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Tidal Passages

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When painting this piece, I began asking myself: What is intriguing about an entryway into a large, hole-filled structure? What’s inside? What potential answers to that question perpetuated the intrigue and which did not? 

Fantasy elements in art create room for uncertainty and possibility, and when you speculate, your own thoughts become a part of the image. There is something in all of us left craving more, leaving our imagination sparked, when a movie stops short of showing us the aliens or a book stops short of giving us a fully-resolved ending. There’s a satisfaction in pursuing an unknown, but always a disappointment once a finite answer is had. So much of childhood for me was experiencing this fascination with the world, and  adulthood has been constant squashing of it with answers.
If I'm to leave the disappointment of concrete answers behind, the answer to where the tunnels inside lead must be an unknown in and of itself. I've painted these hole-riddled rocks before, and I think they may be a network...each rock filled with tunnels to other rocks, in new exciting places, filled with tunnels to more rocks. Perhaps you wander through the dark and each passage shifts alignment as the tide shifts, always leading to somewhere unknown.  The rock is the place I go into when I start new work. I have aphantasia and I never start artwork with an image in mind. I wander through the dark with a hand on the wall, making decisions blindly until I start to see light, driven by the intrigue of what might be on the other side. 
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I want to visit this place. It's stunning.

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It's absolutely stunning! I just love the color scheme in this! If only this was a real place...
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Wow! This is beautiful!

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Lovely colors!

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This is absolutely stunning! And I love your explanation attached below and the concept of all these tunnels leading into the unknown- with infinite possibilities!

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Thanks! Curiosity is at the root of all the things we enjoy, I think...when we watch a movie, listen to music, read a book, we do so because we are intrigued by the discovery of the experience, or we are reminiscing on the discovery we made in the past (when we watched/read/listened/saw for the first time). Or maybe it is just one "spice of life," since variety can probably be more to blame for why food is enjoyable. I don't remember the first time I had cheesecake every time I enjoy a cheesecake after all. Maybe I need to make a painting about variety...

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Is this oil painting?

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What a breathtaking piece! Wow! I love everything about it. The colours, the atmosphere, the imagination, and yet this wonderful realism with nothing being too wildly different from something you really could encounter that makes this so believable.

This is like looking straight into a beautiful dream, and I can't thank you enough for sharing it with us. 💚

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Thank you! I'm so happy to hear it strikes that dreamlike chord!

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I love this piece, I think one of your best at the moment. I also love the text you wrote about it. Watching the image, I imagine this is some kind of prison for an exiled sorcerer.

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This is absolutely beautiful <3

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