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By SarahForde

Please visit the Commission Hub for policies & payment info.


:bulletblue: Full body - $60 (additional characters $25 ea)
:bulletblue: 3/4 body - $40 (additional characters $15 ea)
:bulletblue: Cutie - $25 (additional characters $10 ea, includes mat and back board)
:bulletblue: "Sailor Legs" - $25 (includes 2 characters from the waist down)
(fan senshi and any other characters are okay for legs commissions, too!)

:bulletblack: Inked lineart, 3/4 body - $25 (additional characters $10 ea)

These are base prices subject to character complexity. I am also available for digital art; please contact me for rates if you are interested. All other combination images would be decided on a case by case basis (i.e. something like group bust shots, two half body characters, backgrounds, etc.) so please let me know what you have in mind. I can work with your budget! Cutie will come backed and matted. Larger drawings will be matted based on materials availability. Please let me know if you'd like a larger drawing matted. 


When you contact me for an drawing commission, please include example images or written descriptions of the characters or setting involved. We will discuss the details and decide on a final price. All prices are subject to complexity of the character(s). You will then be put onto the Pending list.

A full payment will move your commission to the Active list.

After your payment, I will complete a rough sketch for your approval. If changes are needed, I will contact you with a second sketch for approval before I ink and color. This is the final time when major changes to the design or composition can be made.

You can follow the general progress of your commission on this page. When the commission is done, I will mail you the final drawing in a cardboard supported envelope. Full body images are about (but not exactly) 8" x 10". If you need an exact size please let me know. If the image is colored digitally, I will send you the original line art, a signed color print of digital version, and a hi-res copy of the final file. I can also provide a high resolution scan of traditional art - please let me know if this is an option you'd like.

I retain the right to use your drawing commissions as the basis for print sales if the work is solely of canon characters. You have the choice to opt out of this if you notify me at the time of booking.


Traditionally Colored
Together by SarahForde

Mature Content

Small Opportunity by SarahForde
Tira from Soul Calibur by SarahForde


Mettaton Chibi - Undertale by SarahForde Rose and The Doctor by SarahForde Sailor Mercury Chibi by SarahForde Name This Mermaid! by SarahForde

Sailor Legs
Star Crossed by SarahForde Am I Not Good Enough? by SarahForde Another Use for This by SarahForde Making Up by SarahForde

Digitally Colored
Sailor Polonium Hyena by SarahForde Solar Guardian by SarahForde Sailor Zodiac: Aquarius by SarahForde Sailor Matelea by SarahForde

Inked Lineart
Astera + Astera WIP by SarahForde Color Me Aluminum Siren by SarahForde Anastasia and Marie - Lineart by SarahForde Color Me Sailor Pluto by SarahForde


:pointr: Done - To Be Mailed :pointl:

:pointr: Active - Paid In Full :pointl:
:bulletgreen: Art for Jenna (planning)
:bulletgreen: Shallan Devar for Susan (inking)
:bulletgreen: Star Butterfly for Melinda H (RICC) (sketching)

:pointr: Pending Payment :pointl:
:bulletred: Illustrations, see note for KeithVII (planning)

:pointr: Done - To Be Mailed :pointl:
:bulletgreen: Ame stream gift (to be shipped)

:pointr: Active - Paid In Full :pointl:
:bulletgreen: Boxer Dog for other Andrew - (FxB Gift) (sketching)
:bulletgreen: Culinarian for Kevin (AAC) (sketching)
:bulletgreen: Blacksmith for Kevin (AAC) (sketching)
:bulletgreen: Weaver for Kevin (AAC) (sketching)
:bulletgreen: Carpenter for Kevin (AAC) (sketching)
:bulletgreen: Saint Germain & Cardia from Code Realize for Joline D (AAC) (inking)
:bulletgreen: Violet Evergarden for Rowan (AAC) (sketching)
:bulletgreen: Queenie for Isaac W (AAC) (sketching)
:bulletgreen: Miku for yuezhengmigi (RICC) (inking)
:bulletgreen: Daredevil for yuezhengmigi (RICC) (sketching)
:bulletgreen: Princess Marco for Melinda H (RICC) (inking)

:pointr: Pending Payment :pointl:

© 2013 - 2021 SarahForde
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Maw1227's avatar
Can i be put on the chibi Notfiy list?

I finally have money to able to pay for one!!! :heart:
SarahForde's avatar
oh yeah sure I will let you know when I open again :D Thanks!
AH! I hoped it wouldn't be closed.  Lol! I had an idea!  Chibi Line art is what I would like. Super simple.  Let me know when it's available again! -Kelly
SarahForde's avatar
Okay! I will let you know when chibi opens :D
Nubbybub's avatar
can i be notified when you open commissions again
SarahForde's avatar
Sure! Which type?
Nubbybub's avatar
SarahForde's avatar
sure! chibi or full body? I ask because sometimes I open chibi without doing the others :)
Nubbybub's avatar
SarahForde's avatar
ok! I will let you know :D
Nubbybub's avatar
xCrystal-Phoenix's avatar
Could I possibly commission you for a Chibi when you re-open these? It's roughly £10 my money, so I'd really love a Chibi when you open these again.
SarahForde's avatar
I will let you know :D
phoenixfirerising's avatar
Oh...that's not bad at all for chibis.  Do you still have room?
SarahForde's avatar
I do! I'm closing at the end of the month :) What do you have in mind?
phoenixfirerising's avatar
I'm a very simple woman...I adore Neo-Queen Serenity.  I've always been a fan of this panel of the manga:… Unless you don't need references for something like that.  I've never commissioned something before.  XD
SarahForde's avatar
So a Neo Queen Serenity chibi with a sweet smile? :D
phoenixfirerising's avatar
Yup yup.  :D  Do you need anything else from me at the moment, besides money?
SarahForde's avatar
Nope! I have lots of refs of her. I can send you a sketch later this week! :D My PayPal is

If you want a mat frame, let me know it's +$1 :D
phoenixfirerising's avatar
All sent (from!  I did include money for a mat.  I did "send to a friend" since it appeared that Paypal would charge you for something. 
SarahForde's avatar
Thank you! I will get you a sketch as soon as I can!! I have a lot of drawings lined up so it might be a little while. You can check the status on this journal page we're commenting on now. :D
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Bwayluver180's avatar
Can I be on the Chibi list please? And would you mind if I send the request through notes? It's a Christmas gift for a big fan of yours =D
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