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ID 8.3 by SaRaH-lAyToN ID 8.3 :iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 1 0
Healing - Bucky x ChronicallyIll!Reader
WARNING: Little bit of light swearing. Read with caution if that offends ya
"He dumped you... cause he couldn't handle the illness?"
Nat looked at me as I flicked the cigarette ash into the ash-tray.
"Pretty much," I mumbled, taking another drawl, "he couldn't adapt to it, to the meds, the appointments, the pain and fatigue and he didn't want to become a career."
"What, a knob head." She sighed, taking a sip of wine.
We were sat on Tony's balcony, waiting for the pizza to arrive. After I had returned to the tower, red eyed and cheeks fresh with tears, Nat had dragged me to the balcony and told Tony to order Pizza in whilst she extracted the truth from me.
"I guess..." I sighed.
"Don't tell me you miss him? He's not worth the time of day." She dismissed.
"No, it not that - it just opened my eyes. Who does want to date a girl with so many things wrong with her?" I sighed, looking over the city.
A sharp pain shot through my spinal column and it was then I realise
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 17 3
A Rose - France
Something passed by your hand, that felt rather silky smooth and soft. Grasping it, you pulled out the pink object and stared at the flower in your hand.
“A, rose?” you asked, confused.
“Oh-hon-hon! Ma belle, zhat is mine!” A man with shoulder length blonde hair and a strong accent stepped forward, taking the rose from your hands and placing it behind your ear.
“Oh lord,” England groaned as France took you from the Brit’s arms, cradling her in his own.
France glared at the country, before looking back down at you, face softening at your look up.
Bonjour, ma petit pois. I am France, and your new papa.” He cooed softly.
“B-Bon-j-jour.” You repeated, stumbling a bit over the foreign language, but your father’s face lit up all the same,
“Aww, you are so doux!” he exclaimed, hugging you tight.
“I guess we better had leave the meeting there,” sighed America, looking put out t
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 39 7
ID Again... by SaRaH-lAyToN ID Again... :iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 3 0 Draw It Again Meme! by SaRaH-lAyToN Draw It Again Meme! :iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 3 0
Untitled - The Rambling Thoughts of Anxiety
The Vodka burns in my throat, but the pain does not compare to the pressure upon my lungs and chest that I feel, and the sting from the dent in my pride.
The cigarette ash drops and smears my jeans, but not as much as the red stains my wrist.
The bruises on my arms are tender and afresh, but not as new as the tears that blur my vision as I stare at the floor and wonder “why must I fuck every thing up? Why must I be such a fuck up?”
Just as I thought I had escaped the hell hounds that had been chasing me, they pin me to the ground and rip at my neck, the demons that I had locked away bursting free and surrounding me, whispering in my ears.
And I remember everything.
They told me suicide was hanging from a rope, or a bullet through my skull, falling from a tall building or swallowing too many pills.
But maybe that’s not all of it.
Maybe it’s crossing the road and not looking.
Maybe it’ smoking in hopes you get cancer.
Maybe it’s drinking until the sun
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 4 1
Gabriel x Winchester!Reader - Monthly Problems
“Need any more Advil over there, [name]?”
You blearily looked up from where you were lying face down on the couch, a hot water bottle pressed against your aching stomach. Dean smiled, throwing the packet over, which you took two from; downing them down with [fav alcohol], true Winchester style.
It was at this point the door to the bunker opened, Sam coming down the stairs, holding a carrier bag.
“Beer for Dean, and sweet stuff for [name].” he said, taking the respective items out the bag and throwing them over to you.
You dived for the chocolate, demolishing it before realising halfway through that Sam had only brought a small bar – this is why you normally got Dean to get you it.
“You alright?” Dean looked over and frowned as he saw the wrapper, “dude, you only got her a little one?”
“That’s a little one?!”
“Right now, yeah!”
“Boys, no fighting!” you whined.
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 47 2
A (Burnt) Scone - England
Something brushed past your hand, and you grasped at it, bringing it out.
“A scone?” Confused, but happy – boy, were you starving – you raised it to your mouth, before cries of despair were called.
“No, don’t eat that, duddette!”
“Zut alors, ma chere, do not eat zhat!”
“Stop frau!”
“Bella, no!”
“Shut up, all of you!” You looked to see England smiling down at you, “go on, love, you enjoy it.”
Grinning, you took a bite, chewing and then swallowing – granted, it was slightly crispy and a little burnt, but good none the less.
“The poor fleur, someone call Poison Control!” England glared at France, who was groaning in despair from his seat.
“Be quiet, you bloody frog!”
“Is it yours?” you asked timidly.
“Yes, love, it’s mine. Now, we need to think of a name for you… hmm… what would a lovely lady like you be called…
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 60 5
First Dates
Sherlock turned at the voice of his teenage daughter, looking at her as she stood in the doorway. Already, he could tell something was up – and he knew exactly what.
“What is his name?”
She blinked, but sighed.
“What gave me away?” she muttered, moving into the room to take a seat.
“For one, you have a subtle scent of a male’s cologne on you, that is not your own, nor mine nor your uncles or Johns. Second, you are clutching your mobile, the screen lit up, indicating you have just been texting – the name at the top has heart emoticons around it. Third, there is a scrap of paper in your pocket, with a number on. The number has been smudged slightly, and you have attempted to scrawl over it with your own pen, suggesting you wish to keep it. And forth, that chain you are now wearing was not on you this morning, and it is undoubtedly a mans.”
She nodded quietly, before speaking.
“He’s called Peter. He
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 5 2
Ep. 1 - Layla Winchester
“What are we going to do with her?” Dean asked, watching as the taller Winchester wandered round the room, gently rocking the small child as she slept, head resting upon his shoulder.
“I dunno, Dean, I don’t think there is much we can do.” Sam frowned, petting her hair.
“I don’t think we can keep her, it would be too dangerous – and what do we know about raising a kid?” Dean said, watching as Sam carefully laid her on a bed, tucking her under the covers.
“We don’t. But, we can’t leave her. We found her sitting there; her family dead around her, a demon also dead, and all she said was something about a white light, before she passed out.” Sam said softly, “I don’t think she’s safe on her own, without some sort of protection.”
Dean exhaled slowly, watching as she turned slightly under the covers, thumb in mouth.
“I don’t know what to do then.” He mulled softly.
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 8 1
ID 2015 by SaRaH-lAyToN ID 2015 :iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 4 0
Light Pink Scarf - 2P! Romano
WARNING; Swearing is involved - but its a 2P story, so I doubt many are surprised.
Something brushed over your hands, something that felt light and soft…
Grasping it, you pulled out the object, to revel a light pink scarf. It was cool to the touch and felt slightly like water.
“Huh? Poland, is this you?” England asked.
Poland’s eyes narrowed.
“Like, no way. That’s made of, like, silk, and I soo don’t do silk. Makes my neck like really itchy.” He dismissed.
“So, who’s…”
A white flash suddenly scooped your from England’s arms, spinning round in a whirlwind so fats that his rose spectacles fell off.
“Oh darn, where-a did they go?” Flavio paused for a moment, looking round until he spotted them under the table.
“Ah no, its’a the 2p, bastardo.” Romano scowled.
“Languar round-a the bambini!” Flavio scowled, crouching
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 162 16
Pasta Piece - Italy
You felt round, before your hand brushed over something hard… and curly?
“Huh?” you pulled the object out, only to find – a, a pasta piece?
“Pasta… Italy!” The large German said.
“Is it-a me? Yay! I can-a cook her pasta and tell her stories about-a Grandpa Rome!” The bubbly Italian rushed over, scooping you into his arms and spinning round. You gave a squeal, throwing your arms round his neck.
“Vell, let us go home. Ve shall get novhere now.” Germany sighted.
“Agreed. We shall meet again in London.” Sighed England, picking his scone out the hat and nibbling on it whilst he packed his brief case up.
Italy had chosen to skip out the meeting hall, still holding you.
At the yell, you gave a whimper, before hiding your face in Italy’s shoulder.
“Huh?” he turned to find Romano marching towards him, “oh! Fratello, I guess this-a makes you a Zio now!”
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 177 42
Bucky x Teen!Reader - Subtle Similarities
WARNING: Some swearing, little bit of violence, mentioning of PTSD
All you could hear was yelling.
“What is going on now?” you muttered, taking a drink of the scotch you had poured yourself, trying to decode what was being shouted across the tower.
“I am not happy with this!” You recognized Tony’s voice, whose scotch you were currently drinking.
“Stark, I don’t think you get much choice in this!” That was Steve – oh lord, what now?
Taking the drink with you, you wandered over to the hallway where the yelling was coming from, leaning casually in the doorframe. Tony looked pretty pissed, arms flailing everywhere as he tried to prove whatever point he was making. Steve was trying to calm him, but it didn’t seem to be working.
You then heard footsteps behind you – they weren’t heavy enough to be Thor’s, they were too heavy to be Natasha’s, Bruce was still cooped up in his lab, Loki was in his room, s
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 42 2
Gabriel X Chubby!Reader - Fat Bottom Girls
Fat Bottom Girls, you make the rockin’ world go round!
You were a large lady. There was no two ways about it. Yet, you happily embraced your plus-sized body.
But, like every girl, ranging from the model-thin to the fluffy bunnies, you had your days where you wish you could change how you looked.
“Oooooh, you’re gonna take me home tonight! Ooooh, down by the red fire light! Ooooh, you gonna let it all hang out, fat bottom girls you make the rocking world go round!” You rolled your eyes as your heard Dean enter, singing Queen unfortunately rather off-tune, trying to focus on your book.
“Dude, unless you dig large chicks, you can’t sing it.” Sam said, looking up from his laptop.
“Sorry for liking my ladies normal sized.” Dean said sarcastically.
“Oi, watch it, squirrel, or you’ll be making good friends with my plus-sized fist.” You merely commented, not looking up from your book.
“Sorry [name].”
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 158 18
Lucifer X Reader - I Won't Let You Go
Long steady road, Oh travel, be kind
I'm searching for some peace of mind

The pain never really subsided.
You drove on down the highway, eyes fixed firmly on the road, police radio crackling through the air. You were on a hunt. Hunting meant you had to focus on something else. Hunting meant you could forget about the pain, if only temporary.
This one was a demon. It was a simple task, shouldn’t take you that long. Then, you’d be looking for another job, another monster to kill. Anything to keep you concentrating on something other than that hollow pit in your stomach, that ache in your chest.
You heard a set of wings flutter, but they no longer made your heart mimic the movement like they did before.
“Castiel,” you said calmly, [e/c] eyes flickering to the rear-view mirror.
“[Name]. Dean would like to know why you had not been answering your phone.” The angel asked, gruff voice still as you remembered.
“Kinda hard to chat on the phone wh
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 67 3


KND OPERATION: S.C.A.M. (pdf comic) by DanileeNatsumi KND OPERATION: S.C.A.M. (pdf comic) :icondanileenatsumi:DanileeNatsumi 120 33 OPERATION: C.R.E.A.T.E. by DanileeNatsumi OPERATION: C.R.E.A.T.E. :icondanileenatsumi:DanileeNatsumi 458 126
Xiaolin Showdown 100 Theme Challenge
1. Xiaolin
2. Heylin
3. Omi
4. Kimiko
5. Raimundo
6. Clay
7. Master Fung
8. Dojo
9. Monks
10. Jack Spicer
11. Wuya
12. Chase Young
13. Fight
14. Warrior
15. Shen Gong Wu
16. Xiaolin Showdown
17. Le Mime
18. Katnappe
19. Shen Yi Bu Dare
20. Chameleon-Bot
21. Sapphire Dragon
22. Tubbimura
23. Mala Mala Jong
24. Master Dashi
25. PandaBubba
26. Vlad
27. Cyclops
28. Apprentice
29. Sands of Time
30. Master Monk Guan
31. Sibini
32. Raksha
33. The Black Vipers
34. Jermaine
35. Ying Yang World
36. Cats
37. Bird of Paradise
38. Hannibal Roy Bean
39. Blind Swordsman
40. Dreams
41. Chucky Choo
42. Future
43. Past
44. Failure
45. Family
46. Rivals
47. Blood
48. Betrayal
49. Slang
50. Death
51. Prized Possession
52. Like and Dislike
53. Dance
54. Immortality
55. Revenge
56. Lao Mang Long Soup
57. Xiaolin Leader
58. Complete Opposites
59. Year of the Green Monkey
60. Ring of the Nine Dragons
61. Dyris
62. Seduction
63. There Is No Other
64. Inner Evil
65. Inner Good
66. Growth
67. Comfort
68. Rainbow
:iconyamiryuu-chan:YamiRyuu-chan 52 33
Alternate Worlds Collide - 4
Danielle was truly shocked as she looked up to Monocle Layton's face, noticing his monocle and his traditional top hat as the man looked exactly like the Hershel Layton from her world.
But she knew from just the personality that the two were very different.
"Three long years without you Danielle... Now we can be together my dear~." smiled Monocle Layton as he tried to bring his face close to Danielle's, only for Danielle to refuse as she got out of his hold and walked away, only to walk backwards to him as she didn't want to get any nearer to Rowan.
Monocle Layton held onto Danielle's shoulders as he calmly said "what troubles you my dear? As Mr Caster said, he means no harm."
Rowan bent down to give a formal bow as he said "what my leader said is true. We had only came here to find the sword to bring you back to life. But it seems that... it is no longer necessary. What of our mission Sir?"
'Wait they knew about the sword!? But how??' thought Danielle as she noticed that Monocle Layto
:icondescolefan1:descolefan1 5 0
Alternate Worlds Collide - 2
"What are you talking about!? Alternate worlds?? This HAS to be mum!"cried out Rose as she stared at Descole straight in the eye.
"This is Danielle but from another world. The machine that I had been working on for the past year, was to create a portal to many different versions of our world so then I could find Danielle. To either be happy with or for her to bring back your mother. You can see before your eyes that your mother still lays in rest." as Descole pointed towards the clear coffin that Rose's mother was in, as Rose looked in sadness.
Until she shot her head straight up as she realised "so then... You stole thi-this PERSON from their world!?"
"W-Well when you put it in that way it does sound sinister..."
"Oh? Now you call this kidnapping sinister!?" barked out Danielle as Descole growled in anger.
"WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA! TIME OUT PEOPLE!! If you're suppose to be my 'daughter' or the other's me daughter, then w
:icondescolefan1:descolefan1 2 2
Sebastian M. by sobbing-jester Sebastian M. :iconsobbing-jester:sobbing-jester 116 35
Sebastian X Teen Reader
      You burst through the front door of your house, tears streaming down your face. The suitor your father had chosen, the one you actually liked had broken your heart. You ran past your butler arm over your face. You ran straight to your room and collapsed onto your bed and began to sob.
You had left not a half hour ago to meet with him and his parents when you saw him with another woman and was kissing her. Remembering the scene only hurt your heart even more. Your father wanted you married by your 18th birthday. But how could you be when it was only a few short months away.  
Your butler made his way to your father to tell him about the manner in which you had arrived home. “Excuse me My Lord, My Lady but the young mistress has arrived home crying. Would you like me to go and speak with her?” Sebastian asked them. Ciel just waved his hand towards Lizzie since he was reading some important papers. Lizzie smiled and nodded. Sebastian bowed and left th
:iconkathyann1:KathyAnn1 324 53
Happy Birthday SaRaH-lAyToN!!!~ by descolefan1 Happy Birthday SaRaH-lAyToN!!!~ :icondescolefan1:descolefan1 4 12 Character Development Meme by Kamakru Character Development Meme :iconkamakru:Kamakru 7,920 1,370 Group Base by codelauren Group Base :iconcodelauren:codelauren 5,512 782
Supernatural PLZ Guide!
Last Updated: 1/24/15

Bobby Singer
Chuck Shurley
Dean Winchester
:iconcasey-star:Casey-Star 380 95
Happy Birthday SaRaH-lAyToN!!! :D by descolefan1 Happy Birthday SaRaH-lAyToN!!! :D :icondescolefan1:descolefan1 8 6 Custom Shimeji Single Character Base Image Set by idleideas Custom Shimeji Single Character Base Image Set :iconidleideas:idleideas 458 60
2p!EnglandXDiabetic!Reader - Sweet
Your life was pretty good.  You didn't have perfect health or a perfect job, and you didn't have a boyfriend.  What you did have, though, was an appreciation for the little things in life.
One of these was the little park near your work.  Everyday, unless it rained, you would take your lunch and eat it in the park.
Today, however, when you reached your favorite spot, you found a strange man sitting there.
He had pale pink hair and light skin splashed with freckles.  He was wearing a pink collared shirt, a purple vest, a blue bowtie, and khaki pants.  Next to him he had set a plate of cupcakes.
As soon as he spoke, you could tell that he was British.
"Oh!  Is this your spot?" He questioned.
"I can sit somewhere else.  It doesn't matter," you replied.
"Come!  Sit."
"I wouldn't want to intrude..."
"Nonsense, love.  I'm always happy to make a new friend," he said, smiling.  He patted
the ground next to him.
You sat down.
"My name's Oliver K
:iconsocietymember:SocietyMember 358 158


SJ Fryatt
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Hey guys, after a very long hiatus, I return!

Sorry for being away for so long. Spent a lot of time in and out of the doctors/hospital of late. Tests done left, right and centre and have had 5 lots of blood taken in the space of 2 months to see whats wrong with me. As of the moment, it appears to be a case of Fibromyalgia AKA Chronic Pain, but I'm under medical tests and stuff to rule out anything else (i.e. MS, ME, Inflammatory Disease) and taking someone in the region of 15-17 pills a day for pain management/Vitamin D deficiency/Low Iron Levels.

However, there is a plus side - even though I'm taking a lot of meds and now have to wear Wrist Splints when typing/drawing/gaming, it makes it more manageable and means i have now got the effort and ability to start drawing/writing again! So expect some more works from me in the near future ;)

Hasta La Pasta!


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Yep, I wanna buy a premium, and maybe something else, but one is broke and one's parents won't pay (dam it) so, donations welcome!

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