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The Herald's Mabari
"Paperwork..." Dawn Trevelyan sighed. "How much paperwork must the Herald of Andraste go over for a pack of bloody mabaris that were, in fact, gifted to us from King Alistair?"
She glanced pensively through a window in Josephine's office, as the ambassador helped her with the paper. Josephine frowned slightly. "Inquisitor," she chided, "this paperwork covers more than just the dogs. It covers trainers, kennels for Skyhold, several hundred pounds of dog food shipments, and more than a few boxes of mabari crunch."
"I know, but..." Dawn rolled her eyes, rolling a lock of her long, dark brown hair in a free hand, twirling a quill in her other hand as she returned her gaze to the paper. "I had no idea getting dogs for the Inquisition could be so much work."
Josephine looked up from her papers and smiled briefly at the Inquisitor. "Look on the bright side. Once this work is done, and the kennels are properly set up-- you said you liked dogs once, didn't you? You'll get to go pl
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Alternate Start, chp. 1
The camera flashed and beeped as Danny stood awkwardly in front of the defunct portal, grasping a white and black jumpsuit. His eyes were half-closed and bored, slightly frowning. "Alright, Sam, are you done?" The boy eyed the stairway nervously. "My parents could be back any second. They might find out what's wrong with the portal and come back..."
"Oh, come on," Tucker said, waving him off, "what's the worst that could happen? They find us and you explain that we were fascinated by what's down here? You know your dad loves that sort of stuff."
"I don't think they'd hold it against us." Sam said, dropping her camera into a black bag slung over her shoulder. She slowly approached the portal, running a hand over the edge of it, looking inside at the dimly-lit technology. Wires cluttered the thing, leading the pitch-black back of the portal. She smiled, turning back to look at her friends. "A portal to another world...the realm of ghosts."
"I think you're forgetting that it does
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For Brynn
Danny awoke to barking and whining, scratching at his window. He stiffened and groaned, grasping onto his pillow, knuckles white as he desperately clung to sleep that was fleeing from him. He opened his eyes barely to take in the time-- seven in the morning. Too early for him. Seeing as his room was on the second floor, he knew there was only one dog that could fly up to his window.
"Go away, Cujo!" he howled, pulling the covers over his head. This only frustrated Cujo more, as scratching and banging at the window accompanied another whine. Danny opened his eyes a bit to see Cujo staring at him, his head and paws against the window, silhouetted by his shutters. He let out an extended howl of dismay and then a pathetic whine.. The boy groaned. 
Just a few weeks after the Disasteroid had passed, Cujo showed up at the Fentons' doorstep and refused to leave. Danny begged his parents to let him keep him, and they soon relented, as a reward for their son's work saving the world. Soon Cu
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Fentons in Traffic
The freeway was jam-packed with vehicles under an unrelenting sun in a cloudless sky, air conditioning the only refuge for the drivers. The cars crawled at a snail’s pace, and sometimes, not at all for a moment or two at a time.
The G.A.V was among them, rolling slowly forth on the road. Inside, Jazz was napping, arms crossed, and head hanging over her chest. Danny was idly texting, eyes half-closed as he stifled a yawn. Jack was driving and Maddie working a GPS system as the two bantered.
"I knew we shouldn’t have taken this freeway," Jack complained irritably, "or left earlier."
Maddie didn’t look up from the screen she was poking at. “It’s probably still the fastest route to Alicia’s, Jack.” she replied, sounding a little annoyed, “the other way is much longer and might still be crowded with traffic.
"Still. God, maybe we should’ve braved the planes again and just dropped over her house. There’s probably an accident and a b
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The Secret Trio, chp. 15
The three teenage boys with superpowers were faring, in a word, poorly. They helplessly panicked, hope ticking away like the second hand of a clock. Jake wriggled hopelessly in the Sphinx net, and Randy tried his best to squeeze through the bars of his low, tight cage. Danny was the most immobile of them all at the moment, powers disabled by the box and his arms and legs trapped.
Finally, the ghost boy let out a helpless moan and allowed his head to fall back. He closed his eyes and groaned. "It's no use. We're stuck here." he announced despairingly. Randy scowled at said companion and paused his efforts to find a gap large enough to go through.
"Don't say that yet. There's got to be a way." Randy retorted, crossing his arms. "I mean, you're a box with a head, so you're no help right now." he said with a derisive snort; Danny pulled his head back down and glared at him, which was promptly ignored. Randy turned his head to Jake, narrowing his eyes. "Why exactly is a 
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The Secret Trio, chp. 14
The journey thus far was almost completely silent. The speeder's engine had its usual low rumble, mingled with the fumbling through the bag of potions by Trixie, Spud, and Lao Shi. They worked to figure out which were necessary to bring and which to leave behind. Sam and Tucker were up front driving and navigating. Tucker seemed to be plugging his PDA into some slot in the Speeder with all sorts of cords and buttons that Howard, who was watching, did not recognize.
Howard turned his head back to the potion bag and then he withheld a sigh and used his hands to support his head, elbows leaning against his thighs. The boy had a deep-set frown, and his legs idly swung back and forth as he sat on a bench in the back of the speeder. The bench was nailed to the sides, a green seat cushion beneath his rump. His eyes locked onto the cold steel floor of the speeder. 
Feeling uncomfortable, Howard looked backed up and peered out a round side window, revealing to him the Ghost Zone in all its
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The Secret Trio, chp. 13
Howard couldn't believe what he saw. Before him was a ghost that controlled the very fabric of time itself, glowing slightly in the darkness, his tail gently flicking back and forth idly. Every couple of seconds he swapped age between a child, an adult, and an elderly man. His eyes were fixated on the awed ninth grader, patiently waiting for a response. Howard wasn't sure at all how to respond to the situation.
He rose to his feet at a slackened rate, wobbling slightly as he regained his balance. Yet unsure of what to say, a quick decision was made to wing it. His throat cleared. "You're Clockwork?" Kind of a dumb question, but the only thing he could think to say.
"Indeed. Now, come with me. We haven't got much time to lose."
Before Howard could respond, Clockwork waved his staff. He felt the floor fall out from underneath him, and he gasped, and almost screamed, even. The boy was engulfed in some sort of blue sphere with Clockwork, and was about to ask where they were going when he f
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The Secret Trio, chp. 12
Randy couldn't sleep that night. 
His eyes blankly stared up at an empty ceiling, arms hanging loosely out straight and motionless. His palms were facing down, grasping firmly at the edges of his covers. The boy's knuckles were white, and he blinked once or twice. Finally he released his grip and color returned to the white. He sighed and moved his arms and crossed them under the covers. 
He knew he should be sleeping. It was a Friday night, and no school tomorrow. The boy had the right to sleep in late and sleep peacefully. He moved over onto his side to look down off the edge of his bed, gazing at the only light in the room off of his alarm clock. 
Three in the morning. 
The boy sighed and rubbed a hand over his face. "Go to sleep," he thought to himself, "sleep is good. Everything is absolutely fine. It's all fine. Right now is time to rest. Ninjas need beauty sleep." He sighed. Randy cursed his lack of sleep. Surely Jake and Danny were sleeping lik
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The Secret Trio, chp. 11
It took no time at all once the food had arrived for multiple ravenous teenagers to begin their feast. Maddie and Jack hadn't had so much as a surprised reaction at how much they could eat. They as parents had two teenagers, and one of which was a superhero with an incredibly fast metabolism.
Danny's father looked at his son proudly as he dug into another piece of pizza. "He's growing up so fast. Danny's got the appetite of a Fenton. A regular chip off the old block." He said as he got up to reach for more food. He patted his son's back as he walked. The other teens snickered, and Danny blushed, but said nothing. 
Jake swallowed a piece of pepperoni. "Hey, thanks for the food, Mr. and Mrs. F." he said with a smile. Maddie smiled back.
"Oh, it's no problem...your name was Jake, right?"
He nodded. "Yeah. Jacob Long, but I prefer Jake."
"No problem, Jake." Maddie said cheerfully. Jack turned his head and gave Jake, Spud, Trixie, Randy, and Howard a curious and friendly look.
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The Secret Trio, chp. 10
Randy, for the second time today, was fighting a herd of imps. It was annoying, tedious work, and he hated it. The small creatures were swift and scratched and bit, and they just kept coming. It was lunch hour; the first time they had attacked was just prior to first period, forcing an already groggy ninja to fight. 
Most students had fled by now, screaming at the top of their lungs. The principal's car had already been smashed in combat, a few trees uprooted with dirt hanging in clumps from the base, a few broken windows; the usual. Only one student remained: Theresa Fowler.
Theresa had climbed up the only tree still firmly rooted, swatting at the final two little devils with her baton. They floated in front of her, trying to snap at her as she bonked one on the head with the baton as the other bit firmly down onto it. As Randy rushed forth to save her, his mind was riddled with thoughts, running becoming subconscious. Aside from the scamps, no students had been stanked, h
:iconsarahjunebug:SarahJuneBug 2 1
The Secret Trio, chp. 9
As soon as Jake, Trixie, and Spud appeared back in Lao Shi's shop in New York City, they were set upon by Jake's grandfather. The elderly man had been waiting for them, staring intensely on the spot he knew they would appear. Immediately he walked over and stared up at them. "Trixie, Spud, you go home. Jake, you come with me. I need to speak with you."
"But they--" Jake was cut off.
"No buts. What I'm about to tell you is not confidential, but I'd rather speak to you in private before you relay any information. You can tell your friends all about it later as you see fit." he said firmly, giving a just as hard stare at Trixie and Spud. Although both of them looked a little insulted, they and Jake knew there would be no way to persuade Lao Shi otherwise. They bid the dragon master and student goodbye for the day and went promptly home. 
Lao Shi turned the sign at the door from open to closed and began hastily walking to the backroom. "Come, come." he ushered. Jake followed obedientl
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The Secret Trio, chp. 8
"Danny, you're flying too close to Jake! Move over a foot! Randy, hasten that footwork! Mind your scarf! Jake, watch out for that--" BANG! "--hoop..." 
Sam had been criticizing practice for the last half hour. All three had been flying (or jumping) through hoops, shooting projectiles like fire or ectoblasts, and avoiding attacks in the lab while trying to sync movement if possible or necessary to each other's safety. They had all stopped when Jake had crashed into a hoop. The other two boys went to his aid and changed back to normal. Jake transformed back into his human form, grunted, sat up, and grasped his head. Randy turned his head to Sam, who was standing a few feet away, arms crossed. 
"Sam, can we please stop? I'm so tired..." he whined.
Sam shrugged, feeling a rare mercy. "Fine, take a break. Howard!" 
As Trixie and Spud headed off to Jake, Danny and Randy came forward. Howard jumped and gave a frightened look at Sam. "Yes?"
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The Secret Trio, chp. 7
"Let this meeting come to order."
Everyone found a place to sit, on the bed or on bean bag chairs Danny had laying around the room. Eyes turned to Danny, and he cleared his throat. "Welcome to the first meeting of...whatever this is. We know we're being attacked by monsters, and New York is next. But most of you are unaware of who's behind it."
"Actually, we know." Randy said, waving a hand. Howard nodded.
"Yeah, his Nomicon already told us about this dude who got killed being the Ninja and went crazy." he said calmly. Danny blinked.
"Well, um..."
"We don't know." Jake said, "But it sounds like a ghost went crazy because of what they," He pointed to Randy and Howard, "said. And we need to stop him. What's this dude's name?"
"William the Forgotten. Clockwork told me."
"Who's Clockwork?" Randy asked. Danny frowned.
"The Ghost Master of Time. You'll probably meet him when he finally tells me where exactly this guy is."
"Hold up, you don't even know where he is?" Trixie blurted. Dan
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Halloween On The Citadel
In the years since the end of the Reaper war, much had happened. Couples had gotten married, kids born and adopted, neighbors moved in next door to the Shepard-Alenko apartment. Aside from the intimate details, something a bit unexpected happened. After the war, humans began taking their children trick-or-treating on the Citadel on their human holiday of Halloween. Rarely did aliens pay any attention to other races' holidays, but the idea was so simple, so fun. Dress up, be spooky, and give out candy. Non-human children began to whine for their parents to take them trick-or-treating, and most of those parents gave in.
As a result, several years after the war, the formerly human-only tradition had spread like wildfire through the galaxy. Soon every child, regardless of being human, asari, turian, salarian, krogan, quarian, or anything else was going door to door asking for tricks or treats in costumes. Adults had great fun in decorating their homes, and the krogan in particular loved th
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Priority: Babies, chp. 3
It was a quiet evening in the apartment. Work was over for both Kaidan and Shepard, Kaidan made dinner, and within a few hours they were in bed. It was about eleven p.m. or so, and all was quiet. The lights had been turned out in the apartment save for their bedroom, and the only noise was the chattering from the television. It was tuned onto some sitcom that Shepard enjoyed watching, something to distract her from the aching and irritation of pregnancy. Kaidan was resting in a white shirt and boxers, and Shepard was just relaxing in a maternity nightgown. It was light purple and draped over her rounded gut loosely.
By now, Kaidan had lost interest in the show and was reading a novel on a datapad, and Shepard had crossed her arms and watched the screen, smiling every so often at the jokes. The bump in her midsection suddenly jerked, and both Kaidan and Shepard stopped what they were doing to stare at it. "Did it just..." Kaidan's question was answered when it jerked again, bouncing the
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The Secret Trio, chp. 6
Danny found himself in an electronics shop. It was messy and quiet, and it appeared as if no one was in. A bit confused and worried that somehow the badge put him in the wrong place, he looked around a bit more. His eyes found the door, which had a bell above it to announce customers. Danny jiggled the door and rang the bell, and within seconds a short, elderly Chinese man hobbled into the room. He looked up at Danny with a smile.
"Hello! I am Lao Shi. Never had a customer, never had a sale. Are you looking for something?" he asked. He pulled a stool over and sat upon it, patiently staring at the boy. Danny shrugged awkwardly and forced a smile.
"Um, sir, is Jake Long available?"
Lao Shi raised an eyebrow. "He's busy at the moment. What is this regarding?"
" do I say this? Ask this? Er..." Danny shrugged and cleared his throat. "I...I'm aware your grandson is the American Dragon." Unfortunately, that had not been what Lao Shi wanted to hear. His eyes widened and then he
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