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+ Deer Girl +

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:bulletpink: I made ​​a speed-coloring video about this drawing, to see it click here:

Scanned Artwork:

+ Deer Girl + by SaraFabrizi


:bulletpink: Artwork © Sara Fabrizi
:bulletpink: Tools: Copic Ciao & Sketch, white Uni-ball pen, Deleter paper.

- Skin: YR000, E00, E02, RV10.
- Hair: E71, E74.
- Eyes: B00, G00, BV00.
- Flowers:  RV10, RV02.
- Leaves: G21, BG93, BV00.
- Braches & Horns: E71, E04.
- Background: BG10.

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© 2014 - 2021 SaraFabrizi
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Wow... I like it!!
Askrwayy's avatar
Oh So prettyLove  
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Do you have an account on an app called Art Amino? Because someone on there has posted this image claiming it is their work. I just want to confirm if its theft so it can be flagged and removed. Thanks
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wow, this is a wonderful♥♥<3
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I remember this speed-coloring! I'm so glad I found it again! It's so beautiful :D

I hope you continue to draw because your work is very nice
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Thank you so much ^^ I'll do!
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No problem!~
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You are a big fan of NilooDE right?
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I like her art ^^
Sparkle-And-Darker's avatar
I noticed it by this drawing, very original.
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Excuse me,but a deviant stole your work
Linda by FoxyKoy
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Thanks for reporting!
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i love this!~ *^* 
i love her eyes and her expression too. <33
oh i own a white Uni-ball pen too (same as yours, actually) but i don't really know how to use it.
(it's my first time.) um i actually use it over colored pencils and ink, but it blends in. 
how do i not keep it from blending? :c
it's really helpful if you teach me how lol. (sorry for the bother...)
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White gel pens tend to mess up the wax of colored pencils, so I'd recommend Copic opaque white, which you can use on brushes or just dip a pencil in and use it like a pen.
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Thanks!! ^^
the effect of this pen changes according to the materials used. On copic markers writes quite well, I've never tried on colored pencils.
Now I bought this:… , and it's very covering on everything!
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you're welcome!
oh, okay, thank you for that! ^^
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that is honestly so beautiful!
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