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This is the "last" of the series, but I might do some more of these with other characters. Does anyone actually ship these two? They were just the only ones left ;P

Other Sailor Legs:
Let's Play - Mars & Venus
Come Get Me - Neptune & Uranus
Another Use for This - Mercury & Jupiter
Friends with Benefits - Chibimoon & Saturn
Am I Not Good Enough? - Moon & Fighter
Another Chance - Aluminum Siren & Lead Crow
Making Up - Moon & Mars
Star Crossed - Cosmos & Galaxia
Parallel Pals - Kousagi & Chibichibi
Venus Love Chain Encircle - Venus & Healer
Making Thunder - Jupiter & Maker
River Guardians - Lethe & Mnemosyne
Shocking Love and Beauty - Venus & Jupiter
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Usagi x Setsuna..... HELL YEAH!!😝
Dis be my OTP right here!!😘😘😘