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rules in BOLD are the most important rules and also the most broken rule

(Rule 1) Do NOT force me to join or do NFT's on chat requests, that shit bad! Because my OC's are NOT for public use! (this also goes for A*I art as well)

(Rule 2) If you use of my OC's in Mature art without my consent, you will be blocked

(Rule 3) Currently a majority of my OC's are over the age of 18, but if you want to do artistic nude or NSFW, ASK ME FIRST, do NOT upload it on DeviantART, send me it via notes and upload it and send it via instead.

(Rule 4) No racist, sexist, homophobic, heterophobic, or any of that offensive shit

(Rule 5) Do NOT ask for requests, they're for friends and trusted users only and only open for a limited event, if you do so your comment will be flagged as spam.

(Rule 6) Be patient when it comes to art trades and commissions, I have a lot of homework and shit to do before I do your art!

(Rule 7) Don't accuse me for shit

(Rule 8) I won't apoligize to people who start shit with me

(Rule 9) If you get mad about my direct opinions, it's your fault

(Rule 10) mentioning my name for clout, or adding my art into your hate collection is a big fat block, and deletion of art, and a re upload

(Rule 11) Don't ask or complain about how I draw female characters, I just draw them curvy, it's more easier

(Rule 12) Do NOT mention about the Bayonetta 3 incident on my main or on my alt accounts, if you block me for this you're blocked back, and I will NEVER forgive you! (I did NOT harass Jennifer Hale, I actually support new actors and actresses, Hellena is a bitch, so screw you Hellena and screw you LovelyPrincessN64) #ShutTheFuckUp

(Rule 13) don't block me if you haven't met me, just ignore and move on or mute me

(Rule 14) Do NOT start conversations on my artwork, it's unethical, confusing, and doesn't go along with the topic of the art. (with the exception of if it's about the character(s) in the picture, then I'll allow it)

(Rule 15) Do NOT reply with uneccesary shit on any of my artwork, statuses, journals, literatures, polls, or forums.

(Rule 16) IMPORTANT RULE: Do not chat request from me saying "Hi, I like your artwork, I would like to use it for an art portfolio for a client, you'll get paid and recieve credit", that's not cool, and it sounds like a insult to me

(Rule 17) Do NOT request one of my OC's to dress up as a character that is a minor (e.g: L*sa dressed up as Lotta from Harvey Kids, L*sa is 24 while Lotta is 10 and I won;t take that as a request) (characters from Monster High, WarioWare and Cooking Mama are an exception)

(Rule 18) If you see an old ass comment/reply of mine from an opinion I had from years ago, do NOT harass me for it since I changed as a person for the better. (e.g: A old comment/reply circa 2019 or older)

(NOTICE 1) I have the rights to refuse service to anyone

(NOTICE 2) If you break any rules, your comment or reply will be hidden or marked as spam and be ignored or replied on how you broke the rule. Multiple violations will be blocked.

Warning: I post weird shit

Warning: I post weird shit on this website, if you're not comfortable with the things I draw, please close this page immediately or go find someone else's art to explore. I Also draw SFW art, so go feast on that instead. (and to inform, searching my username on google may have some images filtered, so be warned)

All OC's Tf'd are 18 yesrs of age and older.

Weird Content includes, not limited to:

Full Body Inflation

Weight Gain (the fetish type)









Realistic Inflation/WG (myself being inflated or WG)

Also if you comment some offensive shit you're banned. Just enjoy my llama farm instead or check on my clean art

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or PaRappa will submit your flesh to Papa Beard Burger and turn it into a burger, and the blood will be the broth of ramen for Colonel Noodle.


No OC's or characters were harmed during the TF escalades and shenanigans in this putrid forsaken social art media platform.... I'm staying here... even if this app smells like rotten meat and acts all janky. I have a loyal fanbase here!

Welcome to Rendale County

Welcome pixels small

Welcome to Rendale County

Welcome to Rendale County, located in the pacific ocean, 100 miles west from the San Francisco Bay area. A island lies in, Rendale County is a sacred county ran by the Rendalians since the acient times. Rendale is a perfect place to live, and a perfect place for tourism. Meet the lovely residents of our county, and live wih us in where the fun never ends.

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Llama Farm

Deviation Spotlight

I don't do requests, only for closest friends, sorry

To the random strangers that comment on my page for an art request, I will flag your comment as spam and will send you one of these memes. So Don't do it! I'm a friendly person and I'm trying to be nice to you guys, but breaking the 5th rule ruins everything and I have to force pause every art trade for a friend of mine.

Artist // Professional // Varied
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My Bio

Name Pronunciation (Ma'am-Me Kyunn)

Calico's World is an independent art series owned by one person, located in California's Inland Empire. The owner is owned by Karen Vilchis, or known as Calico. A young adult with Autism and ADHD. She's a graphic designer, artist, dancer, music editor, shitposter, and Mii artist. Mainly she's known in this community for drawing inflation, weight gain, and (sometimes) blueberries and flats (in a non-fetish way). Abelit... Calico is a friendly person, but try NOT to make her angry, you won't like it.

Miitopia Info

  • Access key: 2080n63

  • Main Hero: Frankie Madison

  • Teammates: Pranav Aguirre, L*sa Pomax, Trevon Mandex, Amanda Joanne Fitzgerald, Jenny Fitzgerald, Adam Stepney Panel, Andrea Norachai Gitero-Jai, Amy Gitero-Jai, Ronodo Val. Jennmurlit

Animal Crossing Info

  • Island

  • pepwii (based on our late pet rats Pepper and Kiwi)

  • Dream Adress

  • 6752-5520-7744

  • National Fruits

  • Peaches

  • National Flowers

  • Mums

  • Residents

  • Rosie, Marina, Pudge, Zucker, Snake, Static, Pietro, Willow, Genji, and Shino


Commissions: Opening Soon, points available (150 :points: per any art right now)

ADOPTS: 125 :points: per OC and I'll make one for you

Requests: Never, so don't ask

Art Trade: Open for a limited time (December 21 til January 5, 2024)

Gifts: ASK (will give out Fragments to anyone in random)

Roleplays: ASK ME FIRST (Discord and Notes) my Discord is calico4391 (People age 18+ Only)

Age: 20

Birthday: May 30, 2003

Nationality/Race: Hispanic/Latino

Descent: European (Spain)

Personality: Kind, Lazy, Pushy (sometimes), Crazy, etc

Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert

Height: 5'6 1/2 (average height)

Weight: around 257 lbs (a big gal, but trying not to go overboard)

Likes: Miitopia, Mii, Cats, Dogs, Katy Perry, Monster High, Animal Crossing, Just Dance, food, sleep, drawing, snacks, amusement parks (depends), chili cheese fries, Loaded Potatoes, Chicken Sandwiches, etc.

Dislikes: Homework, My parents telling me too much, mean people, spammers, Emoji Movie, Cats (2019), My characters in a art with a mature filter, fetishes (such as vore, scat, piss, feet, f*rt), Coronavirus Quarantine, People accusing me for shit I didn't do, Hellena Taylor (the actress that betrayed her fans), AI Art (the bad kind), EnFTs, My Little Pony, Fae Farm, HatariDoomSwan1998, LovelyPrincessN64, Compliment Fraudsters, etc

NOTE: Some of my artworks may contain materials that won't be suitable for any minorities, content includes Inflation, Weight Gain, Blueberries (rarely), Flattening, Growth/Shrink, Expansion, and Stretching. All characters are 18 years or older*

*But that doesn't make you have the will of maing NSFW of my OC's without my consent

*My work is Mature Filter Free, to view my NSFW art please check on my Pixiv and Twitter NSFW ALT via my website.

pfp by Cooking Mama ltd./Office Create

Buttons (my opinion):

Fan Buttons


Do not interact with me if you're:

  • a GoAnimate/Vyond user

  • a pedophile

  • a troll

  • a spambot

  • a rule breaker

  • a jerk

  • a homophobe

  • a racist

  • a sexist

  • a sc*t, p*ss, f*rt p**p obsessed freak

  • A N*F* T user

  • An Artist who fetishizes children or babies

  • A Zionist

Also don't interact with me if you

  • Hate My OC's (my cousin "Krystal" is the only on who can HATE my OC's and my other cousins too)

  • Hate Monster High

  • Hate Bayonetta

  • Hate Animal Crossing

  • Hate Katy Perry*

  • Support Isr*el while innocent Palestine residents are being killed

Except if you are a good friend of mine

*if you like any other musician I like but dislike Katy, we can go along well like fries dipped in a frosty or milkshake

Favourite Movies
Animal Crossing, Boo York Boo York
Favourite TV Shows
Monster High, Meta Runner, SMG4, Sunset Paradise (SMG4), 20 min YTP Challenge
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Music Interest can vary
Favourite Books
Travelling Cat Chronicles
Favourite Games
WarioWare, Animal Crossing, Just Dance, Tomodachi Life, Super Mario, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Miitopia, Bayonetta, Garry's Mod, Cooking Mama
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Wii, DSi, 3DS, Nintendo Switch
Tools of the Trade
Mr. Sketch Markers, Sharpie Markers, Color Pencils
Other Interests
My OC's
Super Albino Llama: Llamas are awesome! (399)Super Albino Llama: Llamas are awesome! (399)Super Albino Llama: Llamas are awesome! (399)
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DeviantArt’s 23rd Birthday
Share the Love: Participated in DeviantArt's 2020 Valentine's Day celebrations.
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All Out With Pride
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Please consider yourslef when you reply

Also just a reminder to the visitors, if you don't like my content do NOT comment, otherwise I'll reply to you with any of these images

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Hmm yess... this sure is cheesy
Disgusted Dog
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WEPA (Wow, Empty, pizza, anxiety)
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and you're blocked

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dear lord forgive me that I started to draw these babies and their is a insane artist that is following me, and has nothing to do with the arguments

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it's joever

I won he's gone

Comment Flagged as Spam

read rule 5 on my rules and you'll understand

THE REPLY in this comment section is flagged as spam because it broke Rule 5

(Rule 5) Do NOT ask for requests, they're for friends only and for only open for a limited event

They're NOT open, even the previous comment before this said "any art requests from strangers will be marked as spam" and they didn't listen


any art requests from strangers will be marked as spam