and boyish hats. Later, he changes to the more common attire for men with fedoras and regular suits. He is also fond of pinstripes, black, and neutral colors.
Is seen by others as: Geeky, odd, and meek...rather self destructive with the drinking.


Likes: Christine, drama and suspense stories, music, unusual plants, the Occult, relaxing games (so no Charades or party games for him), sweets.
Dislikes: Obnoxious and loud people, large crowds, confrontation, being referred to as inferior or low, hospitals, spicy food, manual labor (which unfortunately he tends to have to do a lot of).
Education: Started working instead of graduating.
Fears: Losing Christine in any way, becoming homeless (again).
Personal goals: Try to be normal, be with Christine.
General attitude: Daniel is a quiet and shy man that keeps to himself, but is generally kind to all those around him, even when they're being rude. In fact, he can be a bit of a door matt and isn't one to defend himself when insults are being dropped, he does have his limits though. He also has a good sense of humor and can even be something of a smart ass.
Religious values: Protestant
General intelligence: Above average.
General sociability: He's not a people person at all, but loosens up around people he likes.


Illnesses (if any): None.
Allergies (if any): Pomade, peanuts.
Sleeping habits: Light sleeper.
Energy level: Varies.
Eating habits: Usually eats two normal-sized meals a day.
Memory: Aside from the alchohol-induced blurry spots...quite good, thank you!
Any unhealthy habits: Smoking, recovering alchoholic, may sometimes skip meals to save money.


Birth country: America
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Childhood: His father was a German that moved to America, where he met Daniel's mother. Daniel's birth was something of an accident. Though the two married as a result...Karl (Daniel's father) later decided he didn't want married life and left not long after Daniel was born. Maria, Daniel's mother, later died from pneumonia when Daniel was still a boy, depressing eh? As a result, he ends up in an orphanage.

Teen years: Still living it up in the orphanage, but leaves in his late teens.

Adult years: In his early 20's, Daniel ends up in a terrible rut. He takes up drinking and only works to keep up the habit, really....though eventually he does lose his job due to his alchohol abuse...and not long after, his home. Eventually he can not even get food much less keep up his habit, and almost dies on the streets of Chicago, starving and suffering from withdrawals, but Christine ends up finding him and saving his life; taking him into her household so he can recover. She basically becomes his only true friend. He hence never touches a drink again because of her.

He also makes friendly acquaintances out of some of Christine's family members, and inadvertently an ENEMY out of Chris's off-and-on boyfriend, Wayne Gallagher. Though he had basically fallen in love with Christine from day one, he is too shy and unsure of himself to tell her so. He still has some trouble in the employment area as well. His second job, the one he keeps the longest, was at a factory in Chicago, but he was later layed off. He then got a new job as a Gravedigger in Oak Parkland, Christine's hometown right next to Chicago.

Briefly explain life story: Life is kinda crappy, except Christine, she's awesome.

Past places of residence: Chicago

History of family: ....all the info I want to give about his family is under 'Childhood'. XP


Parents: Karl and Maria Groth
Siblings: None
Any enemies (and why): Wayne Gallagher, because he likes the same lady as him and because he's a jerk.
Children: None
Friends: Christine, Francie, Molly, Leonard.
Best friend(s): Christine.
Important friends/relatives (explain): Nope.
Love interest (if there is one): Christine. Yes. He's very, very interested.


Peaceful or violent: Peaceful. He hates confrontation and can come off a bit cowardly when it occurs. Would gladly take a bullet for Christine though.
Weapon (if applicable): His girlish scream.
Style of fighting: The Flailing Man


Occupation: Gravedigger
Current home: Apartment in Apartment Land.
Favourite types of food: Beef stew.
Favourite types of drink: Whiskey, warm milk.
Hobbies/past times: Reading, Checkers, listening to music and the radio, collecting weird things like lobby cards and posters, tossing cards in a hat.
Guilty pleasures: Lazing about, looking at magazines with questionable photos of ladies.
Pet peeves: Finger and foot tapping, loud talkers.
Pets: None.
Talents: ....can dig a mean hole?
Favourite colours: Midnight blue.
Favourite type of music: Big band, Swing and Classical. Very fond of Gracie Fields, Al Bowlly, Tchaikovsky, and the opera singer Rosa Ponselle.

Be sure and check out "Daniel" here:

P.S. Sometimes I feel "Hobbies/past times" can be far too similar to "Likes".
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