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Animator :)

Crazy for create mmd and listen Gumi *^*

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My Other Page :
The style of the song itself already creates the mood - a very fast-paced song with lots of emotions, ups and downs. Almost as if the song itself were rolling along. But that only sets the tone for the story.

This "lonely girl" being spoken about "always reaches for unreachable dreams." It really can't be much harder than that. Perhaps this is why she's lonely, or it's a result of her loneliness. Of course, placing the two in the same line means that the two are related. Anyway, she can't achieve these dreams of hers.
However, she won't give up.

Now. The "big" translation that's used has "Making a fuss if you got into her head, disturbed, disturbed." This interpretation would mean that she would be bothered if you tried to interfere with her plans, really trying to change her mind. However, other translations (including the fandub) has it as something along the lines of "the chaos/noise inside her head, mixing, mixing." This would mean that she always had something racing in her mind, so many things at once.

"There's no problems," she says, denying the truth. "But weren't those words lost?" The denial is so obvious that both the narrator and her know that there are, in fact, problems, hence why these words are "lost." It's as if they were never spoken.
"Fail again, fail again." Exactly how it sounds. And then "after searching for your mistakes, roll again." She finds out what she does wrong - but does she fix them? No.

The chorus fits perfectly with the last line - "once more, once more, I'll roll once more today." One more time, she'll roll. One more time, she'll go through the same
failures. "So she says, so she says. Playing her words with the meaning." She says it again, she says it again, each day different words, same meaning.

"Are you ready yet?" The narrator or anyone asking how she is.
"I'm still a ways off." She still hasn't reached her goal. "I still don't see the point." This line is still a bit blurry in meaning; maybe the girl is going to give up, or she's going to stop trying? If the latter is true, then the next part may make sense. "I'm going to stop my breathing, just now." Perhaps this got jumbled in translation. The idiomatic 'hold my breath' of course means to sit and wait. Therefore, if this is what the producer meant by this line, then the girl gives up and just sits and hopes.

"Rolling girl is beyond the farthest ruins, beyond reachable colors." This is also a bit blurry in exact meaning. However, it's safe to say that she has certainly taken quite a stumble - figuratively, of course. Therefore, she's likely to have fallen into a 'black-and-white' dull state of depression. "Overlapping the voices and mixing, mixing." She's letting the voices in her head get to her. You know, the voices that are said to be there when you're upset or depressed or crazy?

"No problems, but those words were lost." Same as last time.

"How are you going to turn out good?" Exactly. How is she going to succeed, with all of these failures under her belt? So many problems she's denying, and at this point it's almost impossible to achieve anything. "Even the hill road tempts me to make mistakes." Take a wild guess.
Yep, it's related to suicide. Now, either this mistake that she wants to make is actually jumping off in the first place... or jumping off and messing up, which would be altogether more painful. (I personally think it's the latter.)

"Once more, once more, somehow I'm rolling." Today, she's trying again.
"So she says, so she says."
"Silently repeating the meaning." This probably means that something about her - the expression on her face, the moves she makes - stresses the fact that she's actually trying again. Obviously not for the better.
"Are you ready yet?"
"Just a bit more, something will be seen, so hold your breath now." She's confident she can do this and is telling the person to wait, and they'll see results.

"Once more, once more, 'I'll roll again today.'
So the girl says, so the girl says,
Playing the words with her meaning!"

"Are you ready yet?"
"I'm set. You might get ti
red of this soon you know." The girl telling the person that they're finally ready to follow through, and that waiting may or may not yield results - most likely not, but the wait for something to happen may be tiring.

"Hold your breath, now." Wait for it.

End of song. Dead silence.
Now, could this mean that the person followed through? Possibly. The abrupt ending and silence could mean death. Or it could just mean the end of her effort, or the end of her struggle. Interpret this as you may.

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