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Penrose Stairs by Sara4Sidle Penrose Stairs :iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 2 2
The Call
Elliot's head lay in her hand, a shaky phone in the other. She was coaxing herself into dialing that number, and telling the familiar voice on the other end how much she loved her. How she missed the time they used to spend together, and how much she cherished what time they did share. Tell her about the way she makes her heart race when she is near, and the power her presence has over her train of thought. And when ever she sees her, a smile is instantly crowning her face and how her self conscious laugh made her heart melt and love her that much more. Finally tell her how much she was loved.
Yet Elliot is a coward. So she keeps her mouth shut, never saying what she feels. Not telling the only one she has eyes for, the truth. She holds it all in and she keeps quite.
And she is not aware of the lonely girl on the other end of the phone. Wanting nothing more then get the call she's been waiting for. Hear how much she is loved by the only person to matter to her. Hear those smooth syllab
:iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 13 4
I had to.. show the Love by Sara4Sidle I had to.. show the Love :iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 0 0 202-14 Pineapple by Sara4Sidle 202-14 Pineapple :iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 1 2 202-14 Double Date by Sara4Sidle 202-14 Double Date :iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 4 1 202-13 My Ninja Star by Sara4Sidle 202-13 My Ninja Star :iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 14 3
Black is a  night, alone to yourself
The sight of a cat asleep on a shelf
The sound of the wind, cold between the trees
The smell of burnt bacon, bringing you to your knees
The taste of dark chocolate, when you thought you bought milk
The touch of your pjs, made from lace or silk
The emotion of darkness, sleeping away the dark
:iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 1 0
My Own Answers
Most poems are deep
With lots of hidden meaning
But I can't write like that
For all the wrong reasons
Things should be straight
And right to the point
No misunderstanding
Getting your nose out of joint
If I want to say something
I'll say it out right
Love really sucks
It's mostly just fights
Love in a poem?
That's never been done
Because writing about heartache
Is always such fun
But what can I say?
I don't know about love
Go in for a hug
And it turns into a shove
Star-crossed lovers
Running around like fiends
I don't actually know
What any of it means
Although I have an idea
From watching Soap Operas
You date seven people
And then kill three others
But that can't be right
Love should be nice
Not being married four times
And only divorced twice
It should start with friends
Getting to know each other
To just jump into a relationship
Why even bother?
And the other kinds of love
Like for the author of creation?
I've tried to understand
Stretched my imagination
But I digress,
Being a perso
:iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 14 8
202-12 Maze by Sara4Sidle 202-12 Maze :iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 2 9 202-12Not What I was Going For by Sara4Sidle 202-12Not What I was Going For :iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 2 2 Super Fail FailBlog Blog by Sara4Sidle Super Fail FailBlog Blog :iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 4 8 Zeh Google Meme by Sara4Sidle Zeh Google Meme :iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 0 0 202-11 Four of a Kind by Sara4Sidle 202-11 Four of a Kind :iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 2 10 202-10 Safety by Sara4Sidle 202-10 Safety :iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 3 1 Liolf meme by Sara4Sidle Liolf meme :iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 1 10 new id lawl? by Sara4Sidle new id lawl? :iconsara4sidle:Sara4Sidle 0 3


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I'm Sara. I swear I'm not crazy, but no promises.

Current Residence: the 'shwa
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Rock, General Country, Basicly everthing
Favourite photographer: Anne Geddes
Favourite style of art: chibis, fractals, 3-D *love*
Operating System: Acer
MP3 player of choice: BlackBerry
Wallpaper of choice: Callie and Arizona
Skin of choice: my own?
Favourite cartoon character: Hellboy, Liz Sherman, Scooby Doo, Blue
Personal Quote: "You basturd!"
  • Listening to: iTunes shuffle
twelve ;
true or fαlse ;

1. i hαve α birth mαrk: True. I have little ones all over
2. i like skittles: True. not the fizzy kind
3. i hαve plαns for tomorrow: True. Going to help McDalek find a new prom dress
4. i plαy more thαn four sports: False. Soccer. Golf.
5. i love country music: True. More modern Country Musics, like Chely Wright or Faith Hill.
6. i αm content with my life: True.
7. i drink αlcohol: True. Not often.. more socially when we have parties
8. i own αn ipod: False. BlackBerrys mannn
9. i hαve been to α pαrty: True. Many times.
10. i like winter: True. I like cozy fires when there is a Blizzard.. and tobogganing.
11. i know someone who hαs pαssed αwαy from α diseαse: True
12. i own more thαn five pαirs of shoes: Ture. I love shoes.. I just don't have the money to have the nice ones I like

eleven ;
hαve you ever ;

1. gone to the mαll with α whole bunch of people: I have
2. tαken pictures of yourself nαked: No lol
3. jumped off somewhere high: A waterfall.. I peed myself
4. eαten sushi: Mhmm
5. cursed αround αn αdult?: All the time
6. left the country: The U S of A
7. shoplifted: A few times.. little things that won't be noticed.. like flower pins of hideous shirts at Winners.
8. cried your heαrt out: For real? Nope. I have cried a ridiculous amount at one time though
9. kissed in the rαin: Nope
10. pet α pig: Bacon Quinn
11. hiked: Love it

ten ;

1. messαged on msn: Alex.. or maybe Colleen
2. wrote on your wαll: My sister
3. time you cried: Laughing very hard yesterday
4. thing you αte: Macaroni and cheese
5. people you sαw α movie with in theαtres: Alex, Colleen, Mo, Umm and the other people that saw Sucker Punch
6. something you regretted: Umm
7. person you peed with?: Umm? Katie I guess..
8. person you spoke to in person: My sister
9. lie you told: The macaroni cheese was good.
10. person you gossiped αbout: Umm.. what's considered gossip

nine ;
christmαs questions;

1. how mαny dαys left: A fucking lot
2. who do you buy gifts for: My FRANZ AND FAM
3. fαvorite cαndy cαne: None
4. sledding or skating: Tobogganing.. because I can't really skate
5. do you drink hot chocolαte: Mhmm
6. do you own snow pαnts: Yeah lol I didn't even wear them over the past winter though.
7. is there snow on the ground: Nope
8. fαvorite memory: I have no idea.. umm There was a huge snow storm on year and the blows came by so there was a gigantic snow bank, and mu dad sholved out a cavernous cave for me and my sister to play in, we drank soo much hot chocolate sitting in there. Now that I think about it, it probably wasn't as big as I remember, but still super fun.
9. αny fαmily visiting this yeαr: My crazy cousins and aunt/uncle from Montreal

eight ;
school questions ;

1. fαvorite subjects: Art.
2. who did you sit beside in french?: Colleen sat in front of me.. the seating got changed too much to remember
3. αre you friends with this person: I think so.. I could be wrong.
4. whαt αbout in science?: I sit by myself in Physics lol I like it better that way, I have more space.. and can do nothing without being noticed.
5. friends with him/her?: I love myself
6. do you pαrticipαte in gym?: I did
7. been suspended how mαny times: Nevah
8. αre you usuαlly hαppy with your report cαrds: Most Classes, then there are the few where I'm like "Yeah. Fuck You."

seven ;
thought on;

1. britney speαrs: She make catchy music. I don't get people issue with her.. let her live her life.
2. tim hortons: Good. in all ways.
3. smoking: It bothers me so much. My mum smokes and it annoys me to no end.
4. theme pαrks: I have't really been to any.. other than Disney Land.. when I was about 7.
5. people who brαg: Depends on what they are dragging about.. if it is an achievement (like level 400 of a game.. or a hilarious joke it`s ok), (I don`t care about all the drugs you just did)
6. Music: I have a few people/bands that I really like. But most of it is random songs I come across buy obscure people/bands. and Lady Gaga, and Glee Songs.
7. Your friends: Have been so annoying lately. Seriously Guys.. you suck. Well except for a few that never really annoy me..

six ;
questions αbout tomorrow;

1. plαns: Finding Colleen a prom dress
2. will it be better thαn todαy: Probably.
3. αre you excited: Kind of.
4. will you hαve fun: I hope so.
5. will you get high: Like altitude? I hope so.
6. who will you hαng with?: Colleen, Aynslie, Ape.

five ;
questions αbout yesterdαy;

1. whαt did you do: School, and when to the laundry mat.
2. who did you hαng out with: MY MOMMY!
3. wαs it fun: Not really
4. did you eαt αnything unheαlthy: Oh yes.
5. did you shower?: Yes.

four ;
people you trust with your secrets;

1. Aynslie
2. Colleen
3. Alex (although I shouldn't)
4. My cat

three ;
questions αbout love ;

1. ever been in love?: I hope not.
2. if yes, how mαny times?: I LOVE MY CAT
3. do you believe in love?: I do.

two ;
whαt did you do;

1. your lαst birthdαy: I was at my dads.. then I got the fuck out of there. went for diner with my fam, and my mum took me to a bar.. and I did not get drunk.. almost..
2. this dαy, lαst week: I went to OCAD and shopping around Toronto


did you enjoy this survey?: It was good. passed the time.


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