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Dead Master Horns: Tutorial



Completed Cosplay: [link]
A tutorial for my Dead Master horns~
I know I haven't uploaded any pictures of the full cosplay as of yet.. I'd really like to at some point. All I have are a few not-so-great pictures I found around on the internets other people took while I was at AX. x:

Anyway, I hope it helps a few people. I plan on making a tutorial for the wings as well so you can look forward to that.

Just a couple of side notes.. I'm sorry for the long paragraphs at the end, there. I started taking less and less pictures as the process went on because I was rushing.

And I know it looks really uncomfortable with the wires against your head.. but personally with or without my wig I don't find any discomfort in it at all. It's as if the wires aren't even there. But just in case I'll offer up a solution.. originally I was planning to cut out a piece of the craft foam, paint it black, and glue it to the bottom as a cushion, so you could always try that if you'd like.

If anyone has any questions at all, please ask! I'm happy to help as best I can. (Also let me know if you see any errors)
Thank you for looking~
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woooow that really helpful !!
 but what's the thickness ?