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Nine Tailed Fox

Just playing with some new techniques. It reminds me a bit of Okami (:

painted in acrylics

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Feb 18, 2013, 4:13:32 PM
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Do you sell prints of this?

Would you reply to, if so?

Hi I have loved this image since I first found it in 2015 and have since used it as my profile picture in many things and I was wondering if that is okay to continue to do now that I have found the creator

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I'm writing to you on behalf of my clan, and I wanted to find a fine art for our use. Unfortunately, we aren't so lucky to have a skilled artist like yourself. So here I am, asking if you allow us to make good use of your art, in return we would advertise your other artworks and social media.

Thank you for any reply.
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Would it be alright to use your drawing as the basis of a tattoo design? Also, I love your artwork. 
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Hello! Your art is just so beautiful! *o*
I'm a writer and I'm starting a blog about myths and legends. Would you give me permission for using "Nine Tailed Fox" in my post about kitsunes? Of course, I'll give you the credits and put a link to this page (and/or your profile page, whatever you prefer).
My best wishes for you and your amazing art!
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Hey, thank you! :love:
Sure, as long as you link it back and give credit, that's fine by me. Thanks for asking! 
If you want you can also give me a link to your blog. I'd be happy to read it, too.
Have a nice day!
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Thank you so much! ^-^
Oh, the blog will be in Portuguese, but I'll give you the link for the kitsune post once I post it. Thanks again!
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Saraais, am I allowed to use this art on a school project for acrylic painting and tonal drawing? If I am allowed that would be great!
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Yes you may, as long as you don't call the original one as your own and give credit, I don't see why not :)
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This is an amazing painting and i wish i could paint this good, but anyways i was thinking of starting a story on fan fiction and i was wondering if i could use your painting picture as the story picture. I would give you full credit, and even encourage people to come look at your profile because it is really good. 
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thank you! Sure, as long as you give me full credit, then you can use it for your story (:
thanks for asking :D
and sorry for the late reply (:
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Awesome! Sounds more realistic than in the cartoon that way, very great job! :D
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You welcome! ^_^
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so beautiful! I loved it!
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