First Day of School short (HSK)

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(Note: Please read the description before reading this. Enjoy.)

(It is the morning of the first day of school, and Audrey heads over to the bus stop. She finds the other kids are there, including Dot, Lotta and all of their friends.)

Audrey: Hey, guys, good morning!

Dot and Lotta: Good morning, Audrey!

Dot: Are you excited about today?

Audrey: Not really. I didn't think summer would be over so fast.

Lotta: Me neither. In fact, I don't think any of us did...

(The other kids hear this and chatter in agreement.)

Lucretia: Hey, cheer up, guys. We don't have as much free time now as we did for the last three months, but school isn't just about learning and doing homework. It's also about having fun, working together and learning more about each other!

Lotta: That's right, Lucretia! (as everyone smiles) We just have to make the most of all our time at school, and use our recesses and lunch breaks as our chance to play.

Dot: Before we know it, we'll be done with school for the day, and as long as we finish our homework as soon as possible...

Audrey: We'll have more time to have fun together! We're gonna take this upcoming school year like a brand new challenge, and we're not gonna let anything slow us down until summer comes our way again!

All: Yeah!

(The school bus comes, and all of the kids get on. This is where the music begins, and all of the kids sing.)

Dot and Tiny: We've had our breakfast

Lotta and Bobby: We've got our books

Dot and Lucretia: Brushed our hair

Audrey and FruFru: Checked out our looks

Harvey Girls: Ready for learning

Lucretia, FruFru and Tiny: And to have some fun

All: Heading off to school, our day's begun

Lucretia: I'm so excited

Bobby: I can hardly wait

Melvin: (sadly) Why did summer have to end?

Pinkeye: Yeah, it was really great

Fredo: Yes, but an all new challenge

Bobby and Gerald: Is headed our way

All: So let's make the most

Of our first school day

Dot: Math, science and history

Audrey: And P.E., too

Lotta: Reading stories and watching movies,

The Bow: (monotone) There's almost too much to do

Harvey Girls: Let's take it with a smile

Lucretia, FruFru and Tiny: As bright as the sun

Melvin: (speaking) Alright.

All: Heading off to school, our day's begun

Audrey: Altogether now!

All: Heading off to school, our day's begun!

(The music ends.)

Melvin: You know... maybe school won't be so bad after all.

Audrey, Dot and Lotta: That's the spirit!

Tiny: I just hope it's not much worse than dealing with the coons.

Audrey: Or the Fighting Bananas?

(Everyone laughs in agreement. The school bus finally stops in front of the elementary school and the door opens. The kids all step off the bus and make their way into the school. Feel free to imagine their adventures from this point onward.)

I currently have no plans to make this into a full story or series; this is all theoretical. I also wanted to include one of the short songs from the game Freddi Fish 2 (it's the song where Freddi and Luther sing about school), with some extra lyrics thrown in so other characters could have singing roles. Also, the end of the story allows you to imagine how the first day of school goes for each of the Harvey Girls; it's up to you as to what happens and how they handle everything that goes on.
By the way, you'll be happy to know that I already graduated high school (five months ago in fact) with no plans to go to college, so I won't be going anywhere just because I wrote something like this :) At least, not until the quarantine ends. ^^;
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