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The Tower

By SarahMiele
In a bust gone wrong, Egon attempts to rescue a little girl, but both end up in peril, with only Winston to save them.
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WayWardWanderer-KT's avatar
Oh will the work of a Ghostbuster never end?  I hope not!  :D  Good to know Winston is always there to watch out for his friends!
Nyaasu's avatar
This is anxiety-inducing!!! xD You did a great job. They all look perfect, and I can definitely feel the "peril" here. 
GBMelendez23k's avatar
This is beautiful, I love it 
llovesrarity's avatar
Nice!! And heroic. Always good to have Z around. BTW, 'Z' is my nickname for Winston. And I always knew my favorite Ghostbuster was heroic. A knight in a shining jumpsuit with a proton pack for a sword.
i-dan's avatar
"Z" as a nickname for Winston is canon! Ray calls him that!
llovesrarity's avatar
Really? Well, it’s a good nickname for him.
i-dan's avatar
I think he called Winston "Z" in Gb2... during the "The holidays are our best season" scene.
llovesrarity's avatar
Oh, I don’t really watch that scene much cause the “ungrateful little yuppie larvae” part. If I was there, I would’ve turned on my proton pack and threatened to give them a lesson on how to respect an adult with an unlicensed nuclear accelerator.
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