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By SarahForde

Please visit the Commission Hub for policies & payment info.


The waiting list is currently CLOSED. Please sign up for notification to get an email when it reopens. :la: People on the email notification list are the only people eligible for online open spaces when they become available. 

:bulletblack: Small Plush (8-10") $150-300
:bulletblack: Large Plush (18-20") $250-500

Final price of your plush will depend on the details of the character and their outfit - these prices reflect an estimated range, some characters may be more.

When adopting from me, please keep in mind that these are for display only; they are hand sewn and made (usually) of felt. They are collector's items and not intended to be used or purchased as children's toys. If you treat your plushie roughly (or over-love it) there will be consequences to its appearance! You must be 13 or older to adopt or purchase a custom plushie. Because they are (usually) made of felt and hand made, they cannot be washed and should be handled with care. They come from a home with cats, so if you are allergic please let me know in advance so I can limit kitty exposure.

I can make plushies out of fabric other than felt for an additional materials fee. Please let me know at the time of booking if you would like a quote for this option.

1) If you are interested in a plushie, please sign up for the email notification list. I will message you through there when the wait list is about to open. Openings will be done though an online web form. It will be posted on a set date and time. Adoptions will be selected by the artist based on personal interest and time availability. Those who make it onto the waiting list will be contacted with a quote. I reserve the right to decline a plush adoption for any reason.

2) When I am ready to start the next plush, I will contact the next person on the waitlist for final payment. That will move your plush into Active status. If you fail to make your full payment within 10 days of the request, I will consider your adoption to be abandoned and I will cancel it. You will be removed from the waitlist and you will have to look for the next opening through the email list. 

3) Your plush will be completed and mailed to you usually within 60 days of your payment. If I will not meet the 60 day deadline, I will notify you. You can always check the status of your plush by coming to this page or checking my twitter account for photo updates.

Once I finish the plushie I will ship it to you; shipping will be included in your quote. I will also post a picture up in my gallery so you can see the result before it arrives.


Prussia Plush - Hetalia by SarahForde Sailor Mercury Plush by SarahForde Winter Girl Charity Raffle - Another Anime Con by SarahForde Plush Mei from Overwatch by SarahForde


:pointr: Done - To Be Mailed :pointl:

:pointr: Active - In Progress, Paid in Full :pointl:
:bulletgreen: Magnar for Rose

:pointr: Wait List Pool - CLOSED :pointl:
:bulletred: Sailor Kallichore for Rachel R
:bulletred: Art3mis for Reina
:bulletred: Rimi Ushigome (bang dream) for himeno
:bulletred: Usagi for Nick
:bulletred: for Koi
:bulletred: Asami Sato for Melanie
:bulletred: Io Naruko (Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE!) for Cheyenne

:bulletred: CLOSED. Sign up for notification for when I reopen!

© 2013 - 2021 SarahForde
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roninnuren's avatar
well this work's out perfectly for me (it would take me a long while to get the cash) 
SarahForde's avatar
Thanks for your interest. Be sure to be on the email notification list! I hope to open for wait list sometime in early 2016 :D
HinataFox790's avatar
Shoot! Mine is in progress? But how???
SarahForde's avatar
I'm going to start when I get back from AB, since you're already all paid up. :D
Mistress-Lovely's avatar
is there anychance i could maybe get on that waiting list.
SarahForde's avatar
Thanks for your interest. :D There's an email notification list here:…

If you sign up for that, you will get an email when I am going to open again. :D
evilredcaboose's avatar
hey Sak?
if art trade with you?  What would you want from me?
SarahForde's avatar
Hi! I'm not doing trades right now, sorry!
AlwaysLTA's avatar
How much would it be to have a Chikane in her priest robes from "Kannazuki No Miko" plushie made?
SarahForde's avatar
Hi! Because my rates are not set for the next opening yet, it doesn't make sense for me to do quotes for people now.  Sorry about that! ^___^;  If you want to be kept updated on my commissions, please sign up for the notification list. Before I open another round of slots, I will be doing detailed quotes for everyone that's interested! :D
UltimatePhangirlZoe's avatar
You ARE going to reopen, right? If so, I WANTS ME A PHANTOM PLUSHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (XD squee!)
SarahForde's avatar
Yes! Soon! Make sure you are on the notification list :D
Admin-of-Death's avatar
If I have a question about a plushie do I ask you here or via note? I'm just wondering about characters you can make
SarahForde's avatar
You can ask here or a note :D
Admin-of-Death's avatar
Well I was just wondering how much it would be to get two 8-12inch plushie and also how much it would be to have magnets in the hands.
SarahForde's avatar
quotes are based on the design of the characters, so it depends strongly on what they look like. ^__^ Magnets don't cost extra.

I'm actually not going to be doing specific quotes right now because I am likely going to be changing my prices the next time I open and I don't want to give people the wrong price now. If you want to get an idea of how much they would be, you can show me some references and I can give you a rough range though :D
Admin-of-Death's avatar
Ahh. That's what I figured. I'm on your waiting list cause I was going to get a plushie from you anyways! Your work is amazing by the way! You do an amazing job!
SarahForde's avatar
Oh thank you! If you are on the wait list you will get a note from me when we get close to opening asking about which characters you are interested in and for getting quotes! :D
Admin-of-Death's avatar
Sweet! I can't wait! ^-^
I want the Mavis Vermilion Plush - Fairy Tail. Can I buy it.
SarahForde's avatar
Hi! Thanks for your interest in my plushies. :) I'm closed for commissions right now, but there's a notification list you can sign up for to find out when I open: [link]

I'll be getting in touch with people who are on the list to discuss prices and sizes before I open next time. If you have questions in the meantime, let me know!
EllaKey's avatar
EEEEEE I keep checking the plush waitlist and I see you've started! Is there anyway to know when you'd be working on the livestream, or do I have to stalk and hope?
SarahForde's avatar
I'm starting tonight xD Come on over!! [link]
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