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Guys, I've got a GREAT idea ;)

What if I wrote a Harvey Street Kids version of the SpongeBob episode "Suds?"

In this story, Audrey comes down with a cold and sneezes quite a lot, but doesn't want to go to the doctor. Lotta tries to help her feel better without taking her to the doctor, but things don't go as planned. I was thinking of having Lotta plug up Audrey's nostrils (just like how Patrick plugged up SpongeBob's pores) so every sneeze she released from then onward would make her get bigger and bigger until the climactic sneeze toward the end =P

I was also thinking the treatment for the cold could be changed to her getting treated to a relaxing massage (and maybe a brief tickle as well), blowing and wiping her nose with some infused tissues, drinking some herbal tea... and getting the lollipop from the doctor. And maybe at the end, Dot and Lotta could release a sneeze and realize they've caught Audrey's cold, and they could end up going through the treatment as well, except they go through a less relaxing massage than Audrey did.

What do you think, guys? Am I a genius or what? :giggle: And one more thing, I also realize it could be a fantastic birthday present for my friend :icondeecat98:, since she's a Harvey Street Kids fan like I am :)

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