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2010 Plushie Pattern

By SarahForde
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It's 2011 and I have drafted a new body pattern for my plushies! That means you get the old one!


This is a pretty simple pattern consisting of two parts for the body and legs with four parts for the arms. It evolved from an old pattern from *AshFantastic. The head pattern is drafted from a 1996 Banpresto Sailor Saturn plushie and if you need help putting it together I made a video tutorial:

Click download to get the full-size, print ready PDF! The seam allowance is very small, about 1/4" or smaller because I hand sew everything. If you want to use this pattern on a machine you definitely want to add more seam allowance. :)

Most of the sailor fuku parts from my old pattern should still fit this one (you might have to make the gloves and shoes a bit larger though).

Have fun crafting! :boogie:

Q: Do I have to credit you for this pattern?
A: Sure, if you want to! But it's pretty generic so I don't really care if you don't.

Q: Can I use this pattern to make plushies and sell them?
A: Definitely! Go for it! :D

Q: Can I modify this pattern and call it my own?
A: Sure! Honestly, do whatever you want with it :P

Q: Do you have any more tips on putting it together?
Yes, this and this should help.
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Do you have a video tutorial for making longer hair?
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I don't, just a drawn one: :thumb306572185:
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I'm using this pattern to plushiefy one of my story characters, but I'm still a little confused on how to put the head together after watching the video in regards to the chin and the sides of the head, please help?
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Hi! Sorry I know the video could be a lot better. I hope to make time to re-do it in the future.

If the chin is on the table in front of you with the point down, you line the thinner edge of the side parts up with the straight parts of the chin edges so they swoop away from the chin part out to the sides. 
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thank you so much!! can't wait to finish making it
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When you said " The seam allowance is very small, about 1/4" " did you mean that you already included the seam allowance into the pattern pieces or is that just a suggested amount of seam allowance to add when you're using this pattern and cutting out the pieces of fabric?
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That's my seam allowance that's already in it :)
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I cant wait to get started! anything you can tell me about faces? im making a plushie of catman from kiss for my friend and idk how to do the, i also need help with hair and is this the full size? 
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I started off painting the faces with acrylic and eventually moved onto doing drawn faces on iron on transfer paper. Now I do digital faces onto iron on paper. You can also embroider but that's sooo much more work :'D If you make the whole face white, maybe that would be best for catman, then you can paint the face on or iron on transfer the black.

There's a download button on the right side of the page for the full size. I also have a 2012 pattern: :thumb423167622:

Dig through DA's tutorials, you might be able to find some great stuff!…

I have one basic hair tut which is here:…

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thanks so so much! and hmm maybe i could cut out the shapes of his makeup?
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Oh yes, you could do that, too! Piecing is a pain in the butt, but sometimes it works out well!
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ill contact you when i need help! Cx
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Thank you so much! This looks like a simple pattern--the complicated feet ones always get me. x-x
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haha yeah they are cute though :3 Starting simple then learning as you go will help a lot!
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I can post it now as my partner has received her XD…
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I got the body and clothes all done. :XD: I'm trying to do the eyes and rest of the face, but I'm having a really hard time with the eyes and what not. I can't get them to be pretty like the eyes you do for your plushies! :( 

I've tried watching some youtube videos, but I didn't find a good one for colored pencils. (a lot of nice ones for copic markers, but I don't have them and they don't work well with transfer paper.)

I'm making a Frida Kahlo  doll for a craft swap, I really want my partner to like the plushie I'm making! So any tips would hep a lot. :D
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The eyes take practice. If you look back at my older ones, you can see how far they've come.

Are you doing hand drawn with iron on for the eyes? It was never a very great technique. I'm doing digital print with iron ons now.
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Digital sounds less stressful, I wish I could do that route instead. I don't have a printer at the moment.  :(

My brother in law is really good at drawing, especially the type of eye I want. So I plan on seeing if he can help me out. If not I'll wing it. lol
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I changed my mind about the digital-maybe I can do it. :D 

I found these eyes that are pretty nice. #3…

is the resolution high enough? will they work?
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Oh my gosh this is perfect!! :D I made my first plushie ever for a friend for her birthday, and she loved it! Thank you so much!!! I'm going to make lots more plushies with this pattern.
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