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The First Law Trilogy Portraits

First Law Trilogy fan art. Just started Before They Are Hanged. Glokta is quite possibly my favorite fictional character of all time.

From Top Left To Right:

Collem West
Jezal Dan Luthar
Ardee West
Practical Severard
Sand Dan Glokta
Practical Frost
Ferro Maljinn
Logen Ninefingers
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First of all, the person who commented before me is a total asshole. Don't listen to what they say.
Alright I'd just like to tell you that you're really spot on with these depictions. I'm saying that objectively rather than just as an opinion. Like, it really shows that you've paid attention to how they were described in the books. I like Ferro the best here. She looks a lot more vicious than I'd managed to imagine her. xD

Although, I would like to point out that Severard is the only inaccurate character here. I know because for some reason I really liked him, so I paid attention to the descriptions. xD He's supposed to have lank black hair, and apparently he's quite young, like, really young. He's no more than a boy when he takes his mask off. This has been observed by both Ferro and Glokta. ^^
SarahLynnReynolds's avatar
Hahah, thanks for the support! I didn't take it too personally, you have to have a pretty bad life if you go around commenting that sort of thing so it didn't bother me too much. And thanks! Glad you liked them, one of my favorite parts about reading novels is envisioning the characters. Sorry about the slip up with severard! Not sure why I thought he had light hair, but again thanks for the kind words!
Holy shit, these are professionaly bad. You are ruining the book experience by risking people associating these horrible abortions to the wonderful characters created by Abercrombie...
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Wow, this is superb!
This is quite similar to how I imagined them. I'm halfway through The Blade Itself and loving it! Amazing job!
SarahLynnReynolds's avatar
Thank you! I tried to make it as accurate to the descriptions as possible. I'm glad you like it : 3 It's a great series.
Tahiriasin's avatar
This is just so perfect depiction of the characters. And your Glokta is the best I've seen! Mostly people draw him like an old man, but he's still young, like in his thirties. He's also quite creepy, but there's a hint of the handsome man he used to be once. Just awesome. And...did you use some reference drawing these? Becuase Bayaz totally looks like Ben Kingsley to me and somehow the image fits him.
SarahLynnReynolds's avatar
Thank you! Yeah I tried to keep all that in mind with Glokta, he's my favorite character so I paid a lot of attention to that one. I did use reference of Ben Kingsley for Bayaz because every time I read the book my mind just casts him in the role.
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Dude... your depictions of the character are spot on. Crazy props!
SarahLynnReynolds's avatar
Thanks! : 3 Glad you think so! 
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I read these awhile ago and am now rereading the first one. And I have to say that your Glokta is the best I've seen. I've seen others that are too old. Others that are too pretty. But yours is a perfect balance. He is creepy but there's still something attractive there. And his eyes are very arresting. I love the way you have done him. Awesome work. And you remembered his teeth. Love it!
SarahLynnReynolds's avatar
Thank you! It's always nice to find fans of the First Law universe. I think a lot of people forget that Glokta is actually a fairly young dude, (I think he was in his 30s, right?) and while he was pretty messed up, I kind of imagine a lot of the emphasis on his haggard appearance comes more from his own perspective/insecurities and being self aware of what he was before and how far he's fallen physically. Anyways, thanks again for the kind words! 
Michi8's avatar
Your Glokta is perfect! So many other renditions I've seen kinda buy into the whole dark torturer persona, forgetting he used to be a golden boy womanizer admired and sought after by all. I love how you can see the shadow of his old good looks, masked by the ravages of torture and neglect. Wonderful! Bayaz, Ferro and Logen are also exactly how I pictured them. That crazy demon look of Ferro, and the almost beatific, benevolent expression on Bayaz's face.... that gave me shivers. And thanks so much for drawing the oft neglected Severard and Frost! Total props for this set!
SarahLynnReynolds's avatar
Thank you so much for the kind words! That really means a lot. I'm glad you like my Glokta, a lot of people don't. I think they forget that he's really only like what 30-40 something? And like you said, while he is ravaged, he did used to be a good looking guy, so that's really what I was trying to get a balance of and so I'm glad you liked it!
Michi8's avatar
I think it was very expertly done. A lot of what makes someone appear handsome is the underlying bone structure, and what's awesome here is that if you filled in his frame you would get those classic high cheekbones, strong brow/chin, and well-shaped mouth. So the way you suggested those features, in reverse, is really effective and well done. Not to mention the eyes, which you can tell were captivating but now are penetrating, and the receding hairline of what had to be a luxurious head of hair. Finally I keep coming back to how you did his teeth, in my head that was always a grotesque effect, but the way you drew them here is just so fitting to his face and character that it might be one of my favorite parts.
SarahLynnReynolds's avatar
: 3 Thank you, again. It makes me happy when people pick up exactly what I'm going for in a piece.
elcid423's avatar
Very good, exactly how they are described in the books!
SarahLynnReynolds's avatar
Thank you! It's nice when someone thinks they're accurate, not everyone does ; 3
elcid423's avatar
That's ok, I believe you nailed it!!
persistant's avatar
I actually recognized them! This is great!
MarshallWest's avatar
I'd say that of all the portraits I've seen of them, yours is the closest to how I pictured them. Only one I'd say I pictured differently was Collem.
SarahLynnReynolds's avatar
Thank you! Yeah, I'm sure everyone has a slight different interpretation.
MarshallWest's avatar
Well of course! That's the fun of looking up fanart.
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It's really wonderful, a great picture of their characters! I approve :meow:
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