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Under the Sun Cover by sarah2231 Under the Sun Cover :iconsarah2231:sarah2231 8 5 Work Space by sarah2231 Work Space :iconsarah2231:sarah2231 0 0
And The Words Rain Down
My art is like the rain
That falls in spring.
It comes Suddenly.
There's no umbrella to catch it.
I've been in a drought.
I need the rain to moisten
The dry crust around my heart.
So I pray for it to fall
But it doesn't.
Then one day, signs of a storm appear.
Strong winds shake the tree leaves.
Dark clouds roll in.
It's evening when the skies open up
And water pours from the heavens.
My mama tells me God is crying,
But I know better.
I listen to the pitter patter on the roof,
While I sit in the kitchen,
Watching rain drops slide down 
The window panes. 
Suddenly I get that itch to write.
I feel that familiar cramp in my right hand,
Where my pen should be.
Sometimes the storm is brief
And the ink on the page drys quickly.
Sometimes it brings floods,
And my words are swept away. 
:iconsarah2231:sarah2231 1 2
Inspiration breaks like a dam.
Let it burst.
I think speak and write now.
Let it burst.
Looking back I lost touch.
Let it burst.
But this voice is confidant.
Let it burst.
Practice, practice, I say.
Let it burst.
Make this time count.
Let it burst.
:iconsarah2231:sarah2231 2 0
This Heart
Broken hearts bleed
Like open wounds -
Or so they say.
Mine's got this funny way
Of not feeling.
It does that lub-dub, lub-dub
Like other hearts, so
I know it's alive.
But when painful memories
Resurface, like they always do,
I wait for my heart to react but
Nothing happens.
This got me thinking,
Is it supposed to be this way?
When I'm hurting, does
My heart need to hurt too?
My answer is no.
It's enough that my eyes cry
And the tears dry on my cheeks.
I'd rather curl into a ball
And pretend to sleep.
Or ignore my phone when
It starts buzzing.
I've got some cookies in
The freezer, ready to bake.
That sweet, gooey goody
Is exactly what I need
To make myself feel sick.
If broken hearts do bleed
Like open wounds, maybe
Mine will bleed too.
Not that stuff that stains
Bed sheets red.
That won't do.
Let it bleed like rich chocolate
Does into raw cookie dough,
That bakes and burns in the oven.
:iconsarah2231:sarah2231 0 3
I Dreamed I Touched the Sky
In the morning I longed to touch the sky.
At night, I dreamed I did.
I dreamed I saw clouds sailing across the blue expanse
Like boats traversing a calm ocean.
Farther and farther they sailed away
Leaving me behind to gaze after them.
Then came a pair of mourning doves,
As swift as arrows, shooting past me.
I marveled at their speed.
Though small, they were incredibly agile
And naturally in sync.
I wanted to join them, spread my arms and take flight.
To my disappointment, my arms would not rise.
I floated where I was, suspended midair,
And could not signal my body to move.
Frustrated, I tried to wiggle my toes.
Still, I felt nothing.
Meanwhile, the doves had circled back
And had been joined by four more of their kind.
Together they flew as a single bird, closer than before,
Their wings spread wide.
I was unsatisfied watching from my spot.
The urge to chase, soar, and seek shelter from the sun
Swelled within me.
Behind folds of white, I w
:iconsarah2231:sarah2231 2 0
A Setting in Your Life
Beyond a glass window, an assortment of baked goods beckons to me from the front counter of the cafe. Behind me a line of people is beginning to form. Despite the pressure to order quickly, that familiar problem arises. Which one should I choose? The blueberry muffins look exceptionally delicious but I’ve never tasted one. Next to them, on a silver tray, are slices of pumpkin pound cake. Immediately, my craving for something sweet intensifies. But, it’s not till I notice the lonely lemon bar on a tray behind the pound cake that I settle on what to order.
Even as I stare, salivating, I am imagining the taste of the chilled good. Its insides are moist and the top most layer is shrouded by a lavish amount of snow-powdered sugar. The decadent dessert is difficult to deny and before I can stop myself, I am ordering a single serving from the teen at the register. His sky blue eyes have been studying me with interest since I stepped up to the counter, indecisive as always. Hearing
:iconsarah2231:sarah2231 2 0
Happy Couple, Sad Couple, and Happy Again
Living in a world that revolved around you was natural, until one day when it wasn't. I can't recall when that happened exactly or what changed. All I know (with absolute certainty) is that I no longer feel alone or like I'm missing something whenever we're apart. Just as the world continues to turn and life goes on, I wake up every morning to the promise of a new day, fresh with no mistakes in it, and I am confident that just as the sun, moon, and stars have a purpose, so do I. Though you won't be there to say hello, wish me well, or tell me that I've been missed, it's alright. Everything is alright. For the first time, I feel liberated from the restrictions I set for myself. I can finally acknowledge and accept these feelings of mine. I'm no longer swayed by the good or burdened by the bad. I can treasure all the memories imprinted on my heart and cherish the time I spent with you.
You disrupted my life in the same way that a loud noise shatters a serene silence. You broke down barri
:iconsarah2231:sarah2231 0 0
I Write For You
You have asked me before, why do you write, and
my response is never the same. My dear, there is no
definite answer to your question. I write because I feel it.
If I do not feel it, I do not write.
Today, in this moment, I write for you.
As the pen glides across the surface of the blank page,
I feel my hand tingling, and so I grip it tighter.
I wonder if the pen has learned to think for itself,
or is it my hand that knows exactly what I want to say,
even before I do?
For, it keeps the pen moving, crafting letter after letter,
with no predictable end in mind. It does not stop when I will it to,
but only when it has written all that need be said, for the time being.
:iconsarah2231:sarah2231 0 0
Leaf Decay by sarah2231 Leaf Decay :iconsarah2231:sarah2231 4 0 Firework Flower by sarah2231 Firework Flower :iconsarah2231:sarah2231 20 0 Golden Spring by sarah2231 Golden Spring :iconsarah2231:sarah2231 2 0 Desert Flower by sarah2231 Desert Flower :iconsarah2231:sarah2231 20 0
Weather Warfare
This I have seen: the earth transformed into a barren wasteland, forests sporting trees with gnarled limbs, glaciers melting and oceans rising, fires burning, and the wind howling as the planet deteriorates into ash. Consider then, that if all this resulted from the wicked deeds of man, would not nature be entitled to rebel? 
:iconsarah2231:sarah2231 2 2
One Shot Cupid
"Moving target?"
"My arrows never miss." 
:iconsarah2231:sarah2231 4 2
Let's Talk about Happiness
What does it mean to be happy?
The word "happy" is denoted as being: characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy. So, what does this definition mean? Is it one shared by every person? How can this mental state be transformed into one that is physical?
The majority of people are aware of the phrase, "the pursuit of happiness". Being happy is what every person strives for and works towards, yet most people go their entire lives without ever feeling that they achieved true happiness. It's unfortunate, but nonetheless true. And then, there are those that give up on pursuing happiness because it seems like a goal that is impossible to reach; as well as others who consider happiness to be a foreign concept. Why is this so?
In my opinion, happiness is not an unattainable state. Happiness comes in many forms and each person experiences it in multiple ways. The trick is to stop believing that happiness is a tangible product that m
:iconsarah2231:sarah2231 5 12




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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Hello everyone! :iconcutehiplz: :iconhappysunplz:
Welcome to my page: :iconsparklesplz: Midsummer Afterglow :iconsparklesplz:
My name is Sarah and there are many things which make up who I am. Most likely there would be far too much I could say about myself so I'll keep it simply to art. I have a deep love for reading :reading: and writing and I have tried my hand at the latter and found it to be somewhat of a passion of mine now. I put a lot of work into every piece I write and hope that I can continue to do so as I improve and build upon my love for this precious art. :love:

I began by writing FanFiction and have found that it is more difficult to do than I used to imagine. But I love it and once I finish my story For Always, (a Naruto FF), I will move on to begin my first original project! :happybounce:

I used to write all of my stories (short and long) in Microsoft Word Document but recently I have discovered a writing program that blows every other one away. This program is Scrivener!!! :squee:

Scriviner is the most wonderful and organized writing program I have ever come across. It helps me to get my work done and enjoy writing all the more. Although I am not a Scrivener expert just yet, I am taking advantage of the basics and I love that I get to learn more and more about it as I write. What I appreciate the most is that Scrivener really suits me. I don't use every feature it offers but I don't need to. It's a program created for writers and I've never felt more at home with my writing than when I open it up and see everything in one place!

I am currently a part time university student and I make sure to set aside time for my writing.

If you wanna get to know me then comment or message me and I will reply when I can! I'm a very open person and friendly as well so don't ever be afraid to express your ideas or opinions with me as I tend to be very honest myself. :D

If you come across any of my art that you would like to use for any reason please ask my permission first and I may or may not agree to let you use it depending on what it is for. I tend to be lenient with this subject as I have let people use my art in the past but I still must be wary of people who snoop around to steal art and I never want that to happen to me and it makes me sad when I hear that it has happened to other talented and respected artists here on DA. :disbelief:

Please check out my Wattpad for my story: Under the Sun… :w00t:

Go ahead and browse and enjoy my gallery! :boogie:


Favorite photographer: Jim Zuckerman
Favorite Fantasy Author:Juliet Marillier
Favorite Manga/Anime: Way too many! XD
Favourite style of art: Writing and Photography
MP3 player of choice: Ipod/Iphone
Favourite cartoon character: Itachi Uchiha
Personal Quote: "Time waits for no one."


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