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Dead Master Horns: Tutorial

Completed Cosplay: [link]
A tutorial for my Dead Master horns~
I know I haven't uploaded any pictures of the full cosplay as of yet.. I'd really like to at some point. All I have are a few not-so-great pictures I found around on the internets other people took while I was at AX. x:

Anyway, I hope it helps a few people. I plan on making a tutorial for the wings as well so you can look forward to that.

Just a couple of side notes.. I'm sorry for the long paragraphs at the end, there. I started taking less and less pictures as the process went on because I was rushing.

And I know it looks really uncomfortable with the wires against your head.. but personally with or without my wig I don't find any discomfort in it at all. It's as if the wires aren't even there. But just in case I'll offer up a solution.. originally I was planning to cut out a piece of the craft foam, paint it black, and glue it to the bottom as a cushion, so you could always try that if you'd like.

If anyone has any questions at all, please ask! I'm happy to help as best I can. (Also let me know if you see any errors)
Thank you for looking~
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woooow that really helpful !!
 but what's the thickness ?
Sarah-in-a-bonnet's avatar
You can see in the last couple pictures that it's just two pieces of craft foam stuck together (with the wire in between), so it's not very thick. I did find that they blew around in the wind a bit.
Orin-nyan's avatar
thank youuu > w <
Aiyumerita's avatar
Gracias, yo también me quiero hacer ese cosplay, muchas gracias por la idea ;D 
foxigirl1's avatar
I really wanna make this but im to good at drawing the horns what can i do ??
Sarah-in-a-bonnet's avatar
You could always find a decent image, print and cut it out, then trace it. Just make sure you print it out at the right size you need.
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MosaicSplash's avatar
How come there are no pictures up of this cosplay?
mikadigitaiorafans's avatar
thaaank youuu sooo much!!! this help me out!!! QAQ
kiiyoo4th's avatar

so clean... :D

awesome work!!
emoacer's avatar
what's the measurement of the horns lenght??? (the curved and if its straight)
Sarah-in-a-bonnet's avatar
To be honest, I didn't measure it. I completely eyeballed it.
I'm in the middle of a move right now and the headband is packed away already, otherwise I'd measure it for you. :c
earlathena24's avatar
thanks i really need it :)
Oscarosi's avatar
this is great, thanks alot!
any idea on how to do the scythe? :O
randomviet's avatar
Awesome, im gonna do a Dead Master (guy Version) Based on the Anime, is it possible to send me a picture to print out as a stencil?
Oscarosi's avatar
omg! im also doing the male version for my anime expo in holloween xD
if i may ask... any idea on how to do the scythe? :P
randomviet's avatar
i was planing on doing layers of cardboard... even though that sounds lame=.=, maybe styrofoam or something idk yet.. :\
Oscarosi's avatar
i was thinking the same too, also i think with PVC isolation Sheets may help, since theyre thick but also not heavy
randomviet's avatar
my friend told me to do foam, but i don't know where to get the foam.... also im doing the dead master based off the anime so the scythe has more detail.. which means more work.. maybe i shouldve started this when i bought my badge :\
Oscarosi's avatar
i think you can find foam sheets at home depot and stores like that besides its foam is cheap :D but my fear with foam is that it may be too fragile:/
im also doing the one from the anime so its a big challenge xD
randomviet's avatar
yeah im baseing the cosplay of this picture but im not going to do the thing with the legs just gonna wear black dress pants, and maybe do a lazy on the second or third day (so it doesnt stink) where its a black dress shirt and black jeans.

StarrehTheDinosaur's avatar
Was it really hard to make? o: And where did you get all of your materials from?
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