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...Or Pluto. An interpretation of the greek/roman god of dead and underworld.
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Hello, i love this :heart:

sara can i use it?
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There's so much cool detail in this! What did you use to draw it? 
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I used photoshop!
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And pomegranate is my favourite fruit Lel
Tsunami-Hatro-yuki's avatar
XD only found last night that its the fruit of the dead my friend and I ate one each does that mean we cant return to the land of the living or  we're on watch O.o
Certainly my favorite Hades! The way the face is hidden in the shadows and him petting cerberus add to the perfection. I like that you also have his symbol on his belt buckle! Great work truly!
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Cutest Hades I have ever seen. He looks peaceful with exception of those red eyes. Very interesting and wonderful.
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Glad you appreciate!
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This is quite cool, I particularly like the dog horns, those are interesting, nice work and keep it up!
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He has an "evil" appearance, but for all I know there could be good underneath. ^^

Lovely work; very eye-capturing. :D
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I'm really glad you appreciate!
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Spettacolare, Sara!
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I love the pomegranates <3
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<3 You're welcome!
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wow. yummy!
love that cerberus is kinda wolf/husky/shepherd, and the face spike are cool

I just wonder where his nipples are lol XD
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I love how Cerberus also has spikes.
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I'm glad you like that!
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oooohhhhhhhh YES! Cerberus has spikes! OWO love it! XD
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