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By SarahForde


Welcome to my Commission Hub! From this journal you can access all the information about the work I offer.

Please select a type of commission above to be taken to the pricing, examples and information. Each page also has the current to do and progress list for those types of commissions.

Commissioning me means you agree to all the terms on these page.  I have the right to decline any commission or commissioner for any reason at my own personal discretion.  I reserve the right to use your commission as an example of my work in my DA gallery, at conventions, or in my portfolio.


***I really will work for licensed Sailor Moon toys and/or Sailor Moon related items in lieu of money!***
Please note me with your proposals as there's not much I will say no to.  :3  You can see my wish list here but I am willing to trade for many other items as well.

I can accept money order and payment by Paypal or Square Invoice (accepts all major debit/credit cards). Shipping for most items will be around $3 in the US. Please contact me for shipping estimates outside this area.


It is my policy to work with all of my customers to ensure they are happy with the finished art.

Please keep in mind that plushies are meant for DISPLAY ONLY and should not be handled like commercial products.  Likewise, cosplay items and hairbows are hand crafted and need to be treated with care.  However, if there is a problem with your commission, please notify me as soon as possible. I offer free repairs for items that are damaged in normal, day-to-day use for up to one year.  I ask that you pay return shipping to me, and I will pay to return the item to you.

I check in periodically with all my clients throughout the life cycle of a commissioned piece. I also work on my Twitch Creative account so clients can watch their art in progress.

It is essential that you speak up if there's anything amiss sooner rather than later so that we can work together towards a resolution.  Together, we'll be a team in creating the art you want! ♥

© 2010 - 2021 SarahForde
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dokikittyproductions's avatar
Are you open to commissions now?! ^_^  I still have my plush you made me waaaaay back in the day! :D
SarahForde's avatar
awww yay! I am booked up right now sorry ; ~ ; 
dokikittyproductions's avatar
ahh I figured as much! hehe  well hopefully soon commissions will be free :)
Hi,  I'm looking for someone to create a 13th Doctor Who plush and (or) a Leela plush, would you be interested?

my email is
JesterStar's avatar
Would you be interested in making a custom weapon?  I have a drawing done for you if you want.
SarahForde's avatar
Thanks for your interest! I rarely have time to do large scale props due to other obligations but depending on when you'd need it, I might be able to! I'd love to at least take a look at the design to see if it's something I think I could make. :D
JesterStar's avatar
Well. The design isn't all that large.  No larger than a Henshin item....  In fact that's what it is.  Problem is....I can't find the drawing.  -_-'  I can describe it for you in a personal note if you like?
SarahForde's avatar
sure! right now I am crazy swamped with work but I can at least give you a quote so when I open for that kind of thing we can be ready :D
Are you still selling Plushies? :3  Your Sora plushie was so cute. ♥
SarahForde's avatar
Thank you! I am closed right now but I hope to open in the spring sometime! If you get on the mailing list, you will get an email when I'm about to open :D The rest of the info is on this page: :D
Ooh, okay.  Thanks. =D  I signed up.
SarahForde's avatar
Cool! You will get info when I'm about to open then :D
DarkHeart36912's avatar
How much would a
Midna- Legend of Zelda plush cost?
SarahForde's avatar
Hi! I'm not doing quotes right now. I don't do them outside of booked commissions because my prices are likely to change so it wouldn't be true anymore in the future. Please be on the notification list if you're intrested in booking in the future when I reopen. :D

Can I buy the Mavis Vermilion Plush - Fairy Tail.

How much. I will pay for you.

What is the size for this toy.
NaboNaba's avatar
Question. How much would a midna plush be, smaller if possible, as i saw your work and am quite intrested. :)
SarahForde's avatar
Hi there! I'm actually closed for plush right now and a bit reluctant to quote because I think the next time I open, my rates are going to go up. If you want to, please sign up for the notification list for when I reopen and if you're still interested at that time we can go over it :D
Backfrog's avatar
Hi! How much are your plushies? :)
SarahForde's avatar
Hi! All the price and booking information can be found on my plush adoption page, here: [link]

The base price may be changing the next time I open, but as of right now the small ones start at $75 and the large ones start at $150. Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for your interest! :D
ann4rt's avatar
I really like this idea of a commission hub! I might want to adopt it O___O;;
SarahForde's avatar
haha cool! Go for it :3 It was just getting so loooong with everything in one journal. It was kind of overwhelming for me ^___^;
ann4rt's avatar
I see I see! It will help organize things out for me. Sometimes I like to have sales and make a separate journal.. I hate including 9849032420349 links in my sig or anywhere else. One link that leads to everything (which I can then edit to however I like) is cool and easier for everyone XD
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