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2010 Plushie Pattern



It's 2011 and I have drafted a new body pattern for my plushies! That means you get the old one!


This is a pretty simple pattern consisting of two parts for the body and legs with four parts for the arms. It evolved from an old pattern from *AshFantastic. The head pattern is drafted from a 1996 Banpresto Sailor Saturn plushie and if you need help putting it together I made a video tutorial:

Click download to get the full-size, print ready PDF! The seam allowance is very small, about 1/4" or smaller because I hand sew everything. If you want to use this pattern on a machine you definitely want to add more seam allowance. :)

Most of the sailor fuku parts from my old pattern should still fit this one (you might have to make the gloves and shoes a bit larger though).

Have fun crafting! :boogie:

Q: Do I have to credit you for this pattern?
A: Sure, if you want to! But it's pretty generic so I don't really care if you don't.

Q: Can I use this pattern to make plushies and sell them?
A: Definitely! Go for it! :D

Q: Can I modify this pattern and call it my own?
A: Sure! Honestly, do whatever you want with it :P

Q: Do you have any more tips on putting it together?
Yes, this and this should help.
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this is a simple template, I hope people tried it cause I wanna try it someday