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You can find my commission info here: :)
Also often up for some art trades ^^

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Random stuff I come across and find it nice enough to favorite :)



🇫🇮 Tatu Ylijoki 🐉
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

I see you've found your way to my dA page. :)
Shortly about myself... hmm.. I'm 21 years old guy from Finland, and I like drawing OCs (Original characters) of mine and others. ^^

I draw stuff mainly for my own enjoyment ^^

One thing to know, you probably shouldnt take everything I say too seriously xP
I might say stupid stuff and try to be funny, but I mean no offense to anyone. Just lemme know if I'm going overboard if that happens :P

List of my OCsClick on any of them to be brought to their description with all their info, relations to other characters etc. ^^
Searching their names in my gallery will probably show few more pictures of some of them, so try that if you need extra references :) (Smile)
NEW: I've added a link to the characters' ref that leads to a stash folder of all of the art made of them by me and others, so feel free to check those for extra reference and such~ :D
You can find the link in the description before the bios and after the basic info ^^
          [OC List] Wreck by Saragonvoid [OC List] Havoc by Saragonvoid [OC List] Chill by Saragonvoid [OC List] Temper by Saragonvoid&
[Open] Commission info [Points / Paypal]While I'm open for commissions, feel free to comment on the journal, or note me the details of what you'd like me to draw!
My rules and info:
  - I usually take from 1 to 14 days to finish a normal commission, and I will let you know my estimate for yours in my reply
  - I generally take full payment in advance before I start on your commission. Though I can make exceptions on larger orders and do half-and-half.
  - If I have to cancel your commission, everything will be refunded fully, regardless of any progress made, and you'll be given any progress done if you wish
  - If you cancel the commission, and enough progress has already been made, you'll only be refunded 50% to 0% of the price based on progress, but you'll be given the current progress if you wish
  - You're free to do whatever you like with the image you have commissioned from me, as long as you don't claim yourself as the creator of it
  - The commissions will be finishe

I'm more than okay by having my characters drawn, so if you wanna surprise me or something, no need for permission :D
This includes NSFW work. Feel absolutely free to do what you like
(And show me) ;P

Note: I usually go by the name Dragonome, but I may or may not have forgotten my password for that account on deviantART, so if I have something signed by Dragonome, I haven't stolen it. Not that I usually sign my stuff anyways :/

:iconrequestsask: :icontradesopen: :iconcollabsask: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconkiribansask:

Request / Commission / Art Trades, etc.
If you're looking for stuff like this, hit me with a note :)

I do these if I'm not busy with anything else. Mainly reserved for friends and people I know, but I won't get mad at anyone who might ask for one. Always honored people like my art~ ^^ (Just don't get mad at me if I decline)
Though I'm more likely to actually do them if your request is either interesting, funny, or includes a cool/interesting/cute character(s), and/or isn't overly complicated, and again, if I have spare time. ;P
But if you absolutely want something from me, I suggest checking my commissions or art trades for that ;)

Art Trades
My favourite way to provide art for others, since both of us get something from it, and I love seeing my characters drawn by basically anyone :D
Absolutely feel free to ask about these :D
Though I'm more likely to accept if I know you / can trust you, and I'll likely automatically accept if we're friends~ :)

Check here for info and if they are open ->
Pretty cheap prizes and open to a lot of stuff ^^
I accept PayPal (€ / $) and dA Points :points:

Journal History

Meme by SmolSalty
Learn about your OC Meme (200 Questions !)

1) Show us your OC! (In words or a picture)
[OC List] Seras by Saragonvoid Also here's some art of her by other people as a 'lil bonus:

2) Tell us about them (gender, height, weight, age/birthday, sexuality, personality,..)
Name: Seras (Full name: Seraphine Wystern)
Gender: Female
Height: 169 cm
Weight: 50 kg (More when her wings are out)
Age: 43
Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: Bounty hunter and a strip club / bar owner
Personality: Calm and confident. Caring yet teasing to her friends. Helpful and friendly towards people in need. Not beyond deception and manipulation to play around the system, or people she doesn't really like to keep them around for their usefulness.

3) What are their hobbies?
Bounty hunting. Used to be her full job, but has now been mostly just an occasional job for old times' sake, which she basically considers a hobby.

4) What are their backstory?
Abandoned as a child by her mother when she showed signs of being a half-dragon. Grew up on the streets, eventually picking up hunting for bounties as a way to gain money, and became good at it. Later when she had saved enough, she bought a club, which she turned into a meeting place for assassins, bounty hunters and such.

5) In what world/place do they live in?
In my general world for most of my characters, though not yet entirely defined. Basically normal world but with some abnormal stuff. Like dragons.

6) Favorite color(s)?

7) Morning routine?
Shower -> Clothes -> Breakfast -> Makeup -> Off to work

8) Favorite dish?

9) Favorite song?
A lifetime of adventure by Tuomas Holopainen 

10) Favorite movie?
Fight Club

11) Heart of stone or crybaby?
Closer to a heart of stone, but definitely still cries sometimes

12) Early or late riser?
Depends on the previous night. Usually up before noon

13) Morning Bird or night owl?
Night owl. That's when the fun happens!

14) Fashion style? (In words, pictures or draw them!)
Something comfortable and light

15) What do they smell like?
Like a slight dash of flowery perfume. Like something burning when angry enough.

16) Left hand or right hand?
Right handed

17) Do they have a power?
She can grow pair of dragon wings from her back, and breathe hot air

18) What kind of friend(s) do they like (personality)/have?
Energetic and fun to be around

19) What are they looking in a lover (personality/body)
Cute and/or hot looks

20) Do they have a lover?
She's had a few, one of them more important to her than the others, but that's all in the past

21) Do they have a pet? Or more?

22) Aesthetic? (Words or pictures)
City night

23) Would you be friends, strangers, lovers, family or ennemies with them in real life?
Haha well I'd probably move in very different circles of people than her, so strangers

24) How do their voice sound like? (Give an example with audios if you can!)

25) How do they laugh? (Loud, discreet, weird, piggy laugh,...) (Give examples if you can!)
A gentle chuckle

26) How can you tell when they lie? (Eye twitching, lip trembling, eyes looking everywhere)
You probably couldn't

27) Can they lie well or not at all?
She's quite good liar

28) Would they betray people? ("You stole my food!" Or "you killed my family?!" Type of betrayal)
She would never betray her friends, but her enemies are whole different thing altogether.

29) Do they prefer sweet or spicy food?
Enjoys sweets, but can handle spicy things

30) Type of hugs? (Awkward, bear hug, side hug)
The type of hug where you can't get out until she's done with hugging you

31) Someone fell and everyone is laughing! What does your OC do?!
Chuckle a bit and help the person up

32) Their friend doesn't have enough money to pay for a meal, does your OC pay for them or not?
She'll pay the meal and give some for the next one too~

33) Does your OC have siblings?

34) Are they getting along with their family?
Never knew her father who left before she was even born, and hasn't seen her mother since she was abandoned by her, so gonna go with "no". But she'd maybe be willing to forgive them and try.

35) Introvert or extrovert?
More of an exrovert

36) Many blankets or none?
One very warm blanket~

37) Do they have plushies?
She'd probably say no. She lies.

38) What object is precious to them?
Nothing more important to her than her club

39) Big luminous city or quiet nature town?
Lives in a big city, but really enjoys any time she gets to spend in quiet little towns

40) If they had one wish, what would it be?
World peace. She's got plenty wishes, but that'd nicely sum up a lot of them

41) Do they drink alcohol?

42) Do they have low or high tolerance to alcohol?
Pretty good tolerance, though she also doesn't drink much at a time

43) Type of drunk? (Emotional, angry, flirt,...)
Flirtyness gets cranked up to 11

44) Favorite weather?
Cool and foggy

45) Favorite season?

46) What do they do when it's raining/snowing and there's no power?
Sit by a fireplace and read something

47) Biggest phobia(s)?
Nothing she's aware of

48) Give us a weird fact about your OC!
Some traits she has from being a half-dragon, her eyes sometimes glow fiery if angry, her body temperature is usually degree or two higher than normal, and she looks younger than she is.

49) Can they cook or would they burn down the place?
She's an ok cook. Nothing fancy, nothing terrible. Sometimes makes some food or treats to serve at her club

50) Are they a student or do they have a job? (Or neither)
She's the owner of a strip club / bar, which she has also turned into a meeting place for assassins, bounty hunters, and some other smaller criminals with no place to go due their circumstances.

51) What do their bedroom looks like?
Big bed by a window, with a door to a moderately sized closet for her clothes. Few small tables with stuff like her alarm clock and few pictures on them

52) How are their place arranged? (Make a plan from above, no need to go into details)
A medium sized apartment within walking distance of her club. Neatly decorated, and mostly just items she needs there, since she barely spends time there.

53) Where do they go on vacation?
Somewhere within nature, away from big cities and civilization

54) Favorite sport?

55) Organized or messy?
Quite organized, especially with her work.

56) if they were a sin, what would it be?
Sin of Lust~

57) What flower(s) do they like?

58) What flower describes them? (Look for flower meanings)
Datura (Meaning "Deceitful Charms")

59) Tell us something embarrassing about them!
Has loud burps

60) Best moment of their life?
Saving enough to buy the club building, and getting the place going

61) Perceptive or oblivious?
Very perceptive~

62) Shower or bath?
A nice relaxing bubble bath~

63) Do they believe in paranormal?
Considering she lives in a world where paranormal stuff exists, she likely is aware of it to some extent

64) What do they like to do with their friend(s)?
Go to places and party~

65) Favorite Ice Cream?
Chocolate (With sprinkles)

66) Do they fear blood?

67) Are they violent or wouldn't they hurt a fly?
She's killed people. Still does sometimes.

68) Are they clumsy or not?

69) Favorite sex position? (I had to do it huehue) (also if they don't like sex, just say "none")
Cowgirl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

70) Do they like their life?
She wouldn't give it for anything else~

71) Do they have mental illness? (Depression, schizophrenia,...)
Nothing she's aware of (Or that I've defined)

72) Can they handle stressful situations well or not?
She can keep her cool, but might secretly feel stressed/worried

73) What is their biggest pride?
Her club, along with the place's regulars that she's guided

74) If you were to meet them in real life, what would you say to them?
<s>"Oh hey, I made you"</s>

75) Do they laugh at themselves or do they get embarrassed in awkward situations?
She's got a good enough sense of humour to laugh most embarrassing things off

76) They find a little bird who got hurt and can't fly, what do they do?
She'll take it to safety and nurture it back to health 'til it can fly again~

77) Do they have a driving license? If so do they drive well and normally or are they crazy on the road?
Doesn't have a license, and doesn't usually drive around, but knows how to if necessary

78) Are they sick easily or no bacterias can get through them?
Rarely sick

79) Are they curious?
Quite curious~

80) What do they like about themselves? (Personality and body)
Her accomplishments, and the will to keep going

81) How do they handle stress? (Yoga, take a walk, punch into something,...)
Target practise, with pictures on the targets

82) Do they cry often?
Sometimes. Not when anyone's around though

83) Do they tell other's secrets or are they serious about that?
Friends' secrets; Never.

83) Favorite events? (Attraction parks, fireworks, o-bon,...)
She really likes fireworks. She finds them really pretty~

85) What did they look liked when they were kids? (If they're already a kid, look below)
Seras as a kid by Saragonvoid

86) How will they look like when they'll be adult? (If they're already adult, look above)
See above

87) Favorite animal(s)?

89) They're meeting their favorite celebrity/senpai, how do they react?
Excited, but keeping herself calm and nice

90) Is your OC based on yourself/people you know? In what way?
Not intentionally at least

91) Do they remember important dates or are they forgetful?
She's good at remembering all the important dates

92) Calm sleeper or do they move around and snore all night?
Sometimes crawls around the bed in her sleep, and ends up waking up in different parts of her bed

93) Favorite sleeping position?
On her stomach

94) Favorite sitting position?
One leg over the other, leaning back on something

95) Do they have tattoos and/or piercings? Show them!
She's got a red dragon tattoo covering her left arm

96) Favorite fast-food restaurant?
Mc Copyrightinfringement's. "I'm suin' it" (But for real answer, I haven't made any specific brands in her world, so whatever's popular there I say)

97) Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

98) Dark, milk or white chocolate?
Milk chocolate, though enjoys all kinds

99) Weird habits? (Picking their nails, touching their hair, jumping between lines on concrete like a game,...)
Trying to burn random stuff like trash with her breath

100) Favorite school subject?
Physical Education

101) What type of student were/are they?
She took some classes after getting on her feet, and studied hard. Also she totally sold test answers to other students

102) What do they think of weddings?
Always shows up if any of the people she knows are having a wedding. Always.

103) What do they think about kids?
Definitely has a soft spot for them~

104) What kind of parent would they be/are they?
As a dragon-human hybrid, she's unable to have kids herself, but she'd definitely be a very nice mom ^^

105) What would be their polar opposite?
Someone undetermined to try and get their life back together, who's also selfish

106) Favorite country?
France (Though wheter or not that one would exist in her world....)

107) Do they like accessories/jewels? 
Doesn't really care for them. They stand out bit too much for her taste

108) Do they wear accessories/jewels? 
Only as a part of a disguise, or a fancier outfit for more formal events

109) They become billionaire, what do they do? 
She'd found bunch of centers around the world, made to help poor people in need

110) A friend got dumped by their lover, how do your OC react? 
Comfort them and offer a drink(s) on the house

111) They play the pocky game with their crush, how do they react? (Pocky game is basically eating the end of a pocky stick with someone else and the first who gets in the middle wins, if you stop before, you lose, so it might end in a kiss) 
She'll win no matter the situation.

112) What kind of kiss do they give? 
Probably a very good one~ Also probably warm one considering her hot breath she can do.

113) What aura do they have? (Secure, mysterious, dangerous, discreet, confident,...) 
Quite mysterious and seductive

114) What kind of lover are they? 
Loyal and caring

115) Favorite sweet/cake? 
Chocolate cake

116) How do they act when they're sick? 
She might take it easy, but she'll still work how she can, and tries to hide her sickness. Takes some serious fever to keep her in bed all day.

117) Can they sing? 
She can sing quite well, and occasionally does so at the club

118) Can they dance? If so, what kind of dance would they like? 
She can definitely dance. She likes <s>pole dancing</s> more faster dances with a partner. Especially with one that can keep up~

119) Do they get tired easily or are they always hyperactive? 
Usually takes it easy, but has bunch of energy when she gets going

120) They used to talk to a nice little grandma in their street, one day, they don't see her anymore, how do they react? (Go look after her, ask for news, freak out,...?) 
She'll ask around to see what's happened

121) They discover they have a dicease and don't have much time left, what do they do? 
She'll prepare all her belongings to be sold, and the funds distributed to helping those in need

122) Are they the stealing type or are they too nice to do so? 
She's had to steal since childhood just to live, so she doesn't feel guilty doing so

123) They go through store doors without anything, do they freak out "I didn't steal I swear!" Or do they just pass normally? 
She'll pass like nobody would even consider suspecting her of anything. Even if she may have picked up something~

124) Can they handle roller coasters? 
She loves 'em

125) Describe your OCs in 5 words) 
- Dragon
- Assassin
- Boss
- Seductive
- Guns

126) Can they speak multiple languages? If so, which? 
She can speak several most common languages to varying degrees

127) What is/are their favorite country/IES? 
France and Iceland

128) What do they like to watch on TV? 
News, history channel.

129) Are they self confident or not at all? 
Quite confident in herself

130) What kind of video games do they like?
Doesn't play much games, but enjoys games with adventures

131) Are they immature or mature?
Very mature most of the time

132) What makes them sleepy?
Waiting with nothing to do. Also cold weather.

133) What makes them relaxed?
A good shower, massages, warm bed

134) How often do they swear?

135) Is your OC jealous/possessive?
Not really

136) Do they seek love, or do they wait for it to come?
She doesn't seek for it, nor does she really wait for it. She doesn't really look for love.

137) What is their lucky charm?
She might consider her custom made guns as such

138) Do they believe in destiny?
Doesn't believe/care about pre-destined events

139) What is their sleeping routine?
Shower, brush teeth, fall asleep. Maybe reads something for a little while if not tired.

140) How would your OC describe their best friend(s)?
In a very postive light. Though she couldn't just pick one best friend in the first place

141) What moment of the day do they prefer?
Nights, and very early mornings

142) Favorite fabric?

143) Least favorite food?
Soup. She'll still eat it when offered though.

144) What makes them feel nauseous? (Smell, sight, touch, taste, hearing)
Pretty hardened by experience, but would likely still get nauseous by an extremely violent/bloody scene

145) Do they have scars on their body? Where?
Some small scars around her body, nothing major. Some bigger scars on her wings at times, but those heal quick.

146) How did it happen?
Fights with targets and other enemies. She uses her strong wings for protection since she can't fly well with them, so that's why they get the most scars.

147) Favorite book?
And then there were none

148) Favorite game genre?

149) Favorite movie genre?
Action, drama

150) What is their reaction to drawings about them? (Cute, gore, romantic,...)
She would definitely be the kind to put those on the fridge, or some place where they can be seen by people

151) What kind of places do they like to go? (Busy streets, calm parks, cafés, near the sea,...)
Spends most of her time in various cities, but likes nature and smaller towns.

152) How do they react to big crowds?
Doesn't midn them. In fact, enjoys them at times.

153) What do they think about sales?
She'd go in for a sale and still try haggling/seducing the price down just for the hell of it

154) What are they curious about?
Other people, and their stories

155) Do they have any goals?
Her goal was to find somewhere to belong and call home/family, and she's got that, so now her goal would be to hold onto what she has, and help others who have nothing.

156) Did they ever accidentally hurt someone important to them? (Physically or saying something mean)
Nothing serious or big, that she's aware of. And if she had, she'd do her best to make up for it ^^

157) Do they argue often with their friends/family?
Among the regulars at her club, whom she considers her closest friends, she's held at high enough respect that people rarely dare to argue with her. 

158) What are their flaws?
Deceptive and manipulative, somewhat quick to anger, and works on the other side of the law

159) What are their qualities?
Nice, caring, willing to help others in need

160) Do they have a disability?

161) What are/were their childhood hobbies?
Stealing, surviving. Figthing with the other kids.

162) How do they react to horror movies/games?
Can enjoy them, but not really too interested

163) Do they use social medias?
Only for work, generally on fake accounts, and prefers to remain anonymous online.

164) How often do they go on social medias?
She's on there occasionally, specifically to check information on possible targets or people of importance for jobs

165) What kind of posts do they make?
Generally nothing of importance

166) Do they like pictures/videos or do they avoid it at all costs?
She doesn't mind, but stays out of pictures if not necessary

167) Do they blackmail their friends just to tease/annoy them?
She might blackmail some of her regulars to do chores or certain jobs

168) What would be their reaction to their crush/lover sending a sexy picture of them?
> Save image

169) Would they send sexy pictures? (169.. I had to do it again huh....)
She MIGHT give you a sexy picture in a form of physical photo, but only if she really trusts you.

170) What kind of pictures do they like to take? (Selfies, landscapes, weird stuff,...)
While she mostly takes pictures as part of her work, she might snap some pictures of cute animals she might come across while doing so.

171) What would be in their phones?
Mainly contact information to various people and places. That, and some cute animal pictures~

172) What kind of lockscreen and background do they have?
Her lockscreen's just some simple default black one, to keep her phone looking somewhat professional, while the background is a group photo with bunch of the regulars, taken at her club

173) When showed a picture by their friend, do they take the phone and look through the phone or do they just look at the screen without taking it? (We all know that kind of peep :'D)
Wouldn't take a phone from someone else

174) Do they prefer messages or calls?
Generally calls, especially to be sure of who she's talking to, and to talk easier. Messages for saving them for later use.

175) How do they comfort people important to them?
Talking and listening, doing her best to support them to get over whatever's bothering them

176) Do they ask for comfort, or endure it all alone?
She'd keep it to herself, not wanting others to worry for her

177) If they seek comfort, how do they ask for it? (Ask it verbally, take someone's sleeve, nudge people and pout,...)
She doesn't really ask for it, and tries to keep it to herself, but will seek company to just hang around with

178) What kind of comfort do they like? (Hugs, support speech,...)
Anything works for her, she just really needs to be around people she cares at times.

179) How are they in the morning?
Stays in bed for half an hour after waking up

180) Do they choose their outfit carefully, or just choose randomly?
She'll put on something comfortable, and makes it work

181) How do they act around their crush?
Light teasing, and getting very close to them~

182) Do they fall in love easily?
Occasional small crush, but doesn't really look for love

183) Do they excel at something?
Bunch of stuff, but probably most notably getting her way with many people

184) Do animals like them?
Generally yes~

185) What is the general opinion of others on your OC? (Other OCs and people into that world, not in real life)
Respect by her friends and allies, and both respect and fear based on rumours by those who don't know her directly.

186) Do they get sick in transports?

187) Are they afraid in boat? In plane? In train?

188) Favorite cuddle position?

189) Do they constantly hug people, or is it rare?

190) Are they dominant or dominated? (Uke or Seme?)
Pretty dominant~ But doesn't mind someone trying to be dominant over her... or... well, she appreciates them trying. Good luck.

191) Do they have autorithy over people?
Haha definitely

192) Do people trust them easily?
Those who get to know her know she can be trusted if she's an ally

193) Does your OC trust in people easily?
Won't trust new people outright, but won't show it

194) What makes your OC lose trust in people?
Betrayal of friends

195) Do they believe in afterlife?
She's likely met some people, or beings to make her consider the possibility

196) Do they like to prank people?
She definitely pulls small pranks sometimes for amusement

197) If so, what kind of pranks do they do?
Just small tasteful stuff

198) How do they react toward their ennemy/ies? (Do they ignore them, make their life hell, gossip about them,does nothing,...?)
Depending on how serious of an enemy they are, she'll either simply ignores them and pretends to get along, or find a way to have them eliminated.

199) Do they own collections? If so, what kind?
A small collection of interesting guns she's picked up, but not too big.

200) Do they hold grudges? If so, for how long, and is it possible to win them again?
Depending on what caused the grudge. She may forgive, but she won't forget



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Thank you for the watch! :heart:
FINEAPPLETART Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love your arts!
Saragonvoid Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad to hear~ ^^
Selirum Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sorry for too late reply, but thank you so much for the watch~ :3 Cute wolf girl dancing emoticon/avatar 
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