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Drabble (HTF)
As Sara talked with the raccoons, she had to hold her sneezes back for as long as she could. She didn’t care if she was allergic to them. She wouldn’t sneeze. They couldn’t make her!
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Inspirational quotes
Don't take too many things seriously. That's how dramas are made.
Inside every bitter person's body, there is a much sweeter character.
How much fun you're having is more important than how long you've been playing.
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Untitled (HTF)
Lumpy: *with a cake* Happy Birthday, Sara!! I brought cake! Wanna throw a party?
Nutty: I have the games! Sneezy and tickly games, of course! :giggle:
Sniffles: I made a special sneezing powder!
Flaky: Uh, all the HTFS are here.... I guess...
Lumpy: :D And, we all have gifts! ^^
Sara: (backs up, whimpering)
Lumpy: Wh-what's wrong? (Lets go of the cake)
Sara: I... I don’t want it to be my birthday... :(
Lumpy: (understandingly) Oh... in that case.. we won't throw a party.. (hugs her)
Sara: (keeps whimpering)
Lumpy: ...shh... It's alright
Sara: (cringes)
Lumpy: (sniff)
Sara: (hears him sniffle and looks up at him)
Lumpy: Hah-chooo~!!
Sara: (shushes him in revenge) Shh!
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The Raccoons Sing DootMario2 (HTF)
Lifty: Hey, step right up, come on you know
Shifty: Time to do Mehrio time
Lifty: Come inside to Mehrio park
Shifty: Do the Mario time
Both: Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do boop
Lifty: Come on down to Mehrio
Shifty: Go on inside, we’ve got the Death Star
Lifty: Come to see the Toad... doot.
Everybody else: (totally baffled)
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As Pokemon (HTF drabble)
Sara: (is hanging out when the raccoons walk up to her)
Shifty: Hey, Sara?
Sara: Yeah?
Lifty: Can we talk to you about something?
Sara: Sure. (thinking to herself) I wonder, if they were Pokemon, what Pokemon would they be?
Shifty: Okay, first of all...
(Cut to Sara’s point of view. The raccoons are now Meowths from Pokemon, with Lifty being a Kanto Meowth and Shifty being an Alolan Meowth with Shifty’s fedora. They both speak in meows.)
Sara: (thinking to herself, smiling) That’d make so much sense.
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Hide and Sneeze (HTF)
(Sniffles is hiding behind a tree and pokes his head out.)
Sniffles: Flaky, you with me?
(Flaky pokes her head out from the other side of the tree.)
Flaky: Right behind you, sir.
Sniffles: (concerned) First Cuddles, then Giggles... and Lumpy...
Flaky: (panicking) It's an all-you-can-eat Tree Friend buffet, and we're dessert!
Sniffles: (gasps, then shushes Flaky) Shh, I think I hear something.
(Some loud footsteps are heard. Sniffles and Flaky retreat behind the tree, embracing in fear as they listen to the footsteps.)
Sniffles: It's circling around us. (to Flaky) Whatever you do, DON'T sneeze. Someone always sneezes in these situations.
(Just then, a feather floats down and lands right on Sniffles's trunk. He starts to sneeze.)
Sniffles: Heeeeh... Haaaaaaaah... HeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHH--
Flaky: (puts her forefinger under Sniffles's trnk; speaks quietly but on the verge of panic) Don't sneeze, Sniffles! Please, oh, please, oh, please...!!!
Sniffles: (sneezes explosively) HAAAAAAAAAAAH
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Lumpy Saves the Day (HTF)
Lumpy: (sees Splendid save the day) I wanna save the day :(
Lumpy: (sees Anime and stabs him with a knife, killing him) I did it! I SAVED THE DAY!!! :w00t:
(Nobody notices or comments)
Lumpy: Any minute now...
(The next day, still nobody cares that Lumpy killed Anime and potentially saved all his friends)
Lumpy: Why aren’t you happy?! I saved the day! I SAVED THE DAY!!! :crying:
Lifty: So?
Lumpy: Splendid saved the day before I did! Why can’t I?!
Shifty: Um, duh, because you’re not Splendid.
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The Bubble Song (HTF+Unikitty+Tootie)
Tootie: The sun must set at the end of every day
Unikitty: And the curtain must fall at the end of every play
Tootie and Unikitty: And every little bubble ever blown must someday pop.
Puppycorn: Like presents on Christmas Day,
It doesn't seem to stay.
Lumpy: Or a cheese souffle,
It doesn't last all day.
Tootie and Unikitty: I will try, again,
Tootie, Unikitty, Lumpy and Puppycorn: To blow a bubble, that will last all day
Lumpy and Puppycorn: All day.
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Untitled (HTF)
Sniffles or Splendid were usually the ones who saved the day.
One time, Lumpy was the one who saved the day.
And nobody cared.
Lumpy became depressed for the rest of his life.
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Discussion of the Sniffles (HTF+Tootie short)
Tootie: (has a red nose) Ugh... (sniffles) Haaaah...
Lumpy: What’s wrong, Tootie? Got the sniffles?
Tootie: (sneezes mildly) Cheew! (rubs her nose with her forefinger)
Sniffles: I don’t think she has the sniffles.
Lumpy: Why? Because she sneezed?
Sniffles: Exactly. If she had the sniffles, she wouldn’t sneeze.
Lumpy: So she’s got the sneezes?
Tootie: (sneezes again) Ah-chew! (sniffles and rubs her nose with her forefinger)
Sniffles: Yes. (sighs) I cannot believe that people still think that sneezing counts as having “the sniffles...”
Lumpy: Sorry. I don’t know much about being sick.
Sniffles: No problem, Lumpy. (to Tootie) Come on, Tootie, let’s get you to the couch. I’ll bring you some tissues.
Tootie: Okay... (sneezes again) Hah-chew! (rubs her nose with her forefinger)
Sniffles: Bless you.
Tootie: (keeps rubbing her nose) Ugh...
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DB Sneeze (HTF)
Sara: (thinking to herself about something she remembered) Did I really hear him sneeze like that? Was it really from Disco...? ...Nah, he couldn’t have. Must have been someone else.
Disco Bear: (just happens to be close to Sara, and is about to sneeze) Aaah... haaaaah...
Sara: (hears it and turns to look at him) ...WHAT?
Disco Bear: (releases the sneeze) AAAAAAH-CHUUUUOOOOOOOO!
Sara: :O_o: wasn’t someone else...
Disco Bear: Whoa... (rubs his nose, embarrassed) Sorry ‘bout that.
Sara: Um, it’s... it’s fine... (thinking to herself) What the heck just happened?
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Tickling Tootie (HTF+Tootie)
Sniffles hadn't been the same since he met Tootie for the first time. He'd met some pretty friendly or cute people during his time, but not many of them were quite the same as her. They weren't from the same show or universe, but as much as it didn't make sense, it wasn't important, either. What mattered was that they met and were now friends.
Sniffles couldn't have been happier now that he was Tootie's friend. In his eyes, she was the friend everybody wanted, the friend everybody dreamed of having. A cute, kind and outgoing person who was always ready to talk or play. He must have had that dream itself, and seen it come true right before his eyes.
However, there was something else about Tootie that Sniffles couldn't stop thinking about. It involved one of his interests that almost all of the other Happy Tree Friends knew about.
It involved tickling.
Sniffles really loved tickling his friends, and allowed them to tickle him in return whenever he wanted. Everyone in the forest, includin
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But at what cost? (HTF)
Lumpy: *with a cake* Happy Birthday, Sara!! I brought cake! Wanna throw a party? 
Nutty: I have the games! Sneezy and tickly games, of course! :giggle:
Sniffles: I made a special sneezing powder! 
Flaky: Uh, all the HTFS are here.... I guess...
Lumpy: :D And, we all have gifts! ^^
Sara: God dammit, Lumpy!! You were supposed to sneeze right after you said “Happy Birthday, Sara!!”
Lumpy: S-Sorry..
Sara: Fine, I’ll fix it myself!! (takes a time-travel remote, goes straight back to right before the dialogue happened; sets the remote to create a strong tickle in Lumpy’s nose right after he says “Happy Birthday Sara”)
Lumpy: Happy Birthday Sara-AAAAH-HAAAAH---CHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Sara: (to herself) Hang on, I think I miscalculated this... (goes back one more time, sets her time-travel remote to tickle Lumpy’s nose RIGHT AFTER he finishes saying the three words, not interrupt him before he finishes them)
Lumpy: Happy Birthday, Sara. Aah-H
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Unrewarded (HTF short)
Sniffles: (cures Lumpy’s cold)
All the HTFs: :D
Splendid: (defeats Splendont yet again)
All the HTFs: :D
Sara: (singlehandedly defeats Bowser and Eggman for the final time with no help whatsoever from Mario or Sonic)
All the HTFs: :|
Sara: BUT I SAVED THE WORLD!!! :crying:
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Denying (HTF short)
(Sara is talking to Shifty, while an ill-looking Lifty is behind Shifty)
Sara: (about her Nintendogs + Cats game) I purposely put the 3DS down and waited until Peach brought me something from outside.
Shifty: I'd do that too if I had that game. And a cat.
Lifty: (is about to sneeze) Huuh... (Sara and Shifty look at him) Ehh-haaaah... (sniffles and doesn't sneeze)
Sara: So is it contagious?
Lifty: What's contagious?
Sara: Are you feeling alright?
Lifty: Yeah, I'm fine. (sniff) It must be something in the air... (rubs his nose several times)
Shifty: (to Sara) He's not feeling good.
Sara: Oh. ...Hey, if he's sick, why didn't you get--
Lifty: (finally sneezes, spraying Shifty) HAAAAAAAAAAAAH-- SHUUUUUUUUUUU!!! (rubs his nose with his forefinger)
Sara: Gesundheit.
Shifty: (not amused; sarcastically) Thank you for that...
Lifty: Sorry. (sniffles and keeps rubbing his nose)
Sara: (to Shifty) You saw it coming, didn't you?
Shifty: Yep. From about the minute I woke up today.
Lifty: (sniff)
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Cuddles and Toothy had come over to Lumpy's house to hang out, and now they were sitting on the couch and talking. Lumpy, however, wasn't really talking, but was instead listening in on his friends' conversation until it was his turn to speak. It was mostly so that they would consider him polite.

At one point, however, he noticed his nose twitching. He couldn't understand why, but he felt a sneeze beginning to build up. He didn't want to sneeze now, but it felt like it was going to be a big one, and he didn't think he could hold it back. He tilted his head slightly backward and his breath began to hitch.

"Ah, ah..." Lumpy brought his right hand up to the end of his snout and prepared to sneeze into it as he took a final breath. "AH..."

However, there was a long pause after this final inhale. Lumpy's breath returned to normal as he opened his eyes and looked confused. He sniffed a few times and briefly rubbed his nose on his hand. This situation had happened to him a few times now, even before Cuddles and Toothy had come over. He turned his head to the side to see Cuddles and Toothy looking at him, both of them looking confused.

"Hey, Lumpy, are you okay?" Toothy asked.

"Yes, I'm okay," said Lumpy. "Except I keep thinking I've gotta sneeze, but then I don't sneeze..."

"Yeah, I've had that happen to me, too," Cuddles said.

"You want us to help you?" Toothy asked.

"No, that's okay. I'll figure out something, I think," Lumpy said.

He got up from the couch he had been sitting on and walked out of the room. Cuddles and Toothy resumed their conversation, but Lumpy didn't get to hear them. Besides, he was too focused on his little problem. While trying to think of a way to make himself sneeze, Lumpy wandered into the kitchen. He didn't think anything in there would help him, but then he saw something on the table. A small, glass container, filled with a black powder, with a silver lid sealing it shut. This was the pepper shaker. Lumpy got an idea.

"I wonder if pepper can make me sneeze..."

He walked over to the table and took the pepper shaker from the table. He looked at it for a few seconds, and then quickly looked around the room to see if anyone was there. If he didn't count himself, no one was in here. Lumpy slowly held the pepper shaker in his hand, moved it towards his snout and started to shake pepper onto his nose. He grew increasingly nervous as he watched the black powder land on his nostrils, while some of it ended up inside of his nostrils. He didn't like the resulting burning sensation, so he had to stop after a few seconds. He then put the pepper shaker back on the table and put his hand over his nose in pain.

Suddenly, he felt his snout twitching and nostrils flaring. The pepper seemed to be working, and he could feel an even bigger sneeze than before coming on. His hand slipped away from his twitching, reddening nose as his eyes closed halfway.

"Ah..." Lumpy tilted his head slightly back, and his nose continued to twitch. He didn't know whether he should hold the sneeze in at first, but then it occurred to him. He wanted to sneeze. That was why he had taken the pepper in the first place. "Ahhh..." He tilted his head farther back. He didn't know which painful feeling was worse: the pepper on his nose or the pepper in his nostrils. He had made up his mind, however. He wasn't going to hold back the sneeze. He was just going to let it go. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH--!" Lumpy threw his hands over his mouth and shot his neck forwards as he released the sneeze.

"CHOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo!!" Even though he had his mouth covered, the sneeze was still completely audible. A few seconds later, he removed his hands, but his nose was still twitching. It hadn't had enough. Lumpy prepared to sneeze again, and this time, he didn't cover it. "Ahhh, AAAAAAHHHHHH-CHOOOOOOOoooooooooo! AAAAAHHHHH-CHOOOOOOooooooooooo!"

After he released the double sneeze, Cuddles and Toothy came running into the kitchen. They had heard the sneezes from the living room, and they wanted to know what was going on in here. The first thing they saw, however, was Lumpy in the middle of a sneezing fit.

"Ah, AH... CHOOOOOoooooooooo!" Lumpy again sneezed, and then turned around to see his friends. He couldn't respond, however, until he had released a few more sneezes. Again, he covered his mouth with his hands so that he wouldn't sneeze on his friends. "AHHH-CHOOOoooooooo! Ahhh... CHOOooooooooooo!"

"Oh, my gosh! Lumpy!" Cuddles said. "What happened?!"

"AH..." Lumpy responded, and then turned his head away from Cuddles and Toothy at the last moment. "CHOOoooooooo!" Even after that, Lumpy still needed to sneeze. He put his hands back over his mouth as he tried to speak. It wasn't going to be easy, however, since a final sneeze was building up. "Not... Ahhh... Done... AHHHH..." Lumpy sniffled once, but that sent a small amount of pepper from the air back into his nose. The power of his upcoming sneeze grew significantly. Lumpy turned away from Cuddles and Toothy as he removed his hands from his face and took a couple final breaths. "AHHHH... AAAAAAHHHHHH... AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Lumpy shot his neck forwards as he released the final sneeze in the fit. It wasn't only extremely loud and powerful, but it practically sounded like he was just screaming "CHOO!" at the top of his lungs. It was otherwise harmless, however; the closest to any damage it did was that the other characters' ears started ringing for a while.

Lumpy started to recover from the sneeze. He panted repeatedly, trying to catch his breath, and turned back to Cuddles and Toothy. He sniffled a couple of times as he rubbed his nose on his right forefinger.

"Wow, bless you. What happened?" Toothy asked.

"Well, uh..." Lumpy, while still rubbing his nose, looked over at the pepper shaker on the table. "I found the pepper."

"You thought it'd make you sneeze, didn't you?" Cuddles asked.

Lumpy nodded in agreement. "Yes, I'm sorry."

"Oh, it's okay, Lumpy," Toothy said. "But would you do us a favor and warn us when you're about to sneeze next time?"

"Yeah, sure," Lumpy said as he walked out of the kitchen. A short time afterwards, he went into the bathroom to clean off his hands.

Lumpy had to make sure that he would never use pepper on himself like that again. He was happy to have gotten rid of that one problem regarding his being unable to sneeze, but what he used to solve that problem, especially what it made him do, was just one more moment to watch out for.
Lifty: Hey, step right up, come on you know

Shifty: Time to do Mehrio time

Lifty: Come inside to Mehrio park

Shifty: Do the Mario time

Both: Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do boop

Lifty: Come on down to Mehrio

Shifty: Go on inside, we’ve got the Death Star

Lifty: Come to see the Toad... doot.

Everybody else: (totally baffled)
The Raccoons Sing DootMario2 (HTF)
You didn't think a couple of raccoons would be good at singing, did you? Neither did I. :giggle:
DootMario2 was created by Vinny of the Vinesauce streams. You can listen to the song here:
:iconxxcandy-swirlxx: :iconleoparda-a-la-htf: :iconweas-el:
As Sara talked with the raccoons, she had to hold her sneezes back for as long as she could. She didn’t care if she was allergic to them. She wouldn’t sneeze. They couldn’t make her!
(Sniffles is in his lab, working on something at his desk.)

Sniffles: (pours something from a bag into a beaker) Just a little more of this, and... (puts the bag aside and holds up the beaker; it is filled with a mixture of white and gray powders) Finished! One more serving of sneezing powder, complete!

(He smiles to himself, then thinks for a moment.)

Sniffles: I wonder who I should test this on. I mean, I’ve already made Lumpy sneeze a bunch of times with my sneezing powders...

(He suddenly gets an idea; he pours the beaker of sneezing powder into a bottle, which he then brings out of his lab. He then proceeds out of his house.)

Sniffles: I think I know who I’d like to sneeze next.

(Cut to Flaky’s house. She is sitting on the couch and reading a book when she hears the doorbell ring.)

Flaky: Huh?

(She closes her book, gets up from the couch and answers the door. Sniffles is standing at the door, holding his bottle of powder from earlier behind his back.)

Sniffles: Hey, Flaky!

Flaky: Oh, hi, Sniffles! How are you?

Sniffles: I’m alright. But would you please do me a favor?

Flaky: Sure, what is it?

(Sniffles smiles playfully as he shows his bottle of sneezing powder to Flaky.)

Sniffles: Do you see this?

Flaky: Yeah...?

Sniffles: You wanna know what it is?

Flaky: Um, what is it?

Sniffles: Oh, just some sneezing powder I made. It’s mostly flour and dust. (Flaky sweats a little from hearing this.) And I was wondering what’d happen if you were to sneeze from it.

Flaky: Um...

Sniffles: You don’t mind if I make you sneeze, do you?

Flaky: No, why?

Sniffles: I’d personally like to see you sneeze.

Flaky: Um... okay.

(Sniffles smiles widely and begins to shake the sneezing powder onto Flaky.)

Flaky: Eek! (Her nose twitches and nostrils flare up as she is about to sneeze. She inhaled and turns away from Sniffles.) Aaaaaaaaah... AaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAH...!!!

Sniffles: (giggles to himself as he watches)

Flaky: (Tilts her neck as far back as she can as she gives a final inhale.) HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH... CHYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Sniffles: (squeals) Eeeeee!! (giggles loudly)


Sniffles: (thinks for a moment) Hmm... (He sprinkles a small amount of sneezing powder right onto her nose.) This ought to do it!

Flaky: (sneezes almost immediately) HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETSHYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! (Sniffles and rubs her nose with her forefinger.) Ughh!!

Sniffles: Gesundheit~! (giggles to himself)

Flaky: (continues to rub her nose) Th-thank you... (sniffles)

Sniffles: And I’m sorry. I personally didn’t know you were gonna sneeze like that.. (hands her a tissue)

Flaky: (Continues to sniffle as she wipes her nose with the tissue.) It’s okay. I didn’t think I would, either...

Sniffles: May I ask, does the flour make you sneeze more, or is it the dust?

Flaky: (thinks for a moment) I’m not really sure. But they both make me pretty sneezy... (keeps wiping her nose)

Sniffles: I can tell. (giggles)
Lumpy: *with a cake* Happy Birthday, Sara!! I brought cake! Wanna throw a party? 

Nutty: I have the games! Sneezy and tickly games, of course! :giggle:

Sniffles: I made a special sneezing powder! 

Flaky: Uh, all the HTFS are here.... I guess...

Lumpy: :D And, we all have gifts! ^^

Sara: (tries not to sneeze)

Lumpy: ?

Sara: Aaaaaaah... Haaaaaaaaaah...!

Lumpy: Huh!


Lumpy: Gesundheit!

Sara: (sniffles loudly and rubs her nose with her forefinger) ...Tissue, please?

Lumpy: (gives her a tissue)

Sara: (blows her nose weakly)

Lumpy: :(

Sara: (wipes her nose with her tissue) I... I don’t feel good at all...

Lumpy: I see that :(

Sara: (lies down, sniffling constantly) I really don’t think I can throw a party this year...

Lumpy: Oh

Lumpy: (turns to the others) Sorry, guys... she doesn’t want a party.

Nutty: :(

Sara: (sniffles)

Handy: Can I help ya? :3

Sara: No...

Handy: Aw :c

Sniffles: (walks up to Sara, feels her forehead)

Sniffles: Oh no!! :c I think... I think you have a fever...

Sara: I can tell... (sniffles)

Sniffles: I’m so, so, so sorry!! :(


Sniffles: -Eeek! Gesundheit, Sara.. :c

Sara: (rubs her nose with her forefinger, blushing and sniffling)

Sniffles: (looks concerned)

Sara: Ugh. (sniffles)

Sniffles: :(

Lumpy: (sniffles as well)

Sniffles: Huh?

Lumpy: Uh, Sniffles? (sniffle) M-my nose tickles...

Sniffles: Oh my goodness :(

Sara: I think I know what that means.

Sniffles: You’ve caught the flu as well! :(

Lumpy: Aww... :( (sniffles)

Sniffles: (his trunk starts to tickle)

Lumpy: (his nostrils flare up) I... I think I’m gonna sneeze...

Sniffles: (snf)

Sara: (holds Sniffles’ trunk gently)

Sniffles: (sniff, snif)

Sara: Don’t sneeze, Sniffles... (sniffles) I’d rather see Lumpy sneeze than you right now.

Sniffles: (snf)

Sara: (looks over at Lumpy)

Lumpy: Aaaahhhh-

Sara: (backs up) (thinking to herself) I’m almost afraid to hear his sneezes when he has the flu... :worry:

Lumpy: AaatCHOOOOO!

Sara: (cringes)

Lumpy: (rubs his nose)

Sara: Gesundheit...?

Lumpy: Th-Thadks

Sara: (gives him a tissue)

Lumpy: (blows his nose in it)

Sara: :worry:

Lumpy: (wipes his nose)

Sara: (puts her hand on his shoulder in sympathy)

Lumpy: :(

Sara: You really need to get some rest, Lumpy...

Lumpy: (rubs his nose)

Sara: But that means you’re gonna have to go home :(

Lumpy: (nods)

Sara: (starts to bring him home)

Lumpy: (sniffles along the way)

Sara: (arrives at his trailer, puts him to bed)

Lumpy: (snf)

Sara: This is for the best. I’m sorry. :(

Lumpy: I-It's fine...

Sara: (leaves)

Lumpy: (snf)

Sara: (returns to... wherever everyone else was too)

Flaky: W-Where is Lumpy?

Sara: I made him go home and rest up.

Flaky: Oh..

Sara: Why’d you ask?

Flaky: J-Just concerned....

Sara: (sarcastically) Of course.

Flaky: (does her trademark shy laugh)

Sara: (sniffles again)

Flaky: Huh?

Sara: I... I’m still sick... (sneezes mildly) Hahtchyew!

Flaky: Bl-Bless you..

Sara: (rubs her nose with her forefinger) This party is gonna suck.

Flaky: :(
Sara Has the Flu (HTF)
This is an RP I did with :iconxxcandy-swirlxx:.
:iconleoparda-a-la-htf: :iconweas-el:


Want me to do a Bullwinkle sneeze comic?
I'm pretty sure I can draw Bullwinkle from Rocky and Bullwinkle sneezing ;) He's pretty much the same character as Lumpy, but with correctly-aligned antlers and a brown color.

I'm not sure I can, though, but I'll definitely try if you want me to. Promise. :)

And if you want me to, I could also draw Lumpy sneezing alongside him :giggle: It might sound silly, but if it's what you want, I'll put it in.
Yes, It's Pepper
Have at least two characters you want me to give the Yes, It's Pepper treatment? I'll do it, for some points ;)

But first, I'd like you to list the character you want to see sneeze in part 1, and the character you want to see sneeze in part 2. Just so I know exactly what you want ;)
X's Sneeze Attack
Have a character you want me to give the X's Sneeze Attack treatment? I'll do it, for some points ;)

But first, I'd like you to list the character you want to see sneeze, the character you want to arrive and try to save the sneezing character, and any other character available. Just so I know exactly what you want ;)
Want me to write a story about one of your favorite characters (male, female) sneezing or getting tickled? I'll do it, for some points ;)

By the way, I probably won't use characters I don't like or aren't familiar with. Keep that in mind.


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Sara Corzine
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The sneezy Lumpy girl :giggle:

I like to write, draw and do RPs with my friends. I have a sneezing fetish and a tickling fetish. Mostly when my favorite characters are involved :giggle:


I miss you Moosiful :( If you ever decide to read this, I will do anything in my power to be your friend again. Please just forgive me for whatever I did and unblock me :'( My life isn't the same without you.


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SarahGirl1998 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
(pukes from the cake)
gymnosophist Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018  Professional Writer
:XD: :hug: :heart:
DEEcat98 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2018  Student Digital Artist
You know what I agree with you. I also think it's cute when characters rub their noses after sneezing! Mostly I find it cute when the female characters do it. :)
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SarahGirl1998 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Sure, but I didn’t want you to comment on my profile. I just wanted you to reply to the note I sent you!

Your comments are causing all of my RP replies with Htfcuties to disappear!

Think about it!!! :(
DEEcat98 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Here is a emote that I think you might like! 

sneeze by Krissi001
SarahGirl1998 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Saw it, it’s very cute :giggle:
DEEcat98 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Yep! :3
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SarahGirl1998 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
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SarahGirl1998 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
NO!!! >n<
weas-el Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
jesus what did they say?
SarahGirl1998 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I did NOT want to have to respond to that question >n<
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SarahGirl1998 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Sure, but I’ll probably be a character I like that others don’t, like Lumpy or Tootie ^^; Sorry, I think those characters are just too cute.
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SarahGirl1998 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
I guess she could call them out, or try tickling them or making them sneeze instead.

By the way, I’m just wondering, but do you prefer when Lumpy sneezes or gets tickled?
weas-el Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Topaz: (pins Lumpy to the ground and pulls out a feather) Hehehe~ Be prepared for some tickle torture, kiddo~
SarahGirl1998 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Lumpy: Oh no... (struggles to escape)
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