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Little light

By SaraForlenza
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I can't get over Star Wars and, despite I'm not into shipping couples, yes, I ship them since The Force Awakens!
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Yeah, nothing like murdering the closest thing she'd had to a father, crippling her friend and trying to psychically force your way into her mind to make a girl fall in love with you. And that was all just in the one day, that she was there for.
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Oh my gersh this is amazing! Where did you get the idea for the background and setting? It reminds me of the crazy time chamber that Ezra finds in season 4 of Rebels.
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Very well done, I like the light in between them 
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Thank you for this piece. It looks amazing! I especially love the galaxy and map-layout beneath them 'A'
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Cute ! I kinda see both of them gay weirdly and develop a bro relationship xD
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Beautiful. The shipping is strong with you.
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I 've been seduces by the dark side! :nod:
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Well ,that's kinda remind me Revan xBastila Shan relationship in Expended Universe,know as Legends
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Yea, true! I love kotor btw!
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Maybe you should try to make Revan xBastila art or Female Exile x Atton?
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I wish something like this was in the the revelation that they had an actual force bond ....
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if it helps: They still had a bond-scene at the end of the movie. (it's not just a camera trick: The sound effects where there too) So even IF Snoke didn't lie it is still there. That said, all the material of TFA already states that they sense "a strange connection". It's more likely that Snoke lied.
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I hope in episode IX!
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I dont have hope anymore....
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Oooooh this is wonderful! You may want to upload it on Tumblr; the Reylo community will love this piece!
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I would be honored! :heart:
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wow beautiful and amazing!! Nicely done! :) :)
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Thank you so much!
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