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Pink Power Ranger Helmet

Okay, it's EXPENSIVE and difficult to make one out of resin and such if you don't have the skills.

I made one that looked alright for my cosplay using a motorcycle helmet and modifying it. Any questions, just comment! I put as little 'text' as possible and more understandable pics in case other people who don't understand English can understand. This method works for me but you can substitute a few steps if you have other kinds of materials that are suited for it. I have an X-wing pilot helmet made somewhat like this too and I probably should put up that tutorial... Heh.

The tutorial is huge so save it somehow and view it using a picture viewer so you can see details and such easily.
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Well created, thanks for this!
DreamingHero's avatar
Looks good, i only wonder if it is comfortable to wear it like that ...hmm and where to get a cheap helmet now xD
GokuOfMana's avatar
That came out pretty good! I may have to use this method.
sakurita-chan2011's avatar
Wuouoooo ... !!!!! :D it s a incredible job!!!!
Oh my fraking goodness! Thanks for the awesome idea! I want a Power Rangers helmet so bad but I refuse to pay 300+ dollars for one and the tutorials on Youtube seem to need a lot of items. With your tutorial I can actually make a "street legal" Power Rangers helmet and be the envy of every scooter driver!
zabuza890's avatar
can you make one for the green ranger helmet
excelladon's avatar
Sweet, i love it.
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Great work! This will be helpful with my cosplay that uses a helmet =]
YondaimesLegacy's avatar
So you just used a basic biker helmet as the base and then just added the rest on top of it?
Toonie-Fox's avatar
The irony of using putty to make a Power Rangers helmet is not lost on me XP.
kipation's avatar
thats pretty cool, im gonna dress up as the pink ranger next halloween and i've been wondering how to make a helmet
Dalek1965's avatar
Is it possible to use this tutorial as a guideline for making a Kamen Rider helmet?
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Man, it's been a while since I checked here but YES. I used the same method for other characters not of the Power Ranger sort too.
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I have a question, the blaster in the final picture, did you buy it? Or make it? And if you did make it may I ask how? Ive been thinking wood and foam but if you have any ideas Id love to know ^^. I plan on going as Trini, the original Yellow ranger this coming year to Anime Detour, and if possible Kakkoi con.
sarahcoldheart's avatar
I bought it on ebay. But I know you CAN make it out of foam more. I'm more partial to using foam and then wall putty instead of wood. For the gloss bits, you can paint it over with acrylic type of paints or even laquer.
Wikki-Z's avatar
that is simply awesome. Looks very authentic. brings back good memories... <3
Pink Ranger was one of my faves as ranger shall always remain my top favourite.
KaraZor-El's avatar
Very clever! I used to make them out of paper mache...they took FOREVER to make but it was SOOO FUN! ^__^

I love to see other people take what they have and do really awesome, creative things ^__^
StoyBoy720's avatar
This is very creative! I like it :)
Tonsy's avatar
you have a very nice creative mind.. this was amazing :)
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Excellent! Just the sort of thing I've been needing, many thanks!
TheSilverSerpent1's avatar
Oh, by the way: How do you make the rest of the suit?
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THAT, I got a tailor since I don't have a machine for lycra! The other bits, well it's mainly finding white shoes and then white gloves and pvc and such to make the extra bits.
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