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Cleric Preston by sarahkrogers Cleric Preston by sarahkrogers
John Preston from Equilibrium! I traced over the original photograph, however all of the colouring was done by me, with liberal use of the smudge tool in Paint Shop Pro.

I have now edited the image to add a bit more life into his eyes (shoutout to Cleric Wolf on the EQ forums!), and added more vibrant colouring (more orange and purple). He has definitely moved more away from the cold Cleric Preston to a slightly warmer look, however while I prefer the colours, I am not sure if I prefer the overall piece :)
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Candytuft-Blossoms Featured By Owner May 8, 2010
Haaa, Cleric Preston! :boogie:
HenkkaArt Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Equilibrium fanart! That's way cool. The colors look pretty well done in all but I think it could use some more shade/shadows on the my-point-of-view-left part of his face. The highlights are good and they give shape for the image but a bit more shadows (perhaps sort of hard shadows with clear borders to give some more shape because Christian Bale has sort of... what's the word (I should really look the dictionary before I start to write critique because critique usually contains difficult words... darn...)? He has hard edges in his face. Hope you understand what I am trying to say. You could also use a bit more the smudge/blur too to clean a bit those shades/darker browns on his chin (the face is mostly still pretty round edges and surfaces and it gives the light a smooth look). Other than those things, he looks very much like Preston.

P.S. I have a piece still under work that also is about John Preston (the scene where Mary is being incinerated and there is nothing he can do to stop them). And I in fact use pretty much a method like yours where you sort of paint over a photograph (I'm not that good that I could start from a white canvas with no reference :) ). I first traced the 'outlines' in Photoshop with the Pen Tool so that I could use them as a lineart and guide for the picture overall.

P.P.S. Love the movie! :thumbsup:
D3moira Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
I don't know where to egin with this. The startling closeness you've created, the ammount of detail you're able to portray and the beuatifully rich tones that you've made, through painting it. I don't think I've seen that movie, but still it is a great start to your dA gallery!

devouredex Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006
awsome piece, amazing likeness, tis a great film
sarahkrogers Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006
it's the sheer awesomeness of the film that compelled me to do this - i can't get enough of it!! :)
devouredex Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006
cool :D
DoSomething Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006
All I have to say is that the background is a bit dull. Other than that, it's a fine piece, especially considering it's in PSP.
sarahkrogers Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2006
Wow, my first ever comment on Deviantart. I love you!

The background is dull, I do agree. My mind goes utterly blank when it comes to thinking up something for backgrounds. Other points I'm not particularly pleased about are how dead looking the eyes have come out, and that I didn't have more opportunities to use purple! :)

Thanks a ton for stopping by, really appreciate it :)
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April 8, 2006
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