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2012 Plush Pattern - Free

I think I promised someone I would upload this before the end of the year. Well, here we are. 8D

Have fun.

I had sew, the seam allowance on this is only like 1/8". Beef it up if you need more space :D

Need help putting it together??
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Hello, if I were to just kinda eyeball this pattern (printer doesnt work) would it still turn out alright?

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maybe! Def give it a go!

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Hello. 1) This pattern looks great I can't wait to try it, your videos explain it really well that I think even I can follow it. 2) Quick question: if you were to print this pattern out on 8.5x11 paper what size would the finished plush be? I just want to make sure I have enough materials.
Either way: looks great, very excited, looks to be a very fun project based on the plushies you posted.
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Belated reply! I think it would be around 7" ish if I remember right

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Hey there ! I just want to thank you so much for this doll pattern ! I started making dolls in 2017 with this very pattern and 4-5 years down the line , im still making them for various reasons and occasions.( this year im trying to make anthro furries with this pattern ! ) Again thank you so much , heres the link to all the works done using this pattern :

I don't have all my 4-5 years worth in there mostly because I forget to take pictures of the older ones-

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wow so amazing!! ♥

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Can I use the base to do a plush
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oh yes please do

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Hello, I really love this pattern as its pretty simple and easy to follow! Though i have a small question as for the hair.  Would perhaps yarn be easy to put? Like for a more stylized hair i mean
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Sure if you wanted to!
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I'm tempted to make a plush of N from pokemon with this.
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This might sound stupid, but how would you attach the arms? Before or after sewing the body?
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either way. I do after if the seams will be hidden by clothing and before if they will show :D
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Ah, sweet, I'm spoiled for choice lol.

If you do after, is it the same method as sewing the head? Or another one?

Also (Sorry for so many questions, I'm making my first plush after years and I want to make it perfect lmao) When creating the clothes, they're meant to slip on like normal clothes? And what pattern did you use to a shirt? I'm no good at creating patterns and I can't find a decent one aha. 
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Totally okay! I just stitch it on normally when I do it on the outside since you don't see it I don't bother about being neat :'D

If I sew it in the seam I usually cut a little half circle in the body to attach it. 

For a shirt it really depends on the design, but usually its just a front and back a little bigger than the body with openings for sleeves which are usually just tubes. :D
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Aha, thanks!

I took long to reply as I wanted to keep this open in my notifications on what to do lmao. my finished piece (after 7 days, yay children) 
The head was a pain to sew on but the rest was fairly easy to do!
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oh my goodness you did a great job!!
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Thank you!! I made another one for a friend that was a fighting fuck aha. The beak was a challenge. Now the next challenge is to try and create an afro for my daughter's doll as she want's a custom sailor scout aha
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This seems pretty old but I was wondering how you put together the head pieces and everything. Its my first time trying to make a human plushy
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in the comments there's a link to a video that shows how to put it together :D 
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these are a bit old but i wasnt using deviantart actively at the time and now that i've found your pattern again i just wanted to show you what i've made and thank you for the pattern!! i use it a lot to make gifts for friends! here and here
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