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SoC App - Eleoe



thanks to :iconpsyalera: I revived my elebby. Hope this is fine~ :iconlazycryplz: ))



Age: ??

Race: Half Earth-NymphHalf Water-Nymph

Height:162 cm

Job: Pretty much unemployed. If the rare occasion should occure that she needs money... she just somehow gets it.

Weapon :Blowpipe with self-mixed poison/anesthetics.

Personality:She seems curious and rather freehearted at first. Yet she usualy won’t do
anything that has no benefit for her(benefit also would be to kill time
with something fun) or if it holds any danger for her. Yet while she
doesn’t care if she dies or lives, she dislikes pain. She
holds no interested in getting too involved with anyone (or so she
makes herself belive) yet she won’t really avoid anyone as long as they
are no threat to her. She doesn’t really care about decency in any way.

History: Born as a hybrid, she was alone with her mother early on. It’s rare for such
a half-child to survive as they usualy are just layed down somewhere
and left to die. Her mother couldn’t do this though and she payed the
price, dying early without any support. Eleoe grew old enough though to
take care of herself. At
her little pond, she just barely got any contect to other living people
except for the few animals around her. At one point of her life, she
got the chance to travel with someone and even after they got parted,
her curiousity pulled her further to finally reach the place she seeked,
seeing the towns, meeting new people, fighting in the war. Yet
this curiousity pulled her away again as she decided to travel the
world(aka my hitaus:iconlazycryplz:) a bit again, freely this time, just
with Betsy the Butterfly, leading her through events that turned the
clumsy airhead to the rather indifferent girl she is now~


~the war
~getting involved in funny stuff
~getting involved in anything she cannot just escape from~
too serious people

Abilities: Eleoe used to use water and earth magic. She still is captable of small
things yet she actually turned away from it... She still has the
potential and probably could learn a lot with the right teacher~
Additional Infos:~Talks to Betsy van Cloverleaf (ele isn’t good with finding names, lol) like to a real person.~Loves to sit outside near water in the night, watching the moon.~Has a very pretty handwriting.... *so important 8D*~Sometimes just disappears for some days.~Really treasures the necklace she wears.
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*Q* Pretty!!!

And I really like the features and stuff, great job on designing her!

*will read the history and info when home again*