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Diablo 3 Wizard

Fan art/ contest entry of my favorite Diablo 3 Class!!!
Can't wait to play the game!!!!
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And she's voiced by Azula!
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Color me impressed.
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Thanks alot for the feature!!!
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damn, i love diablo 3, (DF rating 5/6)
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This is my favourite fan-artwork of all!!!! I love this so much!
Can you advise a drawing programm? Which one do you use?
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thank you
i use this image from my video
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I love my wizard in Diablo... AMAZING JOB!!
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If only you did one for each class, i'd die a happy camper.
best looking diablo 3 wizard on deviantart!
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Awhhhhhh.... Best. Pic. EVAR
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Thank you so much!
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My favorite class!
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Again amazing! :D
I never play game before but is it also for console or just PC?
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I think it is only for PC but I'm not really sure.
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PC only currently
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hahaha truly untouchable with her awesome Fire burning abilities.
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Hooray for raining fiery death upon your foes! I loved all the wizards I ever played...this is the reason.
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Same here!!!! I always choose mage o wizard in every fantasy game I play!!!
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And people say wizards are week.
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Whoever says that has never seen mine fire up her beam of death(disintegrate) and vaporize legions of monsters before they even get close.
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